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Enigma (2006)

Updated on September 22, 2013


A man walks in discontent on a path of shattered irony

Like a pariah on his walk of fate opposite the line of gluttony

His people watch in despair, submerged in their inane world

The boundaries of their dedication projected faith that swirled

Around leads seemingly inspiring with prolix well conspired

With grandiloquence engulfing what the sonorous heart aspired

The mass submitting their faith as they once thought atop

Now made forgotten the vows that each seem a lexicon’s drop

Its an epoch of misconstrued realities erroneously comprehended

Making us bemused and wander in the web of reasons amended

Powers succeeding with devilish wits that didn’t seem to rumble

What was critiqued and then accepted made us merely gullible

On the floor of sediments that settled with peaceful demeanors

Giving way to podiums to float above in pompous manors

This harsh truth rattles between lives that were not yet savored

And once they are, their collective pulse becomes uncovered


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