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Episode 25 of Plot of Witnee Hell

Updated on January 26, 2018

Okay, notice how Rowlomon III

has joined 3AM ENWCO 5963. Make a note of that. Especially focus on 3AM. When you think of a Discettenet, think of it as a cell phone in the future. Except you can also send physical messages through it. Like, you can send a cookie message to someone and they'll get your cookie. Um, yummy chocolate chip!

The Discettenet is an extremely important instrument for the Team of Prophets to have. Why? Well, they're banned from having any websites. They don't say anything that's in favor of Dictator M. Ergo, they don't get to say anything at all. No alternate views are allowed on the BTG websites. So, Klellvorq invented an alternate method. He invented the Discettenet. That way, the Team of Prophets can still communicate to each other through electronics and digital means. They share songs, stories, data, codes, codewords, computer games, etc. with each other. It's all about breaking the Code of Hammurabi. The destruction of the Code of Hammurabi is the end goal.

Of course

7 + 9 = 16. However, this code is 7 + 9 = 1,000,000,000. There is a special group of 7 Christians. There is another special group of 9 Christians. When these 2 groups team up, they will impact at least 1 billion souls on this earth.

Honestly, it's not a difficult thing to impact 1 billion people on the face of this earth. First, though, you must start off with 100 people. There will be about 20 of those 100 people who will be hardcore. They will go all out and push forward the Christian cause. The other 80 will help out, but they will kind of be a little nonchalant about the whole thing. Now is the time for us all to develop the burning fervor for God and Jesus Christ.

Rowlomon III's Stats:

Charisma: 90 Toughness: 79 Power: 79 Intellect: 79 Speed: 79

My awesome fans will support me until the end of time. I will always love my amazing fans.

Read Romans 11:12.

Always remember that worldly riches aren't as important as Heaven. Don't let the pursuit of worldly riches bring you down.

Money is a prostitute. So many men and women have done degrading and vile things just to get money. It's really sad. Money isn't worth it if you have to compromise your values.

Episode 25

Read Revelation 13:2.

And there's that red dragon again. Always up to mischief.

The beautiful thing is that one day the red dragon will be slain. Praise God! What a glorious day that will be! No more sin!

Read Revelation 13:3.

It's so sad. This verse makes me cry. All the world will follow Dictator M. All the world will follow the beast.

Read Revelation 13:4.

Who is the red dragon? The red dragon is Satan aka Lucifer. It's so sad. This entire world will worship Satan. Dictator M gets his power from the devil. Dictator M will soon have so much power that no human force on earth will be able to stop him. Notice that I said the words human force. God and Jesus Christ alone will be able to stop him. Do you understand? This is the reason why we must battle Dictator M now.

August Conversation Between Dr. B.R. Lar and Classy Clad

In Verse 3, one of the 7 continents is going to get hit by some big disaster. I don't know which continent. Most likely, it's going to be an asteroid from outer space.

That continent will recover, and that's when all the world will follow and worship the one eye Universal Church.

In Verse 4, laws will be made. People will be forced to worship Lucifer aka Satan. Satan gives power to the Universal Church. People will be forced to worship the pope.

In Verse 5, the pope blasphemies by saying he is the holy father. Only God is our Holy Father. The pope is a sinner. The evil time frame where the one eye Universal Church reigns will be 3 and a half years.

This will be a very dark time.

Man, brother, I don't know what to say.

I'm speechless.

And now you understand why it's written in code!

Like I say, if the Spirit would've told me not to share it with you, I wouldn't have. Nothing personal.

It's just I gotta listen to the Spirit.

I'm glad the Spirit said I could tell you.

Me too, brother.

I can't wait till the Spirit speaks to me.

I bet, brother.

What about Verses 6, 7, 8, and 9?

Limited Space

Human Clad knows that there is limited space in the Reso Froth world. First come, first served. There are only a certain number of spots available. Human Clad realizes that we are all mortals. Sacrifice brings about wealth. He has already started collecting Reso Froth Resources. He loves their envelopes. He is a Resolamb Collector. He also practices his Reso Froth Trading Skills. He is a Resolamb Trader. He also has Reso Froth Fun. He is a Resolamb Funnie.

Human Clad is a legend. I am a member of ZionAncientz. Human Clad really wants to be a Protector of Reso Froth. He already let us know. He has shown us his expertise in Dewj Froth. He wished for it. He wished to ascend to master Reso Froth. We confirm his wishes.

Kill Antimortal Robot!

Kill the Antimortal Robot! Right now! Hurry!

Princess Nubiposh kills the Antimortal Robot. Excellent job!

The Sardemonic Robot Demon is the Antimortal Robot that you want to kill. It is very important that you read at least 1 Bible verse a day. I want to try to live to be at least 97 years old.

Honor God's Sabbath day. His Sabbath day is from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.

It's showtime.

I need for you to kill the Beast. After that, steal his Treasure. Then, both you and I can head out of here and head back to Katy, Texas.

You run. You see a campfire. You warm up with it.

You see the Beast. You fight him. You kill the Beast. You steal his Treasure.

McGillicutty: You are quite powerful. Thank you. Now we can head back to Katy.

I am Dr. Steward HK Lar Lover.

I am protected by God and Jesus Christ.

Princess Nubiposh loves Prince Clad. She no longer loves King Afronikias. Well, it's not that. She just doesn't love him as much as she loves Prince Clad.

Princess Nubiposh's mom is Queen Nubianna. Queen Nubianna is on her fifth marriage. She has been marrying and divorcing for political power.

Prince Clad thinks he sees Princess Nubiposh's 4th stepdad. Is that him? Oh snap. That's her 4th stepdad alright.

"Prince Clad, can you work for me? Where have you been, my boy? I haven't seen you for a long time, Prince! I was getting worried about one of my favorite people. Which reminds me. I'm gonna need you to change your schedule and work on Saturday if you come work for me."


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