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Evernote Essentials Review – The Best Evernote Guide Book:

Updated on June 18, 2013

Evernote is arguably the most popular and widely-used note-taking application right now. Taking notes is a process that has been involved in our lives for a very long time. Whether it is about buying some grocery items or compiling a shopping list; taking notes in a classroom or outlining the daily to-do lists, most people will prefer to have an ever-ready notebook to assist them. A physical notebook has always been the best bet for such people. However, it is no hidden fact that a notebook has its own limitations – portability, searchability and accessibility being the biggest of them.

In this age of digitalization, Evernote has turned out to be a saviour in this regard. With the luxury of taking notes anywhere you want – by typing, recording an audio or video, or pinning an image – along with the facility to sync your notes with any mobile device, it is no doubt that Evernote has become the primary choice for every user. I am a die-hard fan of Evernote, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to check this wonderful application, read my full EVERNOTE REVIEW to find out if it can help you, too.

I found Evernote complicating, too.

It is important to note that it was my second time that I really understood the true potential of Evernote and fell in love with it. What happened the very first time? I got too confused and gave up!

The Only Problem for Evernote Users!

The only problem with Evernote was that I found it a bit too complicated in the beginning. Although it has a great interface, yet still some people find it hard to get started. Another important thing to note here is that many Evernote users, who have been using this application for quite a long time, do not even know the true potential of this wonderful tool. According to your precise requirements, you can use Evernote to perfectly suit your needs.

Evernote Essentials – The Best Evernote Guide Book:

Along with many other resources, I found the Evernote Essentials, written by Brett Kelly, extremely useful. This book not explains the key concepts of using Evernote, but it also dives deep into the more advanced tactics that you can use to simplify your life by Evernote. In this post, I am reviewing this book, Evernote Essentials, to let you people know about what it has to offer you.

Great for Beginners!

When I first read Evernote Essentials, I was most impressed because of the fact that it clearly defines the basics of Evernote. For any beginner, who is using Evernote for the first time, it is very common to get confused with the technical terms and anatomy of this tool. Evernote Essentials does a wonderful job in clearly identifying such basic, yet extremely important, concepts first.

In the preface, before starting the chapters, Brett Kelly successfully defines all the key definitions and terminologies of Evernote, so that you do not get confused when encountered with a slightly technical term.

Moreover, the first chapter deals with the Anatomy of Evernote. This completes the entire basic syllabus for you to get started confidently.


The Installation & Configuration chapter has two different sections: Configuring Evernote for Windows & Configuring Evernote for OS X

Installation & Configuration:

Although Evernote is a web-based application, it also allows you to download its software on your computer. The 2nd chapter of Evernote Essentials deals with the entire process of installing and configuring your newly installed tool. Moreover, during the installation setup, this book guides you to configure Evernote in a way that it can be best put to use.

This must have given you a good indication of how the book is crafted, discussing the core and basic concepts for the ease and convenience of beginners. In the next chapters, the book gradually starts to pick up the pace and dives into more advanced and technical aspects of Evernote.

How’s Evernote Essentials for Advance Users?

Evernote Essentials manages to offer a reasonable amount of value to the advance users, too. However, when compared with its value on offer to beginners and newbies, it is comparatively lower for more advance and experienced Evernote users. Evernote Essentials, though, still manages to convey a lot of hidden features and unleash Evernote’s true potential to you, but for advance users – who already know a lot about Evernote – the $29 price is a bit too much to ask.

Final Conclusion about Evernote Essentials:

Evernote Essentials is a brilliant book for beginners and newbies, who are just starting out with Evernote. It significantly diminishes the learning curve, and the time that you spend searching on the internet for understanding the basics of Evernote. In my opinion, if you are serious about using Evernote, you should buy this book.

For more experienced users, the value on offer is a bit slim against $29; yet Evernote Essentials has some good ideas about the tool for experienced users. Moreover, there are some chapters in the book that are specifically designed for bloggers, programmers, cooks, etc. If you are related to any of those professionals, this book can provide significant value to your work.

If you are interested in purchasing Evernote Essentials, you can buy the book from nerdgap. Below is the link:

Buy Evernote Essentials Here:

Too Expensive?

If you find Evernote Essentials a bit too expensive, you can always try some other, cheaper alternatives. Following are some other books about Evernote. They may or may not provide similar values as Evernote Essentials, yet still these books are very useful and valuable nevertheless.

  • Evernote – The Unofficial Guide to Capturing Everything and Getting Things Done – (Daniel E. Gold)

At a seriously low price of $5, “Evernote – The Unofficial Guide” is a good enough to read for everyone. It defines many concepts about Evernote, and is especially very valuable for beginners. In case Evernote Essentials is out of your budget, Evernote – The Unofficial Guide by Daniel E. Gold should be your 2nd best alternative.

  • Evernote for Dummies – (David E.Y. Sarna and Vanessa Richie)

At a moderate amazon price of just over $10, Evernote for Dummies is a good option to have at your disposal. Specifically designed for newbies and beginners, Evernote for Dummies is definitely worth a shot!

Other Articles on Evernote:

If you are interested in learning more about Evernote, try reading the following articles related to Evernote:

Still unsure about using Evernote? It is, without any doubt, the best note-taking application right now. Read my full Evernote review to know why Evernote leads the way, and explore all the different features it has to offer you.

For beginners, it may become a problem to get started with Evernote. Here are some really effective Evernote tips for you to get started and start using Evernote like a pro!


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