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Episode 11 of Plot of Witnee Hell

Updated on May 4, 2017
movielardatadare profile image

This author has a Bachelor's in Psychology (Baylor University) and a Doctorate in Reso Froth (Resolamb Castle). He enjoys writing.

Walk like Jesus Christ did

Notice how Nisipa's legs aren't functioning. That means that as a Christian she wasn't walking the right path. She wasn't following in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Some answers to Episode 11

RJ follows Nisipa's maps. Very detailed maps indeed.

Ya'll are doing such an excellent job that I must now reveal some of the clues and answers of Episode 11. Great work, humanity! Now I'm going to have to make things a bit tougher for ya'll, though!

I'm so proud of you men and women out there. I always knew humanity was smart and intelligent. I apologize to ya'll for not thinking that ya'll could crack my codes so quickly. That just means that I can flood ya'll brains with more material and more codes. Hey, ya'll are showing that ya'll are super advanced. What did you expect, that I was gonna slack up and let ya'll take it easy? Think again, my beautiful friend!

We as Christians should not start static. Notice how Nisipa went and exchanged a few words with Jeremy. By the way, Jeremy worships Satan. So, what then happened? The verbal fight turned physical. Had Nisipa just kept her mouth shut, this never would have happened. When people are negative towards you, ignore them. That way you're not adding gas to the fire.

Ask yourself one question. Does this look like the work of a crazy man, or of a man who is led by God and Jesus Christ?

Ignore the negativity

Now, notice that Mr. Cool Mack Daddy Rowlomon Jr. turned and started running away. As Christians, whenever someone says something mean, we are to turn away and ignore them. Sure, Jeremy still kept trying to fire evil words at RJ. However, RJ kept ignoring him.

Don't cuss and use foul language

RJ has a beautiful singing voice. Women love to hear him sing. Music Klelly has a beautiful singing voice. Men love to hear her sing. Music Klelly is a very famous pop singer. (Ewww, pop music! Will somebody join me and help me bring back the 90's style of music? Hey, I'm trying my best here!) She sings songs that have cusswords and bad naughty stuff in them. She's trying to tempt RJ to form a naughty pop music group together. Music Klelly is deeply in love with RJ. RJ just wants to keep things at the friends level. As Christians, never join a music group if there will be cusswords in the lyrics or naughty bad stuff.

Episode 11 of Plot of Witnee Hell

Episode 11

Nisipa is trying to figure out RJ's motives.

Honor God's Sabbath

Boss Lavender is trying to tempt RJ to work on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is kept from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. We as Christians must never work on God's Sabbath. We must obey the 4th Commandment and rest on God's Holy day.

It's not just for us

Yes, I'm part Jewish, and I'm proud of that. There are a lot of people out there that say that the Sabbath is only for us Jewish people. That's incorrect. The Sabbath is for everyone, Jew and Gentile. All I want ya'll to understand is that the Sabbath wasn't nailed at the cross. It's still binding.

Classy Clad's June Conversation with Dr. B.R. Lar

Yeah, I know. It's just hard for me to focus on Him. I'm trying to learn all about the Bible. Do I start in Exodus on taking notes or should I start in Matthew? I'm still reading about the seven angels right now.

I recommend taking notes on Exodus 20 for the 10 Commandments. Then you can go to Matthew.

The seven angels is awesome. The future time frame is nearing us.

Ok, that's what I was thinking, but I wanted to make sure first. I've already wrote the Ten Commandments down and taken notes for them. I'm ready for Matthew. Thanks, my brother. I really appreciate you truly for your help. God bless you, brother.

You are more than welcome. God and Jesus Christ are watching us as we progress - Heavenbound!

Amen, brother.

I know I will get there soon. I just need to learn the Scriptures and put more faith in them. And keep serving our Father who loves us.



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