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You can enjoy writing By making it a part of you - How to Live the writers Life

Updated on December 26, 2013

Make writing fun and enjoyable part 7

Every good writer enjoys their work. Nevertheless , writing sometimes can be very boring as you have to subject yourself to a kind of prolonged isolation in order to contemplate on your topic so as to come up with something very special for your readers. In order for you to enjoy your work so you can write more, here are some few tips you can apply to avoid a writer's block and make your work much more exciting .

Have the passion to write

One of the best ways to enjoy writing or make it more fun is for you to have the desire to write .When you attend to your writing as a hobby and not as work , it makes your writing work a lot more easy and fun . Most professional writers naturally love writing ; they write because it's something they love doing all the time . They actually never get bored with it . Writing becomes a lot more easier and fun for you when you naturally have the desire to bring out or share your thoughts and ideas with people , You will be able to write more contents for your reading audience .

Keep your purpose in mind all the time

You can also enjoy your writing work more when you have a good purpose and objective for wriiting . Find a very good reason and objective before you get into writing . And always remind yourself that when you begin any writing project . Keeping your purpose in mind all the time or reminding yourself of your main objective - or what actually got you into writing in the first place will help you to enjoy writing more and not get bored with it .

Making writing a part of you- a part of your lifestyle a hobby

One of the great ways to enjoy your work as a writer is to make your work a part of you. In simple words , you can enjoy writing more if you can blend it into your social life . That way you can even be working whiles on the road . You can enjoy your social life as well as the work . Keep a camera with you and take photos as well as record videos related to your topic of interest that you would be using as illustrations to your articles . Or whenever surfing the web , try to save catchy interesting photos that is related to your topic of interest . You should also see , book mark or even subscribe to videos related to your topic of interest . (However, you should always take authorization first from the owners before using them in your content . ) . Most owners even put them up for free to bu used by anyone .

Looking at photos and videos related to your topics of interest not only makes the writing work exciting , it also orients you to your topic's concept and you get to understand the topic better . You will be able to enjoy your work as a writer and come up with more words when writing . Some photos and video sites that you can browse through include flickre and youtube etc.

Tour places and interview people

Your job as a writer doesn't mean you should only stay inside and subject yourself to prolonged isolation. You should go out and see places . Tour places related to your topic so you get ideas. take part in recreational activities also . You could count on serendipity to discover new ideas . Sometimes to discover new ideas , you will need to stay a bit away from writing for a while. This not only helps to overcome writer's block and makes ideas occur to you naturally , you are able to use that time to also take videos and photos to illustrate your content - making them more interesting to read .

You should also speak to people and get ideas . Get to share and know the personal experiences of others related to your topics . Also get to know the views of other people about life in general .

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