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Ethereal Airplanes

Updated on December 10, 2011

there's a place i go to every night 'till day,

I let the dreams take me,

and i fly away,

....High in the clouds,

I never go through turbulence,

still with my eyes on the ground...

I can use a Genie or a tinkerbell,

To make a wish,

And save me from this hell,

So i can stay in my never-ever land...

And fly and plan to never ever land,

to be lost in the night sky like a shooting star,

The doors have opened to the air planes...

I have the chance..

I wont freeze, i see my airplane..

And i fly away....

from night 'till day...

'till i awake..

One day, i plan on this runway,

to take my flight,

And reserve my seat for this one way...

and never land.


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