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Episode 38 of Gurmanaffe Book

Updated on April 28, 2017
movielardatadare profile image

This author has a Bachelor's in Psychology (Baylor University) and a Doctorate in Reso Froth (Resolamb Castle). He enjoys writing.

Dictator M will get

more hardcore. He arrests the people who rebel against him. Certain characters don't follow his unjust, draconian measures. They are captured, not given a trial, and thrown into prisons. Computer geniuses are deemed to be illegals because they know how to fix computers and develop computer programs/games that plug people into the 3AM. A history lesson, if you don't mind.

Read Revelation 12:17. Who is the woman? The woman represents those of us who are God's people. We are Christians. Satan is very angry with those of us who are Christians. Why? Well, think about it. We expose his evil game plan. In the not too far future, Satan will make war with us Christians. Why? Because too many people who are undecided will join our winning Team. There are only two sides. The Christians vs. The Satanic New World Religion. We Christians keep the 10 Commandments of God. We Christians have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

What is the Sapphire Era

of Family Circle? It is one of the many levels of ascension. It is a level where you learn more secrets from the Bible. I have surpassed that level thanks only to God and Jesus Christ. It is very beautiful when you achieve that level. So, let me show you some of what the ascension of that level revealed.

Read Revelation 12:12. The devil is down here with us. He has a lot of wrath and anger. He only has a short time to live. I wish I could murder the devil. However, that's not my destiny. God and Jesus Christ will slay and destroy the devil in fire and brimstone.

Genesis 11:4

"And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth."

The ancient scrolls tell us that a superior being showed up to help Nimrod. You probably won't believe this, but the being's name was Dictator M. He taught Nimrod how to build pyramids, huge towers, etc. Then Nimrod, pretending to be a god when he really wasn't, taught the people what Dictator M taught him. Dictator M showed up in a spacecraft even way back then. The Wright brothers? Ha ha! The ancient scrolls tell us that even the Babylonians had flying machines. Well, of course you know what happened to the Tower of Babel. And if you don't, my dearie, you really should be ashamed of yourself. Not to beat you up or anything, but come on.

However, did you also know

that Dictator M gave Nimrod a computer program code? Twas a code only for the kings, queens, and leaders to have. It pretty much functioned as a computer game. It showed the king how to keep the people/masses subdued and in love with their servitude. Conditioned like lab rats. What's the name of that computer game? Why, it's none other than the Code of Hammurabi.

Now do you understand why computer geniuses are so dangerous?

Read Revelation 1:3. Do you want to be blessed? If so, read the entire book of Revelation. If so, listen to the words of Revelation. If so, obey and keep the words of Revelation. The time is almost here. Showtime is upon us.

Dictator M takes away certain

currencies of certain zones. Why? If a zone has no currency, then that zone is weak and has no backbone. It's people can be easily forced into a prison state because they are so dependent on their leader. All citizens have a monetary amount on the computer. (Why do computers keep popping up everywhere?) It's a number on a screen that lets you know your monetary amount. No more shekels, no more physical currency. All data stored on a trusty computer. Because surely computers never get hacked.

Read Revelation 13:17. No man or woman or person will be able to buy or sell. Who only can buy or sell? Only those who are stamped by the New World Religion. Only those who have the New World Religion's mark. Only those who have the name of the beast. The name of the beast is the New World Religion. Only those who have the number of his name. What is his number? 666.

Read Revelation 13:18. Do you want Biblical wisdom? If so, read Revelation 13:18. Count the number of the beast. Count the number of the New World Religion. It is the number of a man. His number is 666. Who is the man? The man is Peter Falsewood.

Do you feel your brain

starting to feel a new energy? Are you starting to feel the electrical power that is pumping you up, giving you the will to fight Dictator M? If so, your brain is beginning to tap into the 3AM, baby.

Read Revelation 3:14. We are now in the Laodicean time frame.

Episode 44 - Conchita Achievement

Read Revelation 12:9. Who is the great dragon? Who is that old serpent? It is the Devil. It is Satan, the angel who was Lucifer in Heaven. Satan's mission is to deceive the whole world. My mission is to kill Satan. I want to murder him. Satan and his evil angels are down here on the earth with us humans. Let me tell you something. Satan and his fallen angels are not The Watchers. Satan and his fallen angels are The Killers. They kill humans, not watch over us.

A Convo Between Dr. B.R. Lar and Classy Clad

Verse 20. The wicked people continue to worship the Devil.

Revelation 10 verse 1 and two? Verse 3?

Verse 2. The little open book is Revelation.

Verse 3. We won't get to find out what the 7 thunders uttered until we get to Heaven.

So Revelation means we made it to the kingdom of Heaven

Not exactly - Revelation means the Revelation of Jesus Christ - it means "revealing"

There are Christians who will know the Book of Revelation inside and out but will still turn their backs on Jesus.

Why? Because they'll get tricked by one of Satan's many tricks

Revelation is like a road map that leads us to Jesus and Heaven if we obey it

So, if we obey Revelation, then, yes, we will make it to the kingdom of Heaven!

I love how the Holy Spirit is leading you, brother! I'm reading Revelation 10 now

Ok I want to learn more about our Father's Word through the Bible I know I won't remember what we learn right away but I wanna know the Scriptures well enough where the Devil won't trick me I wanna obey God's Word and Truth He is an amazing Father


My brother can you pray for me with the Spirit to make sure that I am doing what I'm supposed to do for Jesus I want to do what God has planned for me but I can't figure a way to clear my head. My brother I want a better relationship with our Father

Will do! For sure

Revelation 11? Verse 1 and 2? Verse 3 and 4?


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