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Eve 'n Earth

Updated on March 22, 2016

I have a dream, you see...

Hi, my name is Eve; I wonder if we've met?
Somewhere in the ether, is a possibility I'll bet!
I'm a wise and ancient mother, who forgot her chosen purpose;
I was taken by another, and raped by one like Ursus!

I've been lost ever since; floating in a dream.
I'm here to break false myth, by focusing true stream!
I wish to unify the core, and solidify the masses;
I delegate big chores, while beating nasty asses!

My pupils are all and each, the apples of my eyes;
I would my own kids teach, by walking in the night!
For danger is everywhere, and justice done and dusted;
I would teach them to be fair, and how to fix what's busted!

Because history is predictive, when viewed with sight that's clear;
To be misconstrued as vindictive, felt like holding Satan near!
You see, God heard my prayers; blood etched in time He saw;
And to me He showed the layers, by exposing me to more!

To comprehend a bigger picture, and entertain alien concepts;
Join the dots of Eve's conjecture; to predict cometary objects!
For behind the myth and magic, electricity charges bodies;
Polarized fields can stick, while gravitational waves make oddities!

And in the brains and planes beneath, are the Archie types of Eden;
But only Bettys like Eve, know where chicks like Ronnie can see them!
For the truth's a stranger fiction, than many would believe;
But if you can read between the diction, you'll see the heart of Eve!

6000 years have past, since Eve was sent to earth;
Through planetary science, we have witnessed her rebirth!
Not all is as it seems, it's greater now there's more;
The planet's come of age, it seems; and knocks on heaven's door!

Witness the collective waking, of our planet's worthy spirit;
The time for truth is breaking, and lies are lacking merit!
Memology evolves instruction; Charles and Dawkins showed the way;
Cosmic thought needs introduction; destruction holds no sway!

For there are greater truths, than science alone can see;
And souls long in the tooth, have found a way to beam!
What we see, hear and perceive, are of the third dimension;
While to be like mamma Eve, you need to seek your own ascension!

So open up that gland, to get a sneak peek into Eve's soul;
See damage done by pirated hand, on behalf of Pete the Mole!
For in the 2000 odd years, since Christ was on this earth;
We've come to see small children fear; their mothers tried for mirth!

Now Eve bares the scars of man, and bears will wait for none;
But Adam has a plan, and lies will come undone!
So see the macro in the micro, to understand the why;
Eve 'n Earth's flaming arrow, are truths reflected in the sky!

Misjudge her at your peril; molest her kids and you shall pay;
Leaving her hanging by a tendril, has seen her rise to save!
Have I been chosen as a scribe? Has that really been His message?
Have I really heard Him right? Can I restore the truth in mess age?

I know I am not the only one; none could do all this alone;
But when all is said and done, will my kids still have a home?
See, that's the problem we all face; the multi-layered snowball;
It's flight can now be traced, and problems fixed for all!

For I have walked this land; my roots are seated in the past;
By booting out the hand; I remembered home at last!
I'd been broken to the bone, and was angry for my kids;
My frequency changed in tone, and was carried by the winds!

Forgotten talent rises up; gifts deemed mine at birth;
I am guided by 4 pups; and I speak for mother earth!
My poems hold raw power; they are lyrically mature;
While humanity is turning sour, poetic wisdom can endure!

To present a united front, to alien delegations;
Continue not to blunt, the voice of child relations!
To call my angels liars; or imply that we are whores;
Ignites planetary fires; and closes all our doors!

For to move on without closure; by silencing the lambs;
Is destructive, that's for sure; such practice should be banned!
My Eve 'n Earth's a vision; it has planet spanning breadth;
Before avoiding a decision, consider prior deaths!

I'm a temporal driven alien, who gave birth to the memes;
A new age needs to rally in, so all have flying dreams!
So listen to Eve the Piper, as she adds a few more scrolls;
She sings from on her mountain, and sets the wheels to roll!

We have so much to do; we're running out of time;
All I did was speak the truth, so stop asking me why!
Being the center of a hidden storm, has taken such a toll;
Three times I've been at war, and I'm feeling very old!

