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Every lie has an expiry date

Updated on July 13, 2014

His girl friend lives in with him and he needed to leave for Brazil to watch the world cup, he wanted her to go with her but her employer could not release her, they needed her more than him. He left his 4x4 so she could easily go to and fro work. While away in Brazil, he calls her almost every passing hour and the last person he speaks with before he sleep every night, after his favourite country crashed out from the world cup, he decided that his world cup was over so he flew back to be with the one he had missed most, she came and picked him at the airport and on their way back, he sees a packet of condom resting between the driver's seat and the gear level. He picked the pack and demanded an explanation, she denies any knowledge of it but he kinda throws the packet of condom out from the car. The next morning, he decided to wash the car then discovers a used condom under the driver's seat.

What happens next?

The story is now going on in your head and Raheem has a question for you

Raheem walked into the bedroom furious and demanded an explanation but what he got was contrary against his religious belief, contrary against any moral you could think of, so with anger that someone he called friend betrayed him, someone he loved cheated on him, someone he devoted his time for and proposed to marry lied to him, he bounced on her.There was just the two of them, no one to rescue her from the warmth of a jealous fiancé but like the saying goes, there is always a miracle. Shaiza came visiting and saw the damage so she dialled 911.

Raheem now faces one count of attempted murder while Aisha remains critical in the hospital. Every lies has an expiry date but the question today is this...

Is Raheem’s action justified?


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