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End of The Beginning

Updated on August 17, 2016



Search of Meaning and Welcome

Friends old and new, welcome as always to the Fireside, a place where I hope you will hang your hat for a while. This is a place of love, hopefully a place where you can call home for as long as you like. I think I can freely say we have all been faced with the pain of being taken advantage of, some of those have left deep scars. Most often we are misled by the lies and cheating for what ever the reason. We do forgive and yet we far to often fail to do so completely and it leaves us in bondage. The mention of a name, a place can bring back all those emotions.

In forgiving we release that person yet we still have the option of holding them at distance for fear of repeating the broken trust again. We are called to love, yet I think we all struggle at times with what it truly means.

What is life without love, even a fleeting love is better than never knowing love. We are all going to face the ultimate ending to life through death. I have began a novel I have called "End of The Beginning. It is a light somewhat light hearted look at one mans journey he has faced before. Rather than publish it, I thought I would share it here. It of course is still copy-write material. Hopefully it will entertain you, maybe even allow you a look into your own life and what you may face.

Thus welcome, if you are new introduce yourself, should you comment it will be even better... know that you are loved...




Chapter 1


Crimson streaks in a constant dance of colour filled the eastern skies. Turn away or close your eyes for but a moment and the scene changed. Charles Davenport had seen many over his few years, they had come and gone. Far too often he had failed to take in their beauty and grasp as one should. Today was different, just as the past seven days had been.

The words reverberated in his mind. “Charles I have the results back, they are not looking good.” The elderly Doctor dropped the file folder onto the desk. Charles had dreaded hearing the words. It was almost cartoonish as he looked at this elderly man sitting across from him. His wild red hair now peppered with wisps of grey, glasses perched on his nose. His white Doctors jacket stained with cigarette ashes. “Might be a little early for this but I think it is called for.” He reached into the bottom right hand drawer of his desk. He set out two whiskey shot glasses on the desk along with a bottle of bourbon. Charles watched in slow motion as the man whom he had come to trust poured out two full glasses. He peered over his wireframe glasses. “Looks like it is back son.” It played slowly out, Charles sat waiting to hear the rest of the news. The old Doctor slide a glass of the amber liquid over to him. “Best take this Charles, after all the ground we have gained, afraid it is back again.”

Charles had sat across from this desk three times over the past nine years. Each time he had heard the news he had found optimism from deep within there was hope. Each time he had gone through the routine of hope with the treatment. “It has progressed Charles, you are now what we call stage four and it is progressing faster than what treatment can gain ground on. I am afraid there is noting more we can do.”

Charles sat looking at this old man. “I see Doc so tell me straight up, what are we looking at?”

“A year at the outside give for take a week or two. I am sorry I wish I had better news.” Old Doctor Reese had been his family Doctor for years. Unethical in so many ways and yet the best he had ever seen. He reached for the jigger of whiskey. “So looks like I should be raising a glass to life as I know it Doc, do you have any parting words I should hear?”

“Well not sure Charles other than the fact it has been a pleasure. Known the whole family, you know your Mom and Dad and of course you. It has been a privilege too have been a part of it.” He raised his glass, his long bushy eyebrows seems larger today than ever before. “I can tell you this Charles it has been a blessing, both your parents brought much joy into my life. The greatest was watching you be born.” He hesitated a moment. “One of the hardest births I have seen watching you come into the world. You like both Mom and Dad were fighters.”

Charles sat across from this man who had been a part of their family. “Well Doctor it has its ups and downs. You know this thing we call life.”

“That it does Charles.” He lifted his glass, “So here is to life, but take all you can get while you can Charles, make the best of it while you have it, No sense sitting around in this place. Travel, do all the things you have always wanted to do and get it crossed off the bucket list. Hate to see you go but in turn I feel blessed to have been a part of it.”

It was what September 1985 had brought him. News he had not wanted to hear but alas the facts of life had happened upon him that day. He was a walking dead man, a man with little hope, a man who carried the burden of death. “Your morning coffee Mr Davenport, just the way you like it, black just like me.”

Justin had been with him for years, faithfully serving in his capacity of butler and personal care attendant. “Please sit Justin, I have something that needs saying.” He watched as a look of concern came over Justin’s face as he settled into an over stuffed chair in the study. “What has it been 30 years or there about since you came into my life?”

“Yes sir all of that, been all of that alright. Watched you grow from a little one, served both your Mama and Papa then you I suspect it has been all of that. Hope this is nothing to do with a lack of service sir.”

Charles looked at the man who had become a person he respected, grown to love and care about. “No Justine nothing at all like that.” He watched as he man drew a deep breath and expelled the air in his lungs. “Justine I want you to know that I have had the privilege of having you in my life and value all you have taught me. You have been a constant in my life.” He walked to the window and smiled, “Much like the sunrise and sunsets I have seen over the years they are and always will be a constant. You have been here through the good and the bad. You have served well and if I can repeat the words of the Lord I would have to say well done good and faithful servant.”

“I thank you sir, it has been my pleasure.” Justin picked a short white curl of hair off his vest. “I can see sir you have a great deal on your mind. Is there something I can do for you?”

“Yes Justin you can.” He reached into his desk drawer. “You and Justine have never had a real honeymoon,” He passed over a large manila envelope. “I want to accept this as but a mere token of my gratitude. Your flight leaves in two days so you better get packing. Consider this a paid vacation my friend.”

Tears flowed from the mans eyes as he looked up. “I can’t sir, this is far too…

“Yes you can and you will,” as he took the man into his arms. “Yes you will my friend.”


Life has many meanings... do you search yours out.

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    • Rolly A Chabot profile imageAUTHOR

      Rolly A Chabot 

      23 months ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Shauna...

      You are right and thank you for catching my error... hope you are well...

      Hugs from Canada

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      2 years ago from Central Florida

      I love that Charles is doing what he can to show his gratitude and make other people's lives better despite the fact that he has cancer. I'm a bit perplexed though. Isn't it stage four that has the imminent threat of ultimate death?

    • Rolly A Chabot profile imageAUTHOR

      Rolly A Chabot 

      2 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Aviannovice

      Thank you as always for your support...

      Hugs and Love from Alberta

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      This is perfectly wonderful and written with so much love.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile imageAUTHOR

      Rolly A Chabot 

      2 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Blossom... yes certainly can, it is so important to be prepared is it not. The story is unfolding slowly... at the 30,000 word mark now... been a fun write indeed...

      Hugs and Blessings from Canada

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Bless you! What a great story and so realistic. It could happen to any of us, especially as we grow older.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile imageAUTHOR

      Rolly A Chabot 

      2 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Eric... Thank you again for the support over the past few years. Your gifts are teacher and encourager. They are wonderful gifts, add in a wonderful writer and you have many talents.

      Blessings from Canada

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Delicious writing, I just gobbled it up -- more more I say, hurry. You have great style and class.


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