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Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

Updated on November 3, 2016

WordPress in one of the easiest and friendliest CMS platforms available on the net. Not only is it easy to play with the coding of the system, it's also easy to create plugins for this system. In fact, it's so easy, that there are over a million plugins in the directory. Of course, you can scoop of the entire directory. So, that's why I've created a list of essential WordPress plugins for you. Not only will these help you to be better optimized, but it will also help you to get more traffic with a low pogo-stick rate.

1. WP-Optimize

Did you know that every WordPress website has a database? Of course you do. If you didn't, you're probably dumb like me. Think of the database like a DNS system. The database stores and sends out data when requested. It's like that annoying tour guide that doesn't do a great job. It's WP-Optimize's job to whip that database in shape so that it does a better and faster job in getting you the data that you need. Simply, it increases your page load time so visitors won't pogo-stick.

2. Autoptimize

Who doesn't love a play-on-words? If WP-Optimize's job is to guide, it does both ways. Which means it guides both visitors and workers. So here's the thing, if the workers are heavy and unrefined, the speed of the tour wagon decreases. That's a bad thing. So what my boy, Autoptimize does is give a workout regimen to all the HTML, CSS, and JScripts so that they'd have leaner meat, instead of porky fat. No offense to my kind. In technical terms, it compresses and inlines the codes so page speed would increase. This plugin is known to cause some error among themes, so hit me up in the comments for a fix.

3. WP Smush or EWWW

Let's talk about your blog's image for a second. Every image that you use probably has an Indian makeup artist or worse, an Indian mom. So, what the artist does is create a very thick layer of makeup on your image's face (about 90 pounds), that it takes too long for your images to arrive at your blog's premier. So, that's where the exclusive artist, WP Smush comes in, what she does is smush that makeup and cleans it, so it's about at least 50% lighter. Simple terms, it compresses your images. EWWW does the same thing, but it doesn't have a limit and is less glamorous.

4. SEO by Yoast

So, we've come to the business side of WordPress. Just business, these are some very essential WordPress plugins. Just like every company needs a CEO, every blog needs an SEO. SEO is the brains behind every operation. He/She makes sure that the company is well advertised and makes sure that we don't break Google's rules. If we do, then we'll be treated poorly. Addition, SEO recommend by Yoast also does proofreading jobs, so you'll have extra in the budget. Of course, he/she is free to hire, though. In technical terms, Yoast now measures readability in more than four ways. If you don't know what SEO or Pogo-Sticking means, don't worry. I got your back. Just go the appendix (below) for a custom definition from me.

5. WP Super Cache

Do remember all the unfortunate sales reps that have to stay outside the office building. Well, WP Super Cache is the boss of those unfortunate souls. WP Super Cache makes sure that the static files stay within the browser so that the blog won't have to pay for another trip to the visitor. In technical terms, by using this plugin, your blog will store cache in the visitor's browser, so a second visit won't require additional data transfer. Back to business mode, WP Super Cache literally empties the cache's soul. There's even a button for it.

6. Google Analytics by MonsterInsight

Have you ever hired a private investigator? Cause you'll need a whole firm to watch over your blog. Luckily, GA (Google Analytics) is a firm that offers free services. However, you'll need to set up a customized office for them. That's where MonsterInsights come in. What MI does is block all pathways between employees and visitors so your firm won't accidently track you. Also, they create the wall peeping holes, so you don't have to do it manually. In technical terms, they cut back the manual work you'll need to do in setting up Google Analytics.

7. Quick AdSense

Finally, the last plugin. It's like searching for the holy grail. Also, Quick AdSense is not what you think it is. There's no way that AdSense would approve your application quickly, and with a plugin at that. Quick AdSense is the disseminator in the office, he disseminates any code employee (code) to any place you want. Whether it's in the beginning, end, or the middle of the text office, or if you want your codes in a widget bus, that also possible. So, Quick AdSense is friendly to everyone, not just Google only.


  • Pogo-Sticking: Just like the name, pogo-sticking is when a person bounces onto your website and leaves without giving a second. Pogo-Sticking is bad for SEO and will decrease your Google Ranking. It can be tracked using Google Analytics.
  • SEO: SEO or also known as Search Engine Optimization is when optimizing your text and other files according to Google or other engine's algorithms. SEO involves placing keywords a number of times so it will rank for the said keyword and various other actions.
  • Google Analytics: G/A keeps a record of every visitor who visits your site and records their actions. For an example, how they came to your website? How long they spend time on a page? Where they leave to from your site.


These are all the essential WordPress plugins you'll need for a WP Blog. Remember, if need any help, I'm sometimes available in the comment section. Subscribe, if you want similar posts and share it to your fellow WordPress friends. Finally, it's time for Jaiselina to end speech.

Do you think that plugins are essential to WordPress?

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