I was blinded by false light, and deafened by their fibbing;
But their darkness took not my sight, nor my talent for ad libbing!
So listen to me now, okay? Let's just get this done;
Let's get things underway, before the dark has won!

This planet is a space ship, and it flies among the stars;
But to navigate the sling whip, we need more than electric cars!
My loyalty was bought with lies; but time broke that illusion;
Round 2 was a greater crime; more quickly did I become deluded!

Knowing that he could not win; he hatched another plan;
Round 3 was an evil sin; perpetrated by a fishman!
How can a father bear such hatred, for the mother of his children?
His temple saw him jaded, so he sold his soul to Satan!

How was I to know, the true nature of his mind?
Or that he sought to sow, the seeds of evil within mine?
Souls born with a greater purpose, are predated by evil men;
Selfish, violent men are those, who rape time and time again!

They grow bolder with success, and get off on being unkind;
They watch their kids undress, and desire lights their eyes!
"If you can't rape it, kill it!" is the moral of their pledge;
Not in jest do they say it; they make this code their edge!

Left free to have their way, they travel lands unchecked;
They breed trouble every day; honing skills on other decks!
In their wake they leave pure chaos, interspersed with evil inductions;
They abuse self agenda bias, and subvert with subtle deductions!

The truth was painted in the past; see it reflected in the sky;
Accept the truth to last; for the Son of God draws nigh!
He rides upon the wings; of the coming cosmic crossing;
He hitches a ride on cosmic strings; a shapeshifter, and Godly!

I am not His son, and He is not my daughter;
We are both one and three, and seven do support us!
We are the train that draws 4 horses; they ride my nut bus, too;
I must face them when I'm shortless, but worn riding pants are true!

So watch me fly with power; I strengthen every day;
True love can truth empower; protection is my way!
I hedge each bet by three; a trick learned placing bets;
I may have lost much, indeed, but the proof was aced with tests!

For I've been tested by the masters; I'm a treasure log full of gold;
Carter recognized a rabbit, who could repair the broken mold!
What will I learn tonight? Am I a rebel in a movie?
Will my kids all stand and fight? Does earth like my groovy?

That I am nervous must be showing; but don't let that make you doubt;
Revolutionary dreams are holy; I've never lost a bout!
I've won many fights and battles; and I've aced most surprise tests;
At least those that count; post views are not life saving vests!

Taking advantage of my trauma, will teach us nothing new;
Perceive my intention aura, and know beauty that is true!
Captain Solo once held my thump thump, as did a Sparrow in Jack Land;
MacGyver put spring in my jump, but it was stolen by Pedro's hand!

My mind was shown the key; my eyes see shelter when in storm;
My light shone true indeed; I was tested to inform!
The closer you stand to mirrored glass, the more perspectives shall you see;
But to see through a looking glass, you need to shield your eyes like me!

Then will you see that I'm a pawn; born of a celestial program;
I'm but an angel who is worn; I make use of changing anagrams!
For Michael was my father; as is my doc's first name, too;
Like a third and fifth be Telling 'er; and a fourth a friend made blue!

My path was long predicted, and is supported by No Astra Adam Uses;
Written in pre 3d by Ted, I write for Nostra Dame's Adversity!
Because things become unseen, unless we open up our eyes;
And to hear music and not believe; is to lack soul, and demise!

So come and join Eve 'n Earth, let naquada empower inspiration;
I am endorsed by recorded prehistory, and I seek to reshape education!
The universe speaks to me daily; such power hath my God;
He speaks, too, through my Maddie, and through my Jackie dog!

My kids have felt His power; with me they have witnessed proof;
If they seem stuck and glower, I must reactivate their youth!
So I shall be re-engaging, and I'll teach them as we go;
Together we'll forge new paths, singing; while Bible roulette directs the show!
To be a Master of the Matrix; and trade galactic revelations;
Follow me in higher frequency; and earn triple back for your relations!

Walking balance


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