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Evidence for the Existence of Fairies

Updated on March 1, 2012

Legendary tales about fairies or similar beings exist in all cultures, not only the Celtic. Thousands of eye-witness accounts of these tiny magical creatures have been recorded for hundreds of years. Artist paint them, authors write about them, and many claimed to have interacted with them, but they are still believed to be imaginary.

The fact is, no one has ever proven that fairies do not exist. And since, (as I have a fondness for saying), man cannot imagine what he hasn’t experienced, the case for the existence of fairies is much stronger than the case that they are mythical.

Recently, a man who was walking his dog on an old Roman road between the Derbyshire villages of Duffield and Belper, England reportedly found the mummified remains of what he believed was a fairy. The man gave the tiny creature to the police who then sent it in to a lab to be analyzed.

The scientists at the lab were shocked to discover that an X-ray of the creature indicated an anatomically similar skeletal structure to that of a human child, only much smaller (about 8” long). However, the bones are hollow, like those of a bird. There was also a navel, which would indicate that these beings are reproduced in the same way as humans, however, there was no indication of any reproductive organs found.

Another interesting fact of this story is that the area where this body was found has had a long reputation for being haunted. Not only have locals reported seeing strange “dancing” lights in the area, but there have also been reports of ghostly highwaymen being seen on the road.

The small mound where this tiny body was discovered held even more amazing artifacts … there were at least 20 more miniscule mummies found in the same area. It seems to have been an ancient fairy burial ground. The dry cave interior of the mound has so perfectly preserved the tiny creatures that many were found to have hair, eye brows and even fingernails, although they are thought to be over 400 years old.

When an attempt was made to rediscover the burial site by going back to the location where the bodies were originally found, the mound could not be located. Because of this, many believe that the original crypt has been moved, but it has not been determined by whom.

Although the finding offers evidence that fairies existed at one time, (assuming this entire story is not a colossal hoax), it does not prove that they are still living among us. I’m sure there are plenty of “fairy explorers” out there who are working on finding more evidence, especially after this story broke.


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