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Erik Jan Hanussen, Hitler’s Jewish Psychic

Updated on December 28, 2011
Erik Jan Hanussen, Hitler’s Jewish Psychic. (1889 – 1933) Born in Vienna, Austria. Stage name of Hermann Steinschneider. Famous pro pseudo-psychic (telepath, muscle-reader, prophet, etc).
Erik Jan Hanussen, Hitler’s Jewish Psychic. (1889 – 1933) Born in Vienna, Austria. Stage name of Hermann Steinschneider. Famous pro pseudo-psychic (telepath, muscle-reader, prophet, etc). | Source

by Christine B.

Aside from his distain for the people of Jewish heritage, it is a well-documented fact that Adolf Hitler believed in the world of the paranormal and in alien visitors from other planets. He used his German army and scientists to explore and experiment with many things that dealt with not only the paranormal, but also with the occult. So, when Hitler was introduced to Erik Jan Hanussen, his interest in the man’s psychic ability outweighed Hanussen’s Jewish heritage. Because of his supernatural talents, Hanussen was admitted into Hitler’s inner circle and actually was instrumental in ascending Hitler to his ultimate position of unquestioning power over the German people.

Hanussen began his career as a showman in the circus, performing as several different acts, but not as a psychic. It wasn’t until he joined the army in WWI that he realized he had psychic abilities. He saved his dehydrated company by finding underground water for them without using any equipment, save for his mind.

After he returned from the war Hanussen developed a stage act as a clairvoyant and mentalist. He was able to help the police find a murderer, so that helped with his notoriety. But the feat that made him most famous was being able to tell the police where to find a bank robber and his ill-gotten gains before they knew the bank had been held up!

In 1930 Hanussen began publishing a monthly occult magazine entitled, “Hanussen Magazin.” He also wrote a bi-weekly paper, Bunte Wochenschau. In these publications he made predictions regarding national finances and politics. Many of his predictions proved to be correct so he then became mega-famous as a psychic. He gave many private readings for German members of the aristocracy and celebrities.

At that point Hanussen became friends with many high ranking German officials within the Nazi party. This eventually led to his association with Hitler himself. It was Hanussen’s suggestion that the Nazi party adopt the swastika as their symbol. He told them that since it was the Indian symbol for good luck it would bring the party good fortune. He also predicted in his magazine that Adolph Hitler would win the German Chancellor election because “planetary conjunctions were in his favor.” After that prediction came to pass Hanussen became Hitler’s personal adviser, to the point of giving him pointers on his speeches and developing Hitler’s magnetic appeal to his nation.

Because of his rank of importance, Hanussen thought himself untouchable, which led to his eventual downfall. His over confidence of his own importance in the Nazi party allowed him to overdo his showmanship during a German social gathering where he pretended to go into a trance-like state and predicted, “I see a building, a great building, in our city ... it is burning ... flames are roaring high ... smoke is billowing ... ah, but out of the blaze there arises a bird ... a magnificent Phoenix ... bringing new light ... new hope ... from the ashes!” Many believe that this was not a true psychic prediction, but a case of insider information. On February 27, 1933 Germany’s parliament building, the Reichstag, was deliberately set ablaze. The Nazis credited the Communists for the destruction so the public would rally around Hitler’s call to war against them. However, facts have come to light since the war’s end that the fire was set by the Nazis in a ploy to give Hitler full power over the German people and government.

The Nazis feared Hanussen would reveal the plot in order to enhance his popularity, so they decided he must be gotten rid of. On March 24, 1933 Hanussen was met by two unidentified men at the doorway of a restaurant as he was leaving. The men led the psychic into the street and his dead body was found thirteen days later with a bullet hole in his head.

Hanussen used his psychic gifts for his own fame and material gain, and paid the price for his arrogance with his early demise. No man is untouchable from the scope of Universal karma.


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