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Examining Religion, Fact And Fiction An Anthropological Truth.

Updated on June 10, 2017

Unless your Religious/spiritual belief infringes on the rights, or well-being of another person or any other living animal. It is your right as a Human being to practice, or not practice its essence. You should employ, tolerance, and reasoning. Understanding and showing interest in another person's views gives validation to that individual. What validation does is, include that individual into Society, it screams, you are normal. Trying to change someone's long-held view, diminishes that Person, making them feel abnormal, and excluded. It is not your right to decide for anyone which God or God(s) they serve. You are not filled with infinite wisdom to know definitively the needs and minds of every living being.

If we are to believe Christianity, we are all made in the image of God, so if that's the case why then do we continue to harm and destroy each other for the benefit of Religion? And if we are made in his image then really we should all work six Day's per Week, resting on only the sabbath. The question is who has any idea what the Sabbath means or when that is? Some would argue that the Mayan Calendar gives an accurate account of that time continuum. However we have seen the supposed end of the World date come and it has passed us by, life continues because it is the cycle. We are born, we evolve as first babies, then on to Childhood and some of us Adulthood. At some point we procreate, replenishing the Earth. All things replenishes, plants, Animals, and yes Humanbeings. The only thing that does not replenish itself is the fragile Ozone Layer.

Throughout History, War's have been fought in the name of Religion, we are continuing the path of exclusivity to rule with no thought, or reason behind our hatred of others Religious or Spiritual views. When we can loosen control, start to appreciate each other simply as Human beings, as champions of Humanity rather than using segregationist behavior, the "My God is bigger than your God", practice, we will never achieve a better Society any more than our predecessors have.

For those who spew Christianity without having a base in loving thy neighbor I impart the following, If you do not teach your Children to love unconditionally the world will teach them Christianity, based on self-interest. I'd rather be in a World that sees differences, than one in which differences are castrated. Most of us the Liberal Population can look within ourselves and state without a doubt that individuality does not detract from you the conservatives. On the contrary, it adds value and without you asking we also fight for your right to be uniquely you.

Do you know you are confused?

To some blacks, dating a Caucasian is tantamount to the greatest sin on Earth, you levy comments like "I could never disrespect my Nubian, Sister/Brother. You need to stick to your own kind". That in itself shows a lack of Christian principles as it is defined in the commonly quoted Bible.

Black power, power to the People, touted throughout the black Community, Yes it's great to be acknowledged, as a Culture, but often times we fail to realize what being black really means. No we aren't all Descendants from Kings and Queens, someone had to farm, hunt, cook, clean, we were builders, some were overseers of operations that required mobilizing slaves to work. Yes slaves, even as far back as History will allow, some of our ancestors may have been slaves to the King/Pharos.

You use all the appropriate slang terms, but do you even understand; that while you chant and express your so-called blackness you are denouncing your race, your genetic makeup, and the pride that led us for Generations, by now denying what is established as fact. Your Belief that the Idol, you pray to each Sunday, the replica of what Jesus looked like is to denounce, what is the truth, by believing that Jesus is a Caucasian Man.

You make fun of and disrespect another Human being because of the color of their skin or their sexuality. Then every Sunday, you put on your fancy, church apparel, and head to Church and bow down to or pray to a Caucasian statue. That statue, that for Centuries has held a place of prominence in your Churches, above or on the Altar, that hangs with pride in your homes, attesting to your unshakable resolve as a Christ loving follower; that you pray to, that is the replica of Michelangelo's Cousin and as touted throughout History his Lover, that's what's known as Irony. .

Michelangelo a painter during 14th to 17th Century, the "renaissance era" was commissioned by Pope Alexander VI. to replicate Jesus, as was found in Early Egyptian works in order to influence the Europeans into donating more money to the Churches and to influence Christianity specifically Catholicism. Michelangelo's work and influence as seen in the ceiling of Sistine Chapel. Helped to garner power not only for the Pope but the nobility.

It is not my intent to disregard one Religious practice over another, it is, however, my responsibility to give you the truth as it pertains to religion and religious practices. As documented through hieroglyphs, and Archaeological finds. Every Religion borrows from Egypt and it's beliefs. Included in the Religion most of the Society practices, are beliefs held by early Egyptians. The carvings and writings come not from nefarious, mystical beings but from Men and Women who ruled or were commissioned by these Gods to tell the story of their existence, the birth and death of loved ones, how they paid homage to the God's and Goddesses.

Whatever your belief system, make sure it isn't so restrictive that you forget your past. Or the crimes, and sins you may have committed against humanity. Love is more powerful than Religion, how do I know? Religion is a set of guidelines to follow how you follow those guidelines determine Love. So with that in mind, In looking at Religion do a self-evaluation. Ask yourself how well have I lived, have I tried my best to be a good parent or am I just mediocre, How well do I treat People who cannot do anything for me, you know those People who are different, not at all like you. Then if you are satisfied that you have done your level best not to cause harm, then congratulations that is love, and not Religion.

The Color of Lies, and Diminished Sexual Identity Through Exclusion:

In almost every aspect of History, God's has been portrayed as Caucasian Male. They the Creators of these beautiful works of Art were either compelled to because of Political gain, aspirations, given the task of intimating that the "White Man", is absolute Power to keep the rest of Society in fear and ignorance. The role of Women and Blacks swept away, and intimidation and fear created what we see Today in our Churches and Most Religious books.

