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Is Florida A Good Summer Travel Destination?

Updated on October 30, 2018
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Chris has experienced many ups and downs in life and learned from an early age to see the humor in the world around him.


Florida is a Winter Destination

I have heard this said many times. "Florida is a great place to visit during the winter months" the people will say. Certainly the sunshine state may seem appealing when you are looking to escape the uninhabitable New England winters, but the true veterans of Florida travel know the summers are far more exciting.

Sure, the winters seem nice with temperatures above freezing and the complete lack of snow. In fact, the only reference to snow you will hear are the locals talking about all the snowbirds(people from the North) running around. You seldom have to worry about frostbite during an afternoon hiking trip and a cold spell means you better wear a jacket. Pretty mundane if you ask me.

Having lived in Florida for the last ten years, I would recommend that your next vacation be an exploration of the wonders of Florida in the summer. July and August offer many adventures guaranteed to impress the folks back home and since many people have yet to catch onto this little secret, the prices tend to be more reasonable.

How Much Humidity Can You Tolerate?

There are many adventures for thrill seekers the world over. Some choose to climb Mt. Everest, others embark upon an African safari. Only the bravest of the brave will take on the humidity of South Florida in July.

People often talk about the air, is it clean? Does it offer good visibility? Are there any strange odors in the breeze? Yes, there is much to talk about regarding air, this is especially true here in Florida.

The air here is like a heavy blanket thrown over your head. Walking in it often requires a cutting instrument to proceed. It adds a degree of difficulty to every task. I sometimes have trouble distinguishing between a person who just showered and a person who just went to the mailbox.

Is That a Bug?

No vacation is complete without seeing the native wildlife in its natural environment. In Florida there is no need to go looking for wildlife, it will find you. Depending on the hotel you are staying at, you might not need to look further than your own room. Yes, I am talking about the unofficial state insect, the cockroach.

During your outdoor excursions you are more likely to run into the mosquito, which are sometimes mistaken for small aircraft by the untrained observer. I have heard that the Red Cross struggles to find blood donors in Florida because the mosquitos have already overdrawn the account.

You will also want to view the Love Bugs while you are here. They are another of Florida's insect wonders. They are best viewed from within your automobile, as they often attach themselves to your windshield for easier viewing. Note: their form is often distorted when viewed through a windshield.

Will It Rain Today?

This is a question most people find themselves asking during the Summer months. If you happen to be in Florida, the answer is probably. That is Florida's little known secret, it rains most every day in the Summer. Usually, it will occur as an afternoon downpour that will leave you running for higher ground. Fortunately, once the rain subsides and the sun returns, all that moisture returns to the air in the form of even more humidity.

Do not let these afternoon showers put a damper on your plans. If you are engaging in outdoor activities, the aforementioned humidity has already soaked you. Consider the rain as a chance to rinse the sweat from your body and continue with your fun.


Do You Like Swamps?

Do you often find yourself searching for a nice swamp to visit on your next family vacation? If so, Florida just might be your little slice of paradise. Looking for something off the beaten path? Most of these swamps are under water and there are no paths (with the exception of the gator trails).

Bring your family down to Florida and enjoy the wildlife up close with a little camping. Who wants to look at boring animals in the zoo when you can spend your week trying to keep mother nature out of your camp site? Trust me, those gators may sit motionless in the zoo, but when you are in the water with them they can be quite active.

Care to Swim with Me?

It appears this swimming hole is occupied.
It appears this swimming hole is occupied. | Source

You Can Choose Between Sharks and Alligators at Your Swimming Spot

Its true! In Florida you get to choose whether you would prefer swimming with the sharks or the alligators. I prefer the sharks myself, but that is only a personal preference.

Alligators tend to be more sneaky. They will lay on the bottom and wait for a juicy looking thigh to pass by. Sharks, on the other hand, tend to announce their arrival. Dolphins and fish will scatter and sometimes you will hear screams from the shore. Note: the theme music to Jaws does not play when sharks are nearby.

Regardless of your personal choice, there is no denying the adventure in swimming without knowing if all your limbs will be attached when you emerge from the water.

Mother Nature's Surprise

When you visit Florida in Summer, you might even get a chance to participate in one of the state's most exciting activities, packing up all your belongings and heading to a motel in Georgia. Yes, when a hurricane has your area in its crosshairs there is not much choice.

You get to head to the nearest gas station, where the price has went up considerably overnite. Then you can inch your way North towards Georgia, where you will find over priced motel rooms.

Lucky for the tourists, they have the option of heading all the way back to Boston. Residents, on the other hand, get to wait out the storm in Georgia before heading South to see where our homes are now located.

Florida in the summer, this is my paradise.

© 2012 Christopher J Wood


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