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England's World Cup

Updated on March 28, 2015

Media pressure.

i have always felt sorry for the English players. The media spotlight on them must be intense. its constant pressure,every mistake,every thing they do is documented in some form of it any wonder they often go out of competitions before they are due to. The example I remember is an English player taking a penalty,and missing. The pressure was so intense he cried after missing the penalty. Last night they beat Lithuania very convincingly. The game was a good spectacle,the players all worked very hard. Everythjng is great when they are playing well,but when the bubble bursts,the media frenzy is relentless and brutal.

England's World Cup

On June the 2nd 2006 England went to contest
The World Cup,they thought they were the best
They suffered again,the quarter final jinx
The matches they played,their system it stinks
Rooney shamed England again
Showed immaturity,what's in his brain
Nothing but a thug,could have injured that man
It's common assault,a flash in the pan
The majority of the squad are world class players
Beckam and Rooney,posers not players
England could do better,if they were left out
They could go further,of this I have no doubt.
Beckams too interested getting his face in the paper
His resignation on TV,just a publicity caper
Ferdinand,Terry Lampard and the rest
Showed genuine passion,they passed the test
A squad based on them,leave the posers out
Maybe a Euro 2008 victory,might not be in doubt.

Great players.

Play well together.

Regardless of what the doubters said about the England manager at first,you can't argue with the guys record. He's won a lot more games than many experts predicted he would. A lot of so called experts should be eating humble pie by now. He has a run of nine games unbeaten,he has good cohesion in the team,the players know their job,I think credit has to be given to a manager a lot of supporters didn't want in charge of their national team. He may be the man to make the current crop of players to dizzied heights,I think he could genuinely get them in a position to win a major honour,watch this space.

Man in charge.

Big Roy

the man in charge of a thankless task

waiting for some glory so he can bask.

i hope he gets what his dreams desire

not crash and burn in the football fire.

good crop of players

play well as a team

this matters a lot

when chasing their dream.

may go far,win a cup

they hope this is so

they yearn for a cup.

Young team below.

this is the new crop of youngsters holding Englih dreams at their heart,by all accounts a very talented bunch of players. The English football association do the right thing,they invest millions of pounds on progressing new talent. Their academies are producing future stars all the time. For football to progress in smaller countries like England and Scotland,a lot more money needs to be spent,especially in Scotland. England are a good example of what to do when it comes to producing new talent. Unfortunately the Scottish Foitball association in my opinion holds Scottish football back a lot of the time. Too many cronies in charge of running a football mad country that years for more success. The football association in Scotland are very miserable when it comes to financing future talent. Sadly most of the teams in the leagues rely on their own academies to produce new talents.this is a slow process with only minor successes compared to other countries.Scotland is about twenty years behind countries like Holland and Italy in football development terms.We need to invest more money to make our country a more competitive nation.

Up and coming.

Football crazy.

all British people are football mad

we lose the plot often,well just a tad.

hate being beaten,puts us on a down

we need success,turn the frown upside down.

go all the way in the World Cup

watching your team lifting the cup

a dream at the moment,maybe in the future

happen eventually,of this im sure.

Bringing cultures together.

theres no other sport on this planet that brings so many people from different cultures together. I remember years ago Iraq was still in a bit of trouble,but their national team played in a world cup qualifier,it was great to see them enjoying a world sport ,without worrying what was happening in their own country,they truly did their nation proud in the was very enjoyable to watch.

Best players for England this year.

whilst I'm not English I do enjoy watching them play.the most recent games ive watched the team generally played ok in most games,but there were still the inevitable school boy errors in the performances.which is a shame as I think the manager has them playing pretty good since taking over.

Wayne Rooney

Danny Welbeck.


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