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Eric's Girls

Updated on October 22, 2013

Love Among Siblings

There are many stories that touch you, and there are many stories you will cherish always because it brings out in you a sense of hope, happiness and most of all love. Eric’s in particular moves me especially because hearing him describe it you can tell in an instant how much he enjoys sharing this simple little story about his family. Eric was the only boy in a house full of girls. Five to be exact, so you can only imagine what it may have been like to see four girls reach a certain stage that not only makes him laugh, but helped him deal with the many drama issues women today play on the opposite sex for attention.

His oldest sister Catherine was primarily his favorite, but they all had a special bond that could never be broken. When their dad died of a hear attack at age 48, Eric remained the only man in the house. He was only ten at the time and his older sisters were twelve, thirteen and fourteen while his youngest and most energetic one Megan was four. It was really tough on them all at first, but their mom bounced back pretty quickly, obtained a job in an attorney’s office as a receptionist, and went to school nights to finish her degree in nursing.

They barely saw her, but she always made sure to take them all to dinner out once a week, and Sundays were fully devoted to not only God, but them as this was the day she would sit down with them, pop some popcorn; and sit in front of the TV watching their favorite movies on the VCR. They knew she worked hard because she wanted to provide for them, and they also knew she kept up with all their studies, for she also checked all their book bags before going to bed.

The one in charge when she was out was Catherine, but their next door neighbor allowed her twenty year old niece house sit with them until their mom arrived. The girl, Sarah, did basically nothing but talk on the phone, eat their food and watch soaps, but Eric learned a lot from her, including how to French kiss. When he turned nine she asked him what he wanted and he said a kiss, but never expected it to include tongue. He made out with her every day after that until he turned eleven and she moved in with her boyfriend. Catherine was sixteen then, so she became their second mom, and had long since learned how to cook, clean and do laundry. That was also the year she met her first boyfriend.

All we heard was Andy this and Andy that. It was sickening, she screeched when the phone rang, twirled her hair while she talked and smiled the entire time. Megan was eight years old, and the other two teens were just as bad as Catherine but they weren’t allowed to have boyfriends yet. My mom agreed to sixteen being an appropriate age, and Andrew was to only stop by when mom was home. Everything was going well for them. Their mom graduated from nursing school, and was now working in the local hospital from 7-3 pm, Tuesday-Saturday. One night however, she had to work overtime due to an emergency and the hospital being short on nurses, and Andrew stopped by. When Catherine explained to him that he couldn’t come in because their mom wasn’t home he asked if he could come in anyway, and Catherine said “no.”

That was the first time Eric ever saw the look. This boy scowled at his sister, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her outside the door. The next thing he heard was his sister’s body being pushed against the house and her screaming out in pain. Eric doesn’t remember how, but the next thing he knew he was outside and swinging his baseball bat at this guy. He first hit him on the leg and he wobbled a bit but didn’t fall, when he turned to attack Eric he panicked and just swung the bat again to only get Andrew in the head. His blood was just spraying, Catherine was screaming hysterically and calling his name and the blood was splattered all over his face. Eric simply blacked out in a fit of rage and his only focus was this kid who assumed he could come over to their house and abuse his sister. The next thing he remembers was his name being called by his mother and Andrew being carted away in an ambulance. Apparently the next door neighbor witnessed the entire incident and called the police just as Andrew pushed his sister against the house.

Andrew was treated for a broken arm, given twenty stitches which began from his hairline to the back of his head, and the doctor’s said he was pretty lucky Eric didn’t hit him a second time in the same spot or he would’ve been dead. The police didn’t bother to make a report against him because they considered it self defense and congratulated him for being such a great brother. Today he thinks about that and he’s glad he didn’t have to go to juvi. That, in itself would’ve killed him, but he was also only twelve. Stacey and Carol his two other sister’s weren’t home when this happened, for they attended after school activities, but Megan was and she was pretty afraid of him for a while afterwards. Eric tried his best to play with her, and she turned him down every time. His mom said she was still in shock and so needed more time to understand that her brother was a hero and not a monster.

Admiration Restored

For her sixth birthday, Eric took all the money he had saved and bought her a doll she basically drooled over every time they gave the commercial. “Baby Alive, it’s Baby Alive,” she would squeal every time she heard the jingle. Their mom arranged a nice little luau party for her, asked all the guest to dress in Hawaiian attire and set up Tiki’s all over the yard. Megan was absolutely thrilled with the results, and even more so when it was time to open her presents. Eric deliberately set his aside and left it in her bedroom for later. He wanted her to open it with him and he wanted to tell her that he really missed her and wanted nothing more but for them to be close again.

Megan laughed and smiled so much that day, and he hoped his present would just take her over the top. She deserved to be the happy, energetic girl he was used to, so once everyone left and the family cleaned up he told Megan that he left her gift in her room and asked if she wanted to go up and open it. “Sure,” she said excitedly and ran ahead of him. “Good luck, but I’m sure you won’t need it,” his mom said as he followed her inside and ran up after her. As soon as she reached her room she grabbed the gift from the bed and tore off the paper like a rabid dog attacking its owner. “Baby Alive, it’s Baby Alive,” she said and broke into song as she hugged the box.

Seconds later she wrapped her arms around him and said, “You are the best brother in the whole wide world.” Being a boy he tried his best to hold back the tears, but with his sister’s he was a true sucker so the tears flowed anyway. That evening he and Megan played together for the rest of the evening as she set up her tea set and gathered her stuffed animals around her little dining room set. Till this day he can’t get the image out of his head, and he will never admit to it if asked, but Megan makes sure to share this story with everyone who would listen.

Since they are all adults now, he looks back to their childhood, and hormone changes with glee; but thanks God for sister’s as they have all in some way or another helped him cope with the female’s he’s gone out with, and also sympathized with because of them. Yeah, he had to let a few psycho’s go, but based on the fact his sister’s molded him into the man he is today he was able to do so without completely hurting them. He knows how conniving and manipulative some may get when feelings are involved, and he knows more or less when one is lieing to him, for his sister’s thought him well. Today he is involved with someone he’s dated on and off for years, but somehow always knew she was the one. The issues they faced were due to distance as he was in the military and served in Iraq for over three years, but since he’s been back they have found their way back to each other and he hopes to pop the question this New Years Eve. If his girls agree that is, because they still have a lot to do with his decisions, and basically always will.


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