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principles of success

Updated on March 12, 2011



When you dream alone, it is only a dream but when you dream along with others it is the beginning of realities. Then you can make others dream along with you.

Go back to those unanswered questions for they are the gateway to the answer the world is searching for.

A man is not born but rather made; we give birth to boys and girls. It is not a function of the age, some remain boys and girls even till death. It is a function of the rationality which your interrelationship with your environmental situations as made in you. It is my own philosophy and I stand to be corrected.

Hey! We pretend a lot not to know that man is a political animal, we always have our different political stands in our day to day activities, yet we pretend not to care about it, to say the less, there is even politics in your various houses especially over who gets the biggest meat in the pot.

You talk too much about traveling abroad, the favourable situations overthere makes them to thrive almoat by compulsion but the hard and tense situation here brings the best out of you, but the unfortunate fact is it is a matter of choice.

Your potentials make you who you are.

Do something now to avoid doing that same thing in pain later.

if you don't pray then you are playing. only two options exist here(a)pray now, play later (b) play now, pray later also (a)pay now, play later (b) play now, pay later.

age is not important, the most importsnt thin is what you have been able to achieve within those years of yours.

I am what i am today because i know who i am and i will be what i ought to be i i am not disturbed when others tell me what i am not.


Never leap before you look because you might loose your leg

Never look to what you are not invited, you might loose your neck

Never look much as to forget yourself, your head might be stolen

Never live a life without God, you might perish

Never reject the gift of life from the Son of God (Jesus), you are in danger of hell

Never part with your dream, you won’t be relevant

Never walk with your shoulder high with everyone; you’ll loose so many things

Never touch what does not belong to you; you might loose your hand

Never make friend with a hypocrite, he might be digging your grave

Never aspire to stay in the house built with human hand; your head might be smirched

Don’t ever, never ever look at the world and ask why. As for me I dream of a world that never were and ask why not.

Well ……… the pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change but the leader adjust the sail


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