Archaeological discoveries suggest that Egyptian hieroglyphs thus far may be the oldest form of writing. The earliest evidence of an Egyptian hieroglyphic system is believed to be from about 3300 or 3200 BC, and the Egyptians used hieroglyphs for the next 3,500 years. They were most prevalent during a 1,700-year period when the Egyptians spoke and wrote Old Egyptian (3000 BC-2200 BC) and Middle Egyptian (about 2200 BC-1300 BC). Only a small portion of the Egyptian population primarily royalty, priests, and civil officials, used hieroglyphs because they were difficult to learn and time-consuming to create. Ancient cultures in China, Mesopotamia, and the Americas used similar writing systems, but these systems were not related to Egyptian hieroglyphs.

It is my belief that the ability of early Egyptians to develop first a language and then a simple but useful form of Mathematics to construct architecturally unbelievable living quarters, their work's of Art, was the reason for the enslavement and theft in essence greed. Africa the term Cradle of Civilization, does not mean credence can be given to the Adam and Eve Theory, but more significantly the first glimpse into a Civilized society, or more definitively Progress.

The undisputable Fact That forms the Basis of Religion

What is Religion?

Religion is a set of guidelines based on Cultural beliefs, Societal beliefs regarding Worldviews, and our unconditional love and selfless regard for Humanity. In essence, it is showing our love by stating our feelings, or by our kind actions towards each other. Religion is not a secular objective nor is it as ostentatious as some would believe. It is our need for Love, a sense of belonging and respect that guides us and separates us from the Criminal element and the Neanderthal that once roamed Earth. Religion is neither gender biased nor Color biased, nor should it be exclusively the right of any individual to sabotage or uphold, one Religious Principle for another. It has been and continues to be the yardstick by which we judge right or wrong.

It is the yardstick by which we mimic the teachings of God, Allah, The Almighty, the creator, the Way.

Spirituality as defined: Is the state of being concerned with Religion.

Spirituality then is the act of charitable Living, it is our relationship with our creator. As it pertains to Christianity and other Religious beliefs, it is following the commandments as laid out in the Bible. For Buddhist, it is accepting that Human Lives matter, that plant's, and animals also have a sacred place, and should be cared for. Religion is learning how to be good humanitarians via the Bible or other Religious manuals, and spirituality is applying those lessons.

Respect of individual Religious and Spiritual beliefs is lost on Christianity the right of others to practice their Religious beliefs as long as it does no harm is one that Christianity fails in it's attempt to do.

The Bible indicates that Women should not wear garment attributed to Men and Men should not wear garment that belongs to a Woman. What is not being addressed is the fact that all garment that predates Christianity Men and women were similar and was made for comfort. Every culture wore garments that we Today would see as belonging to a Woman. Egypt, Middle East, South East Asia Japan, Ireland, Scotland and England, (Europe).

What defines mode of dress as solely Male or Female started in England. With the Church, defining what they viewed as clothes of the genteel Society of refinement.

The corsett a waist cincher, the original corset covered the female form from neck to thigh, as the European Society namely the Male thought a tiny waist and broad hips made a Woman more feminine.

Christianity, thought to embarrass and demean Women still Today that is the basic principle behind its flawed essence. The stifling of Women's voices, the stifling of individual differences. It placed Women in a category of homemakers taking away their individual rights to own Land, to own property giving those rights to her Husband. It basically turned Women into simpering shells depending on her Male counterpart for her basic survival.

The Disabled or Able Population
The Disabled and the Homosexual Population fared the worst, They were locked away in Sanitariums. Sometimes for no other reason than greed or embarrassment of the Person with the Disability or to hide their Homosexual Family members.

The World as we know it is changing, Religion is all encompassing. It is not a Good ole Boy's club, religion and its practices are guidelines to follow to be a decent human being. It's time to start following those guidelines as dictated and started during Ancient Egypt.
We are all God's creatures. As such we should act like it. Heaven is that which we make of it, it's how each Religion and religious practices defines it. The cultural beliefs and practices of Human beings are important to me.

Through Spirituality and in the learning of I learned what love really means. It means trying my best Daily to be the best me I can be, it means trying my best to do no harm, to love and give love Agape and unconditional love to others. It is because of this Grandmothers Love that I define and am open to the Universe to be accepting of differing practices as it relates to Religious beliefs.

I try Daily to Never judge someone until you know their story.

Mans' Search For Meaning Theory of Evolution

  1. Who Was Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Charles Darwin was a Scientist and Geneticist, who first developed through observation of genetic traits changes that occurred in Animals. Specifically the "Theory of Evolution by natural selection", that still for some explains how Human's came to be, how we evolved over the Centuries. We can give credit to Darwin for also coining the phrase "Survival of the fittest". Darwin believed based on Years of research that the changes in molecular structure of Animals that as their environment changed so too did their molecular and genetic traits. He also believed that everything worked to create balance in the Universe, because of our individual Molecular structure what we consume changes our genetic makeup or rather our future offspring's genetic disposition. Darwin believed that all living things are linked Genetically and that the earliest forms of Human's evolved from Apes.

2. The Cradle of Civilization, Theory of Adam and Eve, and a History stolen

For Centuries we have been taught based on Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, that Africa was, and still is the Cradle of Civilization, where everything began. Specifically, Egypt. It wasn't until 2500 B.C., that Iraq what was then Mesopotamia come into existence.

It is believed and has been the consensus of Christian principles that the Garden of Eden rich with vegetation, fruits, and rivers, was where Adam and Eve first got their start. Still Today, it is a widely held belief. While this find does not dispel Darwinism, it should give us pause and make you question's the "Adam and Eve" Theory. In reality, the genetic make-up of the People as we evolved were varied. Through migratory behavior our ancestors created a new gene pool, with each immigration we