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Eric’s Analisa

Updated on November 13, 2019
Ericdierker profile image

I like to come at things from a different angle. Usually if we take some words and apply them to ourselves we can then apply to the world.

A Walk Along A Park

Now where is that bench?
Now where is that bench? | Source

On The Dock of The Bay

I heard of a Challenge

I like a good challenge. And I heard tell of this one. Reckon I liked it.

Trouble Comes Our Way

When we really love someone we find they change the color of the sky. And course that reflects on the moon and the trees and us. Still undeclared love. A casual relationship that I am sure was going somewhere. She was my lawyer, she did a great job as I still get to meet her on our favorite bench overlooking the deep waters of Lake Michigan.

She is a beauty beyond the stars. Green eyes and a body made perfect, not skinny and not fat. This middle aged guy’s face might scare a child unless I smile. I don’t work steady and she has a great job in a law firm.

At 18 I joined up. By 24, Special Forces, by 32 retired from the forces. Being a mercenary for hire just seemed like the next step. Work sporadic but pay reflected the danger in a good way. I had a small apartment but a cabin up the way in the woods. She promised that someday she would go with me there and ski and ice fish. Never had a visitor there. I already gave her huge fur mittens and some awesome fur snow boots.

I admit I took a special shower, brushed up my teeth with some missing. Had a hair cut. Pressed my shirt and paid attention to walk at attention. My light brown Duster hat was just a bit askew more over my right eye. Just as I saw her I paid some time stopping an old lady and helping her walk across some ice on the boardwalk. Not angelic, just to impress Analisa with her heart of gold.

Oh my heart leapt out of my dark green down coat. She had on the boots and mittens with her long warm trench coat of gray. Yet I approached with concern. Analisa sat alone on the park bench, the scowl on her face as dark as the gathering thunderclouds. Of course I thought it was all about me. I did a run and slide on the snow and pretended to fall right in front of her. That always makes a person giggle.

I went immediately to her and sat with a right arm gentle hug. And then sat quiet. She would talk if she wanted to. I of course I saw a travel bag next to her. Some concern there.

So then she spoke. “I shot and killed my boss as he was trying to rape me”.


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