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Episode 41 of Conchita Achievement

Updated on April 30, 2017

Baal has a conversation

with Dictator M.

"Sire, I'm curious. Why weren't you ever born into the human family like Jesus? Don't you think that would have given you more cool points with the stupid humans?"

Witnee is part of

the Sphinx Movement. There are important artifacts, important data buried under the front left paw of the Sphinx. Dictator M visited the Sphinx people a long time ago. Thousands of years ago. It was easy for Dictator M. After all, he does have conditional immortality. He was not born of a woman. Yes, Jesus was born of Mary. However, Dictator M's pride was too high to be born into our human family.

"Baal, I'll never

stoop that low. Can you imagine my beautiful body inside of the vile womb of a human female? Yuck. No way a perfect androgynous being like myself would ever do that."

Soon, our enemies will

ban the King James Version of the Holy Bible. They will declare it an illegal Book. Why? Because, according to them, it will contain hate speech. So, if you want to know what I think about homosexuality or lesbianism, read the Bible. If you want to know what I think about abortion, read the Bible. If you want to know what I think about divorce, read the Bible. I'm a very easy person to figure out.

Episode 41

Read Romans 5:3.

Tribulations will occur. We are to taste them and see glory in them. Trials and tribulations develop patience in us. Being patient is the name of the game.

Take me for instance.

I used to be a dude that just wanted things to hurry up and happen quickly. I would hurry and move, doing my actions to speed up certain processes. Then, I would wonder why things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. Now, I understand what patience is all about. I remember back in the day when I had 0 fans. Big goose egg. It took me a long time to get to where I am today. I remember people used to give me feedback, constructive criticism. Back then, I used to feel that the person was attacking me. "Man, that person just attacking me. What does he know? More bass? Man, I already got enough bass on that track. That track is awesome."

Back in 1999.

Way back in the old millennium. My fans were 0. My fans didn't start growing until I started listening to the feedback and constructive criticism. It was what I needed. See, I started off in music. I knew that music was my best shot at impacting the globe because I knew I was good at it. However, I was hardheaded and stubborn. But once I started listening to people, my music changed. It morphed into something that was palatable for humanity. "Ayyo, it's a dope track, but you need more bass." "Yo, bro, how about some more snares?" I then began riding the wave of humanity. It was like I was on a surfboard, and humanity was just calmly pushing me through the sea of beauty. I quit fighting against my brothers and sisters. I just rode the wave. And then, my fanbase increased exponentially. It tripped me out how quickly my fans increased.

To this day, it still trips me out. My fans are the best fans on the face of this globe. I'm going to keep on making products that they love.

An Ebullient Conversation Between Dr. B.R. Lar and Classy Clad

However, the Universal Church wanted to blasphemy God. So, they said Sunday is the new church day. I'll wait to send you anything else, brother. I hope you still want to study with me.

This is a really deep part.

Let me know if you can read it it's part of my notes that I started yesterday

This is the second page

Yep sure can!

Let me know what you think brother

Will do. I'm gonna finish the Revelation part 1st though


Verse 16. Mark = Sunday. In the future a law will be passed. It's called the Sunday Law. Now, they've already practiced this law in the past.

They were called blue laws. When you got time, look up blue laws on the Internet. These were practice baby steps kind of laws.

In the future, those who don't go to church on Sunday will be killed.

Verse 17. Those who don't go to church on Sunday won't be able to buy groceries or sell anything. I can kiss my computer gaming companies goodbye! The number is 666.

Verse 18. The pope is the man. His name is Vicarius Filii Dei. When you add his name up it equals 666!

This may sound really out there, brother, but I gotta bring it! Sunday is the first day.

Sunday is when Jesus came up from the tomb. Saturday is the 7th day.

What do you mean by that brother

This may sound really strange, but I don't go to church on Sunday. It's okay for you to for now since you're just learning.

Which part, Classy Clad?

Why is it bad when you don't go to church

But we take notes on the Bible

Actually brother a lot of Bible people didn't go to church

Why not? Because the churches were corrupted at their time


Do you remember what Jesus said? He was angry when they sold animals in the church.


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