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Escape From Darkness - Preview Book 1 of 7

Updated on November 17, 2011

Book 1 in a series of 7

Mystery, Suspense, Intrigue..

1.. Escape from Darkness
2.. Lost Souls - Darkness Returns
3.. Forced Requisitions
4.. The 17th Hour
5.. Good-Bye Snowflake
6.. Enchanted
7.. April - Felicity's Triumph

....First her husband, now her daughter, what else would go wrong in this damn place? It seemed that something has a ridiculous hold them...

Written in third person, Escape From Darkness is the story of 12year old April who went missing only a few months before her 13th birthday...

The day grew darker, Mary had become very uneasy; she had bought the new pony for April as an early birthday present, had allowed her to go for a ride on him but... her daughter still wasn’t home.

Where was April?

For many years strange things had been happening, but there was never any reason for suspicion, until now?

...Banished to a dark dank shed, limited food, hands and feet bound, twelve weeks April had been trapped in her small gloomy abode until one day, he made a mistake and she found the strength to over come her ordeal, risking her life in the wilderness April forced her self to make her way home to the hot blueberry pie, and her loving mother, Mary.

While being captive, April kept a focus on the many stories her mother had told her about the family and their land and of the many rides the two shared on their horses.

Finally escaping the darkness of pain and misery, accompanied by a pair of mystical fantails, she makes the journey through the woods being comforted by their presence, almost guiding her, the two old fantails seemed to encourage her to go beyond her limits both mentally and physically to reach home.

Read Escape From Darkness to find the truth of who has kidnapped April, and what it was that had happened in their family history, long before her time that has led to her devastating plight. Urge her forward as you read and encourage April to find her way home...

Book One is the opening of a series of novels how April Grace succeeds in the show ring beside her mother and eventually fulfilling her father’s dream, to breed the ultimate racehorse... but there is an omen lurking among them.

Long before April was born, Mary and her husband Richard had discovered an amazing tale surrounding their unknowingly productive estate with enchanting twists and turns.

Each of the titles in this intriguing saga are written two years apart, starting with April, rising thirteen, in Escape From Darkness through to the age of twenty-five at the end of the final novel...

Lost Souls, brings a touch of the unknown as ‘Darkness Returns’ with the birth of a colt sired by the once thought gelded Blueberry, the darkness surrounding this colt reminds Jonathan and Mary of The Storm many years before. The birth of Blueberry-Snow provokes yet another outrage from beneath the shadows of the woods. Is it true that there are a multitude of caves under their valley? Could this be the source of all their problems, or - their ending? April now 15, finds herself a mysterious and invisible friend. Strange new events have begun to happen and in the years to come, are up to April to conquer... alone?

Forced Requisitions opens another twist in the story line, the mysterious valley that had become this vindictive mans hideout for many years after his escape from prison, provided not only shelter but a vast supply of gems enabling him to become very rich. Repeatedly he returns from the bank in the city a few hours south, to the five thousand acre homestead that April and her mother, Mary dwell taking what he believes rightfully belongs to him, he had never expected there to be others...

With his findings stored away in the safety deposit box, or so he believed, he returns, following the caves to the valley, he relaxes sitting in the long grass on the edge of the wood until he sees her; glorious wings of emerald green, gowned in pure white silk shimmering on the breeze. Was this the curse his father had warned him of? A few days after a second sighting of this strange being, Grayson suddenly becomes ill as he makes his way back to the hidden valley with one of the stolen mares, Vassaux Nia.

Months pass, Mary and April are out on a ride one sunny afternoon as The 17th Hour approaches, there’s a noise in the bushes beside the trail, Mary dismounts and asks April to hold their horses while cautiously she investigates. Discovering something struggling in the scrub just below the trail, her face pales as she realises what it is.

Once again the police search the property; so much pain and heartache has surrounded this family over the years. Maybe this time they have found the solution. April is shown the full truth; Felicity has spoken to her many times before, together they scour the land at night, but now its time to see the true velocity of it...

April is devastated by the death of her favourite mare Snowflake an amazing thirty-eight years old, shortly after her own 20th birthday. The mare was old and had served them well over the years taking April to victory at various shows and many young children for rides on the gymkhana days; finally living the good life in the warmest stable at night and sunniest paddock near the house with thick lush grass during the daytime. April, Mary, and Jonathan were left in dismay as they said Good-bye Snowflake.

Sometime after April had turned twenty-one, her mother had been bitten by a white-tailed spider while in the bath, had became seriously ill and soon died. The devastation that surged through her body was one that would encase her for eternity. The closeness they shared over the years made them the best of friends which had it not been for the illness may well have continued for long into their future.

April had become so emotionally unstable that Uncle Jonathan was left with no choice but to commit his favourite niece into a rehab clinic leaving him and Bel’ to run the farm. For the entirety of her stay, she sat staring at the whitewashed walls taking her medication when told, eyes vacant with her mind locked in the Enchanted dreams of another time and place. One bright twilight evening when she had been there just under two years, Felicity stood by the window ledge and gently she spoke, “April, it’s time, I need you.” Suddenly she jolted back to reality, taking with her, the handsome young man who had sat and listened to every word through her entire ordeal, having admired her since their teens.

The day she left the clinic, telling no one of her impending arrival she caught the first bus to her hometown, she then hailed a taxi for the twenty-minute drive home. The driver stopped at the gate on her request, April walked the length of the immense driveway up to the house standing in the late afternoon sun with its immaculately trimmed lavender hedge.

Standing by the door was Uncle Jonathan, who seeing her embark from the cab, waited with open arms and a smile. A few days after her arrival, April saddled one of the horses and set off for a ride. The valley was just as she remembered. Her future was secured.

Her son, Richard Augustus Grace would carry the family name, forever...


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