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Euthanasia.the ultimate act

Updated on January 9, 2015


I'm not convinced there's a reason for this law
Too many hazards,loop holes and a flaw.
People will inevitably suit their own end
Break the law, a charge they would defend.
Is it worth the risk,I understand the stress
If you do the deed,end up with a mess
One you can't alter,or turn back time
Regardless what you do,it will be seen as a crime.
You lose a loved one,inevitable regrets
Your in jail,rest of your family frets.
In some other countries, there legal to perform
As long as checks are done,you won't face the scorn.
I don't know if I could do it,put in a position
I hope I never do,don't have to make that decision
I do have respect for people who go all the way
I know I couldn't do it,if there ever was that day.
I could not take a life,ill or not
That type of stress could never be forgot.
If every angle was covered,every avenue explored
Need to be 100%,that time can't be restored.
I think I could accept it to a certain extent
As long as they don't suffer,compassion is meant.
Even then I know I couldn't be sure
At their wits end,there isn't a cure.
You would need doctors present,no cowboys allowed
Or the deed itself,would always be under a cloud.
It's the biggest decision you would ever have to make
Your morals,religion,values you would have to break.
No going back,it's the forever act,stress you out,nerves would crack.
For people who do it,the ultimate act
Lives changed forever,the definite fact.

Doing it for love?

No matter the view.

no matter your views on the subject,one good thing is.most of us live in a free world and an accepting society.its good that these issues are openly debated,and you don't get persecuted for your views.everyone is different,it would be a boring wirld if we all thought the same way.spare a thought for people in countries who don't have freedom of expression,people who dare not talk on threat of being killed.this harshness displayed is an all too ever present in the world we live in.society moves on,this is an inevitability.just some cultures are lagging at the rear.sooner or later we all need to let freedom of speech be a worldwide right,not a cause fought over in blood.

Much debated issue.

over the past ten years ive seen many documentaries swaying one way,then another.truth is,im very undecided if it's right to kill because of illness or other reasons.i think possibly the system could be open to abuse.thats what scares most practitioners,the possibility of having to agree and maybe decide the outcome of someone's life.a truly colossal decision to make.i could not possibly comprehend making that decision,then enacting the programme of ending a patients life.a monumentous decision that must take a Doctors endless hours awake with sleepless nights.i don't know if the decision would ever sit comfortably with me.i know deep down I could not go through with it,if asked by a family member or a doesnt even register in my head the possibility of ever ending a life.

Are we going forward?

are we moving forward,or falling back?

do we slide off the freedom track?

are we allowed a voice?

are we allowed to vote?

are we going to be killed?

if we adorn the freedom coat?

are we wrong to support?

a culture that's not right?

do we stand by their side?

do we join in the fight?

do we put our life at risk?

do get freedom for one man?

could i stand by his side?

im hopeful I can!

Back and forth!





inject a solution

suffer retribution

dont shoot up

making up a mind

are we sure?

Not killing in kind.





thats when you feel,

horror is near.


or start


or effect



must protect.

Thinking Deep.


if a Doctor shows compassion ,and ends a patients life,does he deserve to be prosecuted?

is he going to be shunned by his peers for showing he has a heart

Hippocratic Oath,is it abused for expressing your views?

does it comprehend,when a life will end?

A realistic solution?


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