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Enchanted Blue Diamond Chapter 6

Updated on September 18, 2018

The Knight's Imprint

Hello Everyone

Fasinatingly fantastic....The story continues.....

At the top of the stairs. They both are walking into the facet, into the shining brillance when they stopped and saw a knight on his horse in a facet.. The Gem Collector called out to the knight, asking what is going on? Do you have answers to why we are here? But, the knight was an imprint on the faceted diamond. No answer, no clue says the Gem Collector. Wait, I have an idea! Let me take a closer look, says Princess Blue Diamond. She pulls out her loop and walked slowly to the imprint. The Gem Collector joined her, as they both are looping the facet. Suddenly, they both are looped into the imprint, as they both are fumbling and rolling down a facet that seems down hill. Down they go until at the very botttom of the facet, stood there a Knight of Shining Armor, with his hands pointing forward to catch them right at his feet.

Twelve Benjamin Knights

The Knight Summons

The Knight is faceted in diamond chips of broken diamond pieces. He carries a sword, dress in his armor with a diamond cape that moves as the wind blows inside the facet. His horse is faceted in black diamonds. "You touched the imprint? Who so enter, asked the Knight with a deep manly voice. What are your names demanded the Knight as he held his sword pointing directly at them?". Wait, says the Gem Collector with a shocking look on his face! The Knight stood there 12 feet tall, with a demanding tone. Put your guards down, you both are summon, says the Knight!

Unlocked the Diamond Facet

The times are ticking and the wheels are spinning, you both unlocked the diamond facet that leads to warriors of love, care, rose pedals says the Knight, with a laughter so loud it shock the facet floors. As he continues to say, come you too follow me, you both are here and I'm about to show you why. So the Knight held them both up to a stand and promptly they all was on the large black diamond horse. Hold on you two says the Knight, as they rode the horse into the facets.The Gem Collector and Princess Blue Diamond tailback on the horse with the Knight looking around and they saw flashes of sparkle beaming light from one facet to the next facet.

Fire Dragon and the VI Eagle

Swing the Sword

Then, suddenly the Knight stopped and came off his horse, looking directly at a Fire Dragon and the VI Eagle. Stay here says the Knight, as he directed the horse to stay with the Gem Collector and Princess Blue Diamond. I got to stop this immediately, says the Knight. He approuched the Dragon and the VI Eagle, as he swing his sword to a front position, walking directly to them. What is going on here? Are you both fighting asked the Knight? Waiting for a response. The blue diamond voice sounded out and says, no they are not, they are preparing to fight the witches. The Knight responded, they are here already? Yes answered the diamond voice, they was locked out, but they found another way in.

Witches Crack into another Facet

Listen, you must gather the other 11 Benjamin Knights and go to the center of the diamond crown. Follow the Dragon and the VI Eagle, they will lead the way. The Knight return to his horse and said this to the Gem Collector and Princess Blue Diamond. "Come I need to take you both to a safe place. The witches crack into another passage in a facet. We must go quickly"! So he rod the horse speedly into the facets, untill he reached to a facet that appears to be a secret treasure box fill with loving memories of people who are looking back into the blue diamond.

Treasure Box

But the Gem Collector and Princess Blue Diamond wants to help defeat the witches. No! you both must stay here safely in the treasure box. I will need you both when the time is right. I will return says the Knight. The Gem Collector says I have the key. You have the key replied the Knight, with a gladness in his smile. Ok but with one condition. Don't do anything until I tell you where and when to lock the witches out says the Knight. Then, Princess Blue Diamond says to the Knight. I must record this, I must see the witches get locked out once and for all and forever! So the Knight says Ok, then I want you both to gather all fighting gears you can carry, you both will need to defend yourselves. The witches knows how to move into facets to maneuver in captivating you both.

Top of the Diamond Crown

The witches are so evil, They want diamonds be lost forever, they don't care and they don't want mankind to have life. They don't want you to see or feel diamonds ever again. So be ready to kill them all, lets go says the Knight! Off they went to the very top of the diamond crown. Inside the facet it's so high like a cave structure as big as a footbal field. Diamonds may appear small on the outside of a diamond, but on the inside big things happening. There you can see the Dragon and the VI Eagle flying around in ready battlement. The 12 Benjamin Knights came into the facet marching in warriors stands waiting for the witches to enter. Gaggle gaggle gaggle of laughter the witches came into the facet. GET OUT! the Diamond voice appeared. no no no as the witches sings no no no, we are here to take it all. Six of the witches bounce around screaming causing the diamond to chip off some of the facets from the very top of the crown.

Fire and Claws

The Dragon shoots out fire balls aiming at one of the witches, fried her and melted. Princess Blue Diamond is astonished of how much this matter, hoping this are going to stop once and for all. The VI Eagle flew directly to one of the witches, sparing a witch with its claws at the center of her forehead, plucking out her eyes. Withered the witch is dead. Four witches came directly for the knights but the Knights used their swords to cut off their heads. Then six more male witches came into the facets. Princess Blue Diamond is recording, she notice the males are sounding like women but they are male figures. They headed directly to the Benjamins Knights. The Knights trap all six of them into the dragons fire and they all was fried and melted. Twelve more witches came in and they try to capture the VI Eagle with a net, but before they can get the net over the VI Eagle.

Green Smoke and off with the Heads

The Eagle flew cross them and lash them all with the herbs that carries posinous green smoke that melt them away. In minutes the facet was filled in with 999 witches. Get the Key! The Benjamins Knights directed the Gem Collector to fly on the VI Eagle’s back and go up to the inside center top of the diamond. There is an opening and turn the Key. As the Gem Collector heads for the top. More witches are trying to stop him, but the Fire Dragon is burning them up and the Knights are cutting off heads. One of the witch tilt the Gem Collectors hands and the key fell below the facet, but Princess Blue Diamond manage to sling shot the key back to the Gem Collectors hands. the VI Eagle push up to the top and LOCKED forever with the key. The witches was all dead. But many more are outside the diamond, still trying to get in. Beware, its always a witches plot. Now release the Blue Diamond love to the world.

To be continued...

Captain's Enchanting Story


Hello Audience....Rrrrr the captains Diamond Story. Gather your thoughts, more enchanting, more amazment, and more island treasures of an Captain roar. Stay tune for the story to take a twist to the next chapter 7.

Sneak Peak: So the witches are dead inside the diamond and more witches are still trying to get in. A wedding outside the diamond must go on. The witches are using mankind not to get married. Not to fall in love.... the Benjamin Knights are leading to defeat that no man should fall for this trap......Be continue...


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