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Journey's End

Updated on October 1, 2016

I am the sorrows of yesterday,

and they are what you see.

I’ll not move forward in any way

unless they come with me.

At peace within these turmoils;

they give me my decree;

at times they make my blood boil,

at times they set me free.

From this sadness I find solace

when you find me in your thoughts.

In this madness I am hopeless

thus without you I must walk.

Of your tears must I free you,

though not your place beneath my skin.

For my heart will you find true;

your love healed me from within.

The paths we took are treasured

in my mind forevermore.

The joys we had were measured,

generously from life’s store.

Though our time was always fated

to end sooner than we knew.

Let our smiles remain unjaded;

we lived a love held by few.


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