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Epiphany Ingrained.

Updated on November 29, 2009

Epiphany Ingrained




I once lay in the shallows

of a deserted tropical isle

and let the ocean move me

like driftwood for about

a half hour or so.

Eyes closed and ears blocked

by saline plugs of seawater,

rolling and tumbling at times.

Then simply floating as if

untethered to life at others,

and it was as if I in those


perfect moments of isolation

was being reborn that day,

When the ocean spit me

at long last from her frothy womb,

with only seaweed as my umbilical,

I staggered up like a foal on spindly legs

into an understanding of the world

I had never before been able to grasp.

For in that time I heard a sound like the roar

one hears when a conch shell graces the ear

and recognized it as endless masses of voices

joined together in a single rush of noise.

All of the jubilee and the sorrow of mankind

the wails of the masses of old as they sigh

and moan along their pathway to the next life,

from ten's sure brightness, to tender nights, to tendinitis.

The middle-aged as they dream of the years lost,

humming old tunes that bring back memories,

dancing in their rocking chairs, sipping chai and just wishing.

The young adults as they shout ecstatically

at small victories achieved in their rise from innocence,

seizing the day, and the next as they excel .

The teens with a rebel scream of rebellion

tattooed on their permanent sneers and smiles,

rapping rhythmic rousing rabble relentlessly.

And the children as they giggle loudly

shrieking with sheer joy at all the possibilities life holds,

playing adult in their tiny worlds never knowing the cost.

And then the tiny babies as they wail and coo,

at all the pains and caresses life hands them,

the endless litany of things yet learned.

Then finally the unborn...some gurgling in

the amniotic bubble that keeps them in perfect peace,

and others in the anguish of a silent scream

as they are sucked or cut from all the layers

of infant/child/teen/adulthood/old, to simply become nevermore.

I can still hear it all even now, and ever so often it deafens me!


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