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Episode 39 of Gurmanaffe Book

Updated on May 25, 2017

Read Revelation 17:13.

Notice that the ten kings have one mind. They all agree. They give their power and strength to Dictator M. Dictator M is the leader of the beast.

Read Revelation 17:12.

The ten horns are ten kings. Witnee is trying her best to become one of Dictator M's ten kings. Witnee hasn't received a kingdom yet. Will she be given one? Time will tell. The ten kings will only have power for one hour. Notice that. They will only reign for a very short time. So, whoever joins the ten kings or the beast will be joining the losing team.

Read Revelation 17:14.

Dictator M + the beast + the New World Religion + the 10 kings will all unite to fight the Lamb. Who is the Lamb? Jesus Christ is the Lamb. Have you ever wondered why this world is so blasphemous? Have you ever wondered why this world constantly makes fun of God and Jesus Christ? It's because this world makes war with the Lamb. Jesus Christ will overcome them. Jesus wins. His enemies lose. Why does Jesus win? Because He is Lord of lords and King of kings. Puny little Triple H isn't the King of kings. Puny little Triple H can't even run 100 paces without his puny quadriceps popping like a rubber band. Jesus is King of kings. I am with Jesus. Ergo, I am called, chosen, and faithful. I'm a winner. What can I say? When will tonight turn in today?

Read Revelation 17:16.

The ten horns are the last 10 kings of earth's history. Dictator M and the beast are going to doublecross/backstab the 10 kings. Witnee is so blind that she doesn't even see the future of the 10 kings. Yet, she wants to be one. The 10 kings will see that they've been doublecrossed. However, it'll be too late. Ergo, the 10 kings will hate and despise the New World Religion. The 10 Kings will burn down the churches of the world. That's why I'm trying to warn ya'll about your pastors and preachers. Did you know that many of your pastors and preachers are just stooges, snitches that are paid by Dictator M? Dictator M tells them what to say and what not to say. Can't be politically incorrect, now can we? Must follow all rules and abide by the brain-dead mandates of political correctness. Like lemmings, many of you eat the false bread that your pastors and preachers feed you.

Read Revelation 17:17.

God is in control. Satan is not in control. Satan is a weak punk who has already lost. God is All-Powerful. God controls the future. God says that the 10 kings will give their kingdom to the beast. Can Satan change that? No. God's words will be fulfilled.

Episode 39

Do all you can to spread

the 3AM = 3 Angels' Messages to the world. Believe me, the prophetic time clock is a-tickin' and it's almost midnight. Stuff is already ugly, but it's about to get super duper ugly in a little while. There are only 2 sides. Don't believe any liars that say there are more than 2 sides. Only two exist. The New World Religion vs. The Christians.

I'm a Christian. Which side do you choose? If you choose to oppose me and join the New World Religion, you will lose.

Conversation Time

Jesus made the cords and whipped them.

A lot of times He and His disciples preached on boats.

Oh yeah, I remember. I had to think a minute.

For now, we can still go to church.

You're taking some awesome notes, brother! God is blessing you!

What about Chapter 14 Verses 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5?

Let me know if you got it, brother.

I sure did! Oh yeah!


What about Matthew verse 18 and Luke 16:17?

That is so true, brother.

In Verse 1, the 144000 equals God's people.

In Verse 4, women in this case means false churches. Just because you and I have had sex with our wives doesn't mean we're lost, brother!

It's okay that we're not virgins! We just must make sure we're not tricked by false churches.

That is so true! God's 10 Commandments Law will never fail, brother!

How's it going, brother?

It's going awesome, brother!

Hey man, I'm sorry I haven't sent you Revelation, brother. My two days off is where I studied a lot in the Bible. I put a lot of time in studying on those days. I'll tell you about it when you come back tomorrow. It was a great Bible study.

That's okay. I want you deep in the Bible. I'm glad you were studying so much. The Spirit led you.

All I can say is I've never ever in my life studied so hard on something like that. From what I have studied over my weekend, it was amazing. I'm glad I went to the actual King James Bible.

Studying the Files

Human Clad reviews and studies the Reso Froth Files.

He deliberates his next move. He decides to take the yoke of Reso Froth upon his back. He receives further advice from us. We are ZionAncientz. He decides to create Reso Froth computer games. He produces them. Glory to Zion.

We give him advice. He is a noble one. He stands above the CATTLE. We long to see his computer games. That is, when the time is right.

He is Noble Clad.

The Dewjnet is available for his purchase. He is a Protector of Reso Froth.

He is Protector Clad.

A Gamer's Guide to Dewjarls Castle 2040

You start the game off where you are outside. You are standing on the teleportation beam. This beam is associated with time travel. You see a lamppost with an old school lamp. There's no electricity here. Only fire. You notice a Black man standing next to a building. He looks very familiar. You run over there. You speak with him. He speaks.

Prince Clad (the boyfriend of Princess Nubiposh): Hello, Princess Nubiposh! You must be sure to attend Dewjarls Castle. But first, there is a sheet of paper with the Secret Writings of Dr. Steward HK Lar Lover. I, Prince Clad, am your helper. Find the Writings!

You accept the Quest. The Writings are found in between the old city wall and the hangman's tree. The old city wall is there because it is where the Antimortal Robots are lined up and shot. Execution style. The hangman's tree is where the Antimortal Robots are lynched on the tree.

"Saturday is the Sabbath, sir. No thanks."

"You say no to me? The rich man? The man who is married to your future mom in law? What about all those times I've used my connections for you? What about all those times I've kept you from getting fired, you ungrateful brat!"

"Hey, no need to get all upset."

"That's it! You're done! Don't ever ask me for any favors. I'm gonna let these good people of Katy, TX know just how you are. I had a feeling you'd probably say no, so I've left you a big check at Princess Nubiposh's house just to taunt you. I want to show you what could have been yours. All you had to do was let me buy you out. You could have been a loyal member of the one eyed society. You could have become an Antimortal Robot."

Swordfighting Skills

Princess Nubiposh has gained a ton of swordfighting skills. She has killed a bunch of Antimortal Robots.

Dr. Steward HK talks personally to Princess Nubiposh.

"If you don't want to elevate, then just reject my message."

"I'm listening."

"Okay. There are 2 sides. Good and evil. One day evil will be destroyed from the Universe. One day God and Jesus Christ will destroy all traces of evil. In that beautiful day, only good will exist. And that's where perfection will remain forever. Sin will never rise again."



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