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Even More of My Poetry

Updated on October 18, 2013





sleep eludes me like a fleeting doe
the troubles it causes worry me so
it feels as though my mind is slowly leaving
crawling out of my head while I’m sleeping

paint the walls red with the blood of the sleeping
wide awake and dead at the same time
is this a nightmare or a living hell of mine
I’ll never know because I can’t stop weeping

sadness sets in because of the thought
I’ll lose my mind and it’ll never get caught
how will I know if it ever gets worse
that depends on what I forget to do first

silence is my enemy and we’re at war every night
it deafens my ears by being so intense
closing these eyes doesn’t seem to make much sense
sometimes I feel like just giving up the fight.

perfection is a state of being
and believing is what you are seeing
no longer wanting to go on sitting idly by
maybe I’ll sleep if I’m missing my eyes




glances across the room
that used to be longing stares
simple answers to questions
that used to be sincerity defined
everything has changed so much
complacency is no one’s friend
picture frames that lay empty
a couch, a bed, a new friend
the new sleeping arrangements
aren’t working out quite that well
empty shells of what used to be
ghosts in a fog without emotion
just going through the day
like a second job without any pay
the questions far outweigh the answers
too many to ask even if we spoke
words out loud that mean nothing
these white walls that once told stories
now just hold the roof in place
another simplified version of what was
everything that could have been
promises that were made
to be broken apart like glass
shatter the reality of a present
that bears repeating the past
years gone by with moments lost
to only ourselves and the smiles
that were faked along the way
one chance is all that you get
every decision is long lasting
into the future that it creates
a ripple effect in time
time that can never be erased
repeated or remembered
one day everything will be forgotten
and at that time is when it’s real
and the feelings are all gone
but you would kill to have them back
for just one more night or day




take the truth about everything
and take it apart word by word
tear it down until there's nothing left
rip the lies from under your skin
cut the stem of your brain
sever all ties with the past you once knew
take a good look at the brand new you
torn apart and stripped down to bone
your wounds bare your soul now
to let out all your demons
the cavity where your heart once was
is now just a home for insects and bugs
hold on tightly to your last final breaths
as you pull out your eyes
so you can pretend this is a dream
but pretend as you will
there's no waking up anymore

A little about my writings

My writings are raw, I know that. I don't like to follow form or adhere to rhyming. In my mind, when you're trying to get your point across you don't worry about it rhyming you worry about using the most effective language you can. That's what I try and do. I may post some of my longer creative writing ventures on here, but I'm not sure. I don't want to publish them as e-books because I'm not too fond of my writing style, but hopefully I can at least either get some feedback from here or maybe reach someone.

link to my book

Words From My Insides
Words From My Insides

Please note, this is NOT the book that these poems came from. Since the print copy isn't live on Amazon's site I can't link to it yet. The book these are from is called Mental Destruction: A Collection of Poems.You can find it by just clicking on my name in the details, and it should pop up. Sorry for the confusion there.



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