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Era of Wealth

Updated on May 6, 2017


Nubianna gives her campaign speeches from the Topaz Lighthouse. She moves into it so that she can live by the water. C.K. builds a swimming pool in his house. Where does C.K. live?

10 years pass by.

Nubianna loves living near the water. She buys herself a cruise ship.

C.K. buys a passport and heads to House of Tigers. After all, House of Tigers is a happening place.

Shammah buys a passport and heads to House of Jasper.

C.K. lives in House of Tigers. He buys an awesome jet fighter.

10 years pass by.

White Starperson buys an affordable jasper car.

Wago Knight buys a passport

and heads to Maine. White Starperson also buys a passport and also heads to Maine. Stankalanker buys a passport and heads to New Mexico. Shammah buys himself a new bathtub.


White Starperson turns in his DNA to the Topaz Tiger Knights. Wrest P builds himself a Topaz Igloo. Interesting enough, this house keeps him warm. He puts a large HD movie screen in the basement of his igloo.

White Starperson and Nubianna build themselves a space hut. It has a nice and cool climate inside.

White Starperson also builds himself a Topaz Castle. He and Nubianna enjoy hanging out inside of it.

White Starperson donates money

to a local school. He helps it succeed.

Shammah builds himself a really cool beach house. He lives on white sands. He buys himself a pink sportscar so he can attract the ladies.

Stankalanker builds himself a ranch on 3.4 acres of land. He has a lot of puppies. On his ranch, he builds an awesome Topaz Treehouse.

The eternal clashes take place at a fervent pace. Space Chess is constantly being played.


The year is 2015.

Preparation Day

A Clone tried to stop White Starperson from advancing any further. However, White Starperson smoked him. White Starperson continues walking on throughout the Cherries Clones Station.

Nubianna joins him

in his fight.

A Robot Clone enters the room in a Clone Body Suit. White Starperson and Nubianna knock him off of his feet. Nubianna proceeds to turn the Robot Clone into ashes. Robot Clone 2, Robot Clone 3, and Robot Clone 4 were also turned to ashes. Read the Book of White Starperson.

The Book of White Starperson contains Special Moves. Nubianna is shown to be a human. Afronicias is shown to be a human. Whenever White Starperson wants to time travel, he uses the Horsehead Nebula. Whenever Abishai Eternal wants to time travel, he uses the Ring Nebula. Whenever Allysson Eternal wants to time travel, she uses the Crab Nebula.

I don't make any sense.

Jibberish weird talk. Weird talk. Slobber. Am I C.K.? Or am I a Clone? Am I Sananda? Jibba jabba. Don't feed me no steak scraps. I don't make sense. Help me, White Starperson!

C.K., I will cast the demons out of your soul. You don't need to be demon possessed anymore.

Thank you so much, White Starperson! I'm so glad you have the talent and the spiritual gift of casting out demons! Whew, I thought I was a goner for sure!

And that should do it. Okay, I have just cast the demons out of your soul. You are no longer demon possessed, my friend.

Sabbath! :)

The Topaz Tiger Knights build Dibon. They also build Ataroth. Another city they build is Aroer. Another one is Atroth. Yet another is Shophan. Another city is Jaaezer. The Topaz Tiger Knights build Jogbehah. They also build Bethnimrah. Another city they build is Bethharan.

White Starperson is Given His Lance

Benaiah gives White Starperson his lance.

The year is 2016. January.

House of Tigers is a happening place.

Clonikki has an operation. He has his XY chromosomes replaced with XX. He also has headlight implants graven into his body.


White Starperson is still on his quest.

Current Score = 1200 points.


The year is 2016.

White Starperson has a Sky Blue Sword. Posh Froth Masters enter the realm.


Dewjarls Society. Knight. Christians. I am going to try to live to be at least 200 years old.

Always keep the Topaz. Never ever let it be destroyed. Yes, a Topaz can be dark blue.

Excellent job.

Now White Starperson has Book 96 of Amethyst.

Are you a Knight in my Dewj Froth Book? The Knight must decide his next move. White Starperson gets a call. The person tells him that he has just ascended to Knight. Now his new name is W.S. Knight.

Why are Resolamb Gaming and Frothism Getting So Popular?

Some of you may wonder why Resolamb Gaming and Frothism are getting so popular at such an alarming rate. Some of you may lie to yourself and say that it's because Resolamb Gaming and Frothism are tied to the one eye. We are not funded by the one eye. ZionAncientz are not funded by the one eye. We use our funds against the one eye. We work tirelessly to destroy the one eye.

We are getting so popular at such an alarming rate because of God and Jesus Christ. You all are witnessing a beautiful mixture of both Jewish and Christian Biblical principles. Are we perfect? No, we are not. Are we human? Yes, we are. Do I maybe focus a little too much on getting to do the boom-boom with my uber sexy white wife? Perhaps I do. However, look at the big picture. The big picture is that we want you reading the King James Version of the Holy Bible. The big picture is that we want you to worship God and Jesus Christ. The big picture is that we want you marrying a Christian Jewish person of the opposite gender. We are ZionAncientz.


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