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Escape Amidst The Hum-drum.

Updated on December 30, 2009

Escape Amidst the Hum-drum.



You send me tumbling

like wrung out clothing,
in the blissful heat

of your dizzying kiss.

Clothes pinned

to your body,

my mind whirls

in a spin cycle.

Like static we cling,

amidst the common,

everyday tasks that

rumble on around us.

Uncaring that
we are an island of love,

an oasis of passion
in a back alley laundromat,

which ceases to exist.

Our lips press wrinkled

smiles to smoothness,
as all that is delicate

becomes delightful,
while yesterdays

laundry turns on.

later all our clohtes are folded

except for two small piles of

rumpled on either side

of the freshly made bed.


Next weeks excuse to

get together

and pay lip service to

the whirlpool of

our love.





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