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Escape into Imagination- Scary Short Stories

Updated on September 25, 2016


I was about twelve years old when I had the dream. It remained in the back of my mind, unlike most dreams, forever. I was especially worried about it because this was the first dream I ever did remember.

The dream started when I was at the door of my house, looking outside. It must have been summer because the grass was a deep, luscious green, and it was very sunny. The sky was blanketed in blue with no clouds in sight. The sun shone through the screen door and cast a ban onto the wooden floor.

Right outside the house, I watched my dad filling buckets up with water with the long garden hose. He had sweat pouring off of him, I have no idea why (like I said it was a dream). I knew that I had to tell him something because I opened the door and started to walk down the steps.

As soon as I was almost to my dad, all kinds of snakes started shooting up from nowhere, and they started swaying back and forth as if they were dancing. As much as they scared me, I continued straight ahead, calling for my dad. I couldn't see him anymore, the snakes were too many and too thick. He just disappeared. I whirled my head around, but only saw another snake staring at me with fiery eyes and it's spitting tongue, wherever I turned my head. Some were long and skinny, while some were big and tough. Some looked friendly, but most were horrible and scary. I was terrified of snakes anyway.

Just as I moved my head around again, a huge snake almost the size of a boa constrictor (it could have been one), came hurtling at me. It was coiled up like a disc, and all I could see was him flying through the air. Just as it was about to smack me square in the face, I woke up.I wasn't screaming. I was just suddenly awake and remembered the dream vividly. It took me awhile to get back to sleep.

An Extraterrestrial

I was taking a walk, getting away from the bonfire for a little while. The noise and turmoil soon faded. I was walking along softly, rounding a big rock, when I looked down and saw a creature. It looked like some kind of rodent, but when I saw glowing eyes and sharp fangs, I changed my mind quickly. It had furry, coarse hair that had a strange pinkish tint to it, and if the eyes weren't so big, I wouldn't have seen it there. Its four legs and claws looked the same, but slightly bigger, than a mouses are. Floppy ears were practically hidden in its thick fur. I tried to come closer towards this small being to get a better look, but as I stepped forward, it scurried off with short but quick steps. Five seconds later it stopped by a big stream, and began sucking the water up in one slow, steady gulp. When it was done, it ran to a small tree where it proceeded to rip the bark off and chomp it, crunching it's shiny teeth with amazing ferocity.

This unique animal was incredibly silent until it found the food and drink. Now, the sound of grunting, tearing, and slobbering filled the quiet atmosphere. I stood there for a short time, observing, even though anyone else would have ran, screaming. As cute as thing seemed before, it was suddenly a beast. A small beast, but still just as terrifying. The luminescent pupils became larger and brighter as it gained nourishment, and it felt as is they were piercing into my eyes, turning me blind.

The thing is, this being, whatever it was, knew that I was there. He wasn't at all scared or he would have taken off a long time ago. I knew this because I felt him watching me in the deep darkness, I could feel his sharp eyes and bloody teeth tearing into me. Then he started to growl. At least, I think it was a growl. The sound was very low and guttural, and it almost sounded like he was mumbling words, but I couldn't hear what it was he said.

i decided I needed to get closer. This, all of a sudden, seemed crucial. What could this beast be saying? Was he really a beast? I had to know. I took a quiet step forward, and then another. The creature stayed,although his frantic chomping of trees paused as he heard my approach. I tried to slowly creep closer, but before I got another foot, he darted away. Within a mere second, the night had swallowed up this little alien creature. He was gone....somewhere.


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