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English Writing Course in Singapore

Updated on April 25, 2008

English Writing Course in Singapore

I had the pleasure of attending an English writing course, Communicative Writing Skills, 3 years ago.

This course was conducted by Mr Barry Johnson who hailed from UK. Mr Johnson relocated to Singapore decades ago after accepting a job offer from a very senior and well-respected minister in the government. His primary task was to improve the quality of English writing skills of our officials. According to him, the standard then, was simply atrocious.

Outline of Writing Course

As the name of this writing course suggests, each piece of writing has to communicate effectively to the reader, regardless business writing or emails. To achieve this, the writing must be concise. The writing course covers:

1. Grammar

Oh yes, it's back to days to Primary English of present tense, past tense, nouns etc. Well, these are the fundamentals after all. There will also be a special mention to avoid writing Singlish hor...

2. Sentence Structure

This covers building coherent sentences with the use of conjunctions. Definitely not a good idea to confuse the reader with jumbled thoughts.

3. Concise writing

Fog Index is introduced where each sentence is preferably contained by a word limit. It encourages short sentences for ease of reading and understanding. This part of the course also shares common mistakes like duplicating words in phrases eg: red in color, reverse back, repeat again.

Course Review

Sounds extremely boring, right? No chance to snooze. Trust me. You will be 100% awake with Mr Johnson's rapid-fire quizzes and tons of worksheets.

At the end of this grueling English writing course, you will emerge feeling the power of your new-found "powderful England".


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    • profile image

      kev 6 years ago

      unfortunately barry johnson is unavailable for now and is back in the UK. please do search for him in the weeks/months to come.

    • profile image

      sharon 6 years ago

      May I know where to sign up the English course? Thanks

    • profile image

      neena 6 years ago

      could you please give Mr. Barry Johnson mobile or

    • profile image

      sam 6 years ago

      hi, how can i get in touch with mr.barry or the organizer of his class? thanks

    • profile image

      zoul 7 years ago

      I attended a 1-day course with Barry as part of my grad programme's training. I agree 100% with evawan that you will not be bored in his class. But you will definitely have to be a little thick-skinned.

    • profile image

      KC 7 years ago

      Can you provide his contact? I am interested to attend his english lessons. thanks

    • profile image

      sean 7 years ago

      hi evawan, how do we sign up for this course? Is it still around?

    • profile image

      Emily 8 years ago

      how to sign up his course?