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Updated on August 8, 2009
Don't give up
Don't give up

When you make your start out in the world
And your hopes and dreams become unfurled
To be the sails that catch the breeze that drives on
Taking you ever closer to the horizon
That's when you see everything so clear
That's when it's easy to keep your passion near

But somewhere along the distance of time
Trials and hardships wear down your passion's shrine
Darkness soon makes you start to forget
And your goals give way to crushing regret
Making you wish that you could turn back
Because where you are now feels like a trap

Your work soon becomes utter drudgery
Fire gone, it's now complete misery
Disillusionment makes your sight go gray
Making you forget your reason for this journey
And every day becomes dull routine
Inspired no more, your passion is dying

When the changing seasons make no sense
And you find yourself imprisoned by circumstance
That's when your dreams seem furthest away
And it feels like nothing good comes your way
Every day can feel like years gone by
And the empty soul of stone no longer cries

But now a bright light is shining through
And hope, now stirring, starts to warm you
For now the end is in your sight
And the joy causes cold passion to ignite
No, your exhaustive struggles are not yet done
But now you can envision the long battle won

Every day you feel more that second wind
Carrying your feet closer to the end
Of this chapter of heartaches, hardhips, and trials
Waking your soul up, and she smiles
Causing you to feel hope again
And the muse filling you with inspiration

Once again your dreams are before you
Like Siren's song, they call and implore you
Keep pushing on, it's not that much longer
Your journey has only made you stronger
Even more will you relish your victory
As you crown and claim the peak of your Everest


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