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Enchanted Blue Diamond Chapter 3

Updated on November 9, 2017

Sparks of Light

Fantastic! A bright light shoots into the diamond facets. Seven pear cut diamond shaped head persons held hands spinning over and over very fast. Around and around they circled Princess Blue Diamond and the Gem Collector. The transient spark of light transported them into another facet. Instantly, they both appeared under a diamond coconut tree. Near the tree a baguette diamond shaped head person is there cracking open diamond coconuts. The baguette diamond shaped person held its hands out, holding a coconut in offer to a drink of sweet coconut crystallized diamond mineral water for Princess Blue Diamond. "Thank you, says Princess Blue Diamond as she held and drank with a refreshing taste". She looked beside her and saw the Gem Collector still asleep. "Wake up, you must be thirsty, she says to him"! He opened his eyes and was startle by her, so he grabbed hold and held onto the tree trunk and pulled himself up. As he stood there with a surprising look on his face. What's going on here? Is this a dream? He asked. "It sure feels like it, but it's not says Princess Blue Diamond"! She offered him the coconut. "Drink up, It's coconut crystallized diamond mineral (water), it will help you keep strong and it taste like coconut she says to him politely"!

Travel to Another Facet

The Gem Collector stood there with a curious look on his face. He held his hands out and slowly took the coconut from her. "I'm in here with you and your formation is not a diamond shape he says to her. No I'm not replied Princess Blue Diamond. She held out her hand for a handshake to introduced herself. "My name is Princess Blue Diamond. What's your name? They call me the Gem Collector as he held out his hand answering back with an handshake."

This coconut water is delicious he says. She pointed at the baguette shape diamond head person. "This baguette head person is very kind, but in this diamond all liquids are crystal diamond minerals she says to the Gem Collector. We can drink and eat shaped foods of diamond crystal minerals and still be fine, taste like the actual foods, she says to him. They both looked at the diamond shaped head person cracking more coconuts. Do they talk? asked the Gem Collector. No, they only show gestures and appear when you need help says Princess Blue Diamond. Why are we here? Asked the Gem Collector. Many reasons says Princess Blue Diamond. Most of the time I'm learning more about Diamonds and its purpose. The brilliance related to diamond cut, size, clarity and color. Inside the diamond we're in have lots of boron that can make a perfectly enhanced blue diamond. I'm fascinated by every moment spent learning and understanding the love within a blue diamond says Princess Blue Diamond. Interesting that you said that, I've been talking to a voice within this diamond and I think I'm on a mission to get back home. I don't know how, but I was given a key. It's been a strange experience says the Gem Collector.

Fire Ball

Do you have a calendar here? Asked the Gem Collector. Yes, I can take you to a facet that have a science lab with data of time dating back to when the diamond was discovered, says Princess Blue Diamond. The Gem Collector stares at her eyes with fascination that he is not alone.

Let's go! says Princess Blue Diamond. She snaps her fingers. "Snap!, appeared The USVI Eagle came flying over them. Wha da! says the Gem Collector, stumbling over his feet as he ran for cover, with his hands covering his head. "The eagle is back, he yelled'! Princess Blue Diamond looks at him with amusement and says don't be afraid." The eagle represent the most beautiful United States Virgin Islands. St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John says Princess Blue Diamond. "Wait, this is the eagle on the island flag inside this blue diamond says the Gem Collector!"

"Yes! This is the eagle's home since decades ago. The eagle revels its destiny inside a diamond. Its purpose is to let everyone understand a diamond that is bought in the United States Virgin Islands are perfect diamonds to have. Whichever, an enhanced blue diamond is a unique form elements of the earth's boron that creates a special place inside this diamond, says Princess Blue Diamond. I've known gemstones all my life, but what I really want to know is how can I get out of here? I need to share this experience with the world. Diamonds are very lovely to have says the Gem Collector. Princess Blue Diamond snaps her fingers and the eagle landed near her. "Follow me, we're going to climb the feathers on the eagle's wings, she says to the Gem Collector.


The eagle will take us to another facet where the science lab is located says Princess Blue Diamond. They both climbed on the wings and sat onto the eagle's back. "Hold on to the feathers says Princess Blue Diamond. I think I figure that one out. I just hope I don't be toss near a stream, says the Gem Collector." Off they flew high passing and curving through many facets. The Gem Collector pointed his finger ahead. Look, it appears to be a light from a far distance says the Gem Collector. "Wow, its fire balls exploding out a facet says Princess Blue Diamond! Wha da! Fire in a diamond says the Gem Collector! Yes, without fire a diamond buyer can't feel passionate about a diamond shine! Diamonds have emotions, if your diamond is sad, it needs a upgrade. Let's go check it out a little closer she says to him".


The eagle flew closer, an explosion of fire balls came out the facet, tipped the eagle wings and the eagle tilted. Then, the Gem Collector fell off the eagle into a fireball. Princess Blue Diamond try to maneuver the blast of fire balls. She navigated the eagle to safety, but when she looked back, she notice the Gem Collector was gone. She looked up and saw a fire ball coming down at her, she ran as fast as she could, but the fire ball is following her. She notice the Gem Collector is inside the fireball. How did you do that? asked Princess Blue Diamond. I have the key, it protects me says the Gem Collector, as he jumped out of the fireball and the fireball shoots back into the facet. "Wow, this is incredible says Princess Blue Diamond." They both climbed back onto the eagle wings. "Hold on, we are about to go further into another facet, she says to him. The eagle flew further to another facet. They entered into a facet of blue crystal diamond mineral that looks like ocean waters . Princess Blue Diamond directed the eagle to dive into the diamond crystal mineral (ocean). "Don't hold your breath. We are about to go under. That's where the science lab is"! she says to the Gem Collector.

To be continued

United States Virgin Islands Caribbean Oceans


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