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Best Chinese Novels Ever

Updated on April 7, 2013

Sunzi and Three Kingdoms

Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu
Three Kingdoms
Three Kingdoms

Historical Chinese Novels - Practical at the present

There are many Chinese novels adjusted its war strategies in the book into the business competition in real. I am going to introduce one of the most well-known book or novel namely Sun Tzu as the first greatest Chinese novel about the war. Sun Tzu is an ancient Chinese military who is the master of the war strategies and tactics us.

Have you ever heard "know your enemies as much as you can, you will have a victory over your enemy in every war. (know your enemies, you will overcome 100 wars)." So the first Chinese Novel will be the The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu is the foundation and a master of the warfare who was recognized by his masterpiece Sunzi, a strategies and tactics use in the war composed of 13 chapters as per below:-

There are the strategies that used in the war in the prehistoric period.

Chapter 1 : Assessment Situation or Initial Assessment - The first chapter already showed the writer's wisdom in overall assessment of the situation or country such as Justice, Whether, Geographic, Economy, The leader (Smarter is better), and the law and regulation of the military.

Chapter 2 : The Challenge or Waging War - The core of this chapter is overcome the enemy as fast as you can because in the war need to use a plenty of resources e.g. money, food, human and so on.

Chapter 3 : The Planning Attack or Attack by Strategem - Make the enemy surrender without destroying them is the best of the best attack plan.

Chapter 4 : Positioning or Military Disposition - Victory or Banquant is the way the enemy position their military.

Chapter 5 : Military Power - The leaders have to strictly control and organize the line of command their military and use the different strategies or tactics in the different situation.

Chapter 6 : Weakness and Strengths - Don't be rushing to the opening in the environments cause the relate weakness. The messy and unwell organizing the troop causing the relate.

Chapter 7 : Military Combat or Military Maneuvers - Attack the weakness, take the opportunities, turn the disadvantage to the opportunity when confronting the opponents.

Chapter 8 : Variations and Adaptability or The 9 Tactics/Variations - Adapting the tactics according to the situation or flexibility in the army's responses.

Chapter 9 : Marching or Moving of the Military and Developing - Explain the difficulties, obstacles or barriers when moving to the enemy's territory.

Chapter 10 : Terrains / Situational Terrains - Understanding the areas of resistance such as distance, barriers, and dangers.

Chapter 11 : The Nine Battlegrounds - Describes the nine common stages in a campaign, the key is location selection i.e. the losing grounds, area that scatting deadly.

Chapter 12 : Attacking with Fire / The Fiery Attack - Explains the usage of weapons or specific weapons to attack the targets in the appropriate areas in the army such as burning the supply center, burning the military, and opponents' weapons stock.

Chapter 13 : Using the Spies / Employing the Spies / The Use of Intelligence.

The Chinese believe that if you want to succeed in the business, you have to comprehend the Three Kingdoms before running the business. In fact, this novel is written based on true story in the history of China. The Three Kingdoms period is in the A.D. 220 - 280.

The story is about the civil war among 3 empires namely Kingdom of Wu, Kingdom of Wei and Kingdom of Shu. In each kingdom conquer by the King who has a different character (in fact, the Three Kingdom is written for a Chinese Opera).

At the end of this novel nobody has the absolute power over the other empires. The most weaken kingdom, Wei, was defeated by the most powerful one, Wu, then the kingdom of Shu. This historical novel is very interesting and it gives you the wise conclusion of life. We fight, then we all have to die and that's it.

The key elements of the Tree Kingdom that applied in the business strategies, just in my opinion, from this historical novel are....

The Three kingdoms reflected indirectly of the human traits and if you are the leader of the organization you have to know how to put the right man on the right job in order to push your business forward. If you want to know further, read it by yourself.

Xiolengnu & Yang Gua
Xiolengnu & Yang Gua | Source


The Author - Jin Rong

  • The Legend of the Condor Heroes (Jade Dragons I (Jade Dragons Sword))

This classical novel is made for both a TV series and a movie many times. Jade Dragons or The Legend of the Condo Heroes is a story about the Chinese Kung Fu masters mixed well with the love story. The most impressive character of this novel is the very smart heroine namely Huang Rong who gradually falling in love with a good and honest hero, Guo Jing.

And, of course, the main plot of this novel is the Kung Fu fighting between the dark side and the good side. The hero who is very lucky guy who learns the Kung Fu from many masters and gets support by a heroine during the war between China empires and the Mongolia tripe.

Well, I bet you can guess the ending of this novel, the hero and the heroine live happily ever after with the honor and respectful from the other masters/greats such as Zhou Bathong or "Old Imp" etc. After they become a very successful couple. But life is not beautiful and smooth ever after, that's why an author release the second edition or episode II of the second generation of Guo Jing and Huang Rong. Let's find out is their children achieve in life as their parent or not.

This is the 2nd generation of Guo Jing and Huang Rong. After they get rid of the bad guy namely Yang Klang who is both friend and enemy. They adopt Yang Klang's son and raise him together with their children. But it seem like Guo Jing's children are not intelligence as their mother does or remarkable in martial art like a father do but Yang Gua do.

Yang Gua's intelligence is shining bright but he's arrogant as well as smart, so it makes Huang Rong worry about that. She doesn't teach any Kung Fu or other martial art to him just because of her fear that one day Yang Gua will becomes a bad people like his father. It's a significant conflict between Yang Gua and his step mother - Huang Rong.

One day Yang Gua discover a secret thumb and meet with Xiolengnu who becomes his teacher and becomes a lover later. Xiolengnu practice a powerful martial art that make her look purely beautiful. While they're practicing a secret couple sword together, they are gradually falling in love and becomes couple. But as a tradition and social law, they cannot marry because Xiolengnu is his teacher but Yang Gua insists to do that.

Besides the love story between teacher and children, in episode II there are many secrets in episode I reveal in this appendance. There is only the youngest daughter of Guo Jing can succeed and accept by the other Greats. She is a key person who uncover some secrets that are consequently from the episode I.

The of the story will be happy or tragedy ending. Just find one to watch or read by yourself.

  • Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (Jade Dragon III) The trilogy of the Legend of Condor Heroes

The brief story of this novel is about Zhang Wu Ji's or Thio Bu Kie who is genius, handsome and great man. But why this great man cannot be a leader of the greats, Thio Bu Kie is best represent of a genius who lack of leadership skill. OK, let's go to the brief detail of the novel's plot.

The day that Thio Bu Kie was born his parent, his father is the fifth greats of Bhu Thong namely Thio Zhu Chang and a mother is Haung Zu Zu a daughter of White - Brow Eagle a master of an orthodox side, was killed by an unorthodox master. Thio Bu Kie suffers from the freezing poison so his godfather send him to the best doctor to cure the toxin in his body. During the curing period he has an opportunity to study the Medicine and Chinese Medicine with the greatest doctor. Consequently, he can cure the freezing poison by himself. It shows that how smart Thio Bu Kie is.

Once, his master teach the martial art to him, at first time a master asks him that how much you can remember what I've taught you. Thio Bu Kie replied "Just only half of what you've taught, sir".

A master : Very good. So I will show you again. Pay attention on it. (He does the same martial art). Then he asks again "How much you can comprehend this time?".

Thio Bu Ki : None of them sir.

A master : Laughing!!! That's very good, Thio Bu Kie.

A master know that a success person is a person who know how to adapt his knowledge to the different situations not a person who is can remember everything or follow each step taught by the masters. This is a core that a master want to teach his student.

At that moment the martial - art masters are killing each other for possessing the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre. Who can possess those sword and saber will get the secret of the ancient martial art (Nine Yang) and inner energy manual, then no one can defeat the possessor.

Besides his intelligence, Thio Bu Kie is handsome as well. Thus there are many girls fall in love him namely Tia Mia (Xio Min) - a daughter of Mongolia Emperor, Siaw Chiaw or Zhu Zhu - a junior student and his maid, Chiew Chau Yi - a priestess of Ngor Bi (Priestess institute), Huang Li - an unfortunate lady who is not pretty and a daughter of a mistress of Huang family. At the end he live peacefully with Xio Min who he loves best and Chiew Chau Yi.

Oveall, Thio Bu Kie is genius in medicine and martial art but as he's shortage of leadership skill and too kind, so he decides to leave the fighter's world with his two lovers at the end.

In the best trilogy novels of Jin Rong which character of the hero or heroine you admire best. For me I prefer Haung Rong because she's truly smart and sincere to her love one and Yang Gua who delicate his life to his teacher Xio Leng Nu.

Gu Long

Gu Long is one of the best author who produce many great Chinese kung fu novels such as flying dagger, Legend of Siblings and many more. Most of the main characters in Gu Long's novels are not great man but they are more like ordinary human being and some are whiskey - lover heroes. One of my most admirable story is the Legend of Siblings or Legend of Perfect Twins.

The Legend of Siblings or Perfect Twins is a chronicle of a twin brother, Siaw Hau Yi and Hau Bu Guo, who are separated when they born. The twin are raised differently in their childhood. Siaw Hau Yi raise by the ten madman of Nomerci Mountain and his brother raised by a lady of Flower Palace. The plot of their childhood is quite weird and conflict itself because the twin have inverse characters which conflict with the people who raise them.

Although Siaw Hau Yi raised by the ten madman but he's very clever, cunning, stratagem, on the other hand, he's kind, charming and unselfish person. Whereas his brother, Hau Bu Guo, who raised by a lady of Flower Palace is cold, heartless and there is only hatred in his heart. In fact a lady of Flower Palace has an intention to revenge his father because he never loves her.

The plot of this story is very enjoyable and push you forward whether the twin will know the truth that they are twin brothers and Hau Bu Guo accomplishes in killing his brother as his godmother's will or not. I recommend you to purchase a C.D. or a novel, then you will love my Siaw Hau Yi (nickname little fish).


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    • profile image

      Adeel Ahmed 

      6 years ago

      awesome ...

    • asmaiftikhar profile image


      7 years ago from Pakistan

      ok dear i m waiting for your next piece of literature.Good luck

    • kesinee profile imageAUTHOR

      Sranunta Lamduan 

      7 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Thank you for your comments. Actually I just have the idea to write about the Chinese Novels because there are a lot more wise novels and many were translated into many language such as The Art of War or Sun Tzu. And many interesting Chinese novels written by Kim Yong that I will let have the brief information about it very soon. : D

    • asmaiftikhar profile image


      7 years ago from Pakistan

      What a information.Really i was not having a lot of information about Chinese literature.keep it up that is really beautiful.


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