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Endless Babble.

Updated on November 10, 2009

Endless Babble has assailed me
most of my life
it began with ga, ga, goo goo
and accelerated to
If you smoke dope
you'll jump out a window
seven stories high
and die
try this stuff it won't hurt you
study're smart enough
I love you but let's just be friends
lemon juice will remove those freckles
don't worry about the draft
Agent Orange is a relatively safe defoilant
If elected i promise i will
I did not sleep with that woman
not tonight I have a headache
you'll go blind doing that
carbon monoxide is safe
at low levels
put on a coat you'll catch your death
algebra and geometry are important
to you later in life
gas prices are not the
result of corporate greed
bush is a breath of fresh air
God is dead
Timmy McVeigh deserved mercy
eat vegatables to avoid being one
good poetry does not have to make sense
money can buy happiness
condoms are like wearing nothing at all
if you love someone set them free
and they will return to you
if they truly love you
we are all evolved from apes
maybe your ancestors were
but not mine buddy
the Persian gulf was about democracy
guns kill people
the Florida vote was fair
T.V. causes thirteen year olds
to shoot up schools
music is a damaging force
lyrics erode the moral structure
love is eternal
life is short..."NOT!!"
death is final
birth control is wrong
God dissapproves
he'd prefer the catholic babies
starve to death
in third world countries
the justice system is impartial
to the rich and the poor
censorship should be
instituted on everything
Fuck is an unprintable word
HAH !!
a college degree guarantees a good job
and so on
and so on
etc. etc.
I find that now
in my later years
it all reverts back to....
Ga, Ga, GOo,Goo,
blah, blah, blah,
Endless babble still assails
my life the most.




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