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"Crap Your Hands!" It's Engrish Time

Updated on June 4, 2012
Engrish Elmo
Engrish Elmo

What is Engrish?

"Crap your hands" for Engrish! Engrish is English that's been poorly translated from Japanese or Chinese.

Some Engrish has fun L-->R displacements. Thus rip-off Elmo packaging says "Crap your hands!"

Here are a few funny Engrish photos to get you started. You can see hundreds more at They also have a brog... er, blog.

I provide links to entire Engrish books too. Enjoy!

Toilets for World Peace

I can't even imagine what they meant to say. Maybe they translated "rest" rooms into dream rooms?

A Really Difficult Bird

Chicken rude and unreasonable! So much fun!

Maybe they meant hot & spicy?

Sorry About That...

Really, really sorry about that.

They Used Enough, OK?

There's enough freakin' milk. Drop it already.

No Fred Rogers Here

Haha! I raugh out roud!

I hope these pictures made you crap your hands or at least giggle. Check out these links for more Engrish fun!

Engrish Books You Might Enjoy


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