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Endless Dream

Updated on April 7, 2017

All of us have an endless dream

We are all expecting endless possibilities

To be a ruler of our own realm

To have the chance meet those deities

Sounds impossible some may say

Those who seeks scientific explanation for things

But some believe we’re made from clay

Guided by angels with wings

Never sue a person for his beliefs

Don’t insult someone who believes in fairies

Not once is it okay to call them weaklings

This never makes your coolness increase

A man dreaming of things

With just a little bit of talent and skills

Might accomplish something amazing

And earn some dollars for some meals

A man who dreams never gets contented

Doing things to suit his needs

A world of ambition that can’t be ended

Flowers didn’t started as flowers but as seeds

We shouldn’t limit one’s abilities

As long as it doesn’t harm anybody

Growth and development is one’s necessities

We should keep the growth constant and steady

Dream endlessly and let nothing hinder you

Fight gloriously and never lose your dignity

Failures may come and make you feel blue

For this path is never easy and must be ventured rigidly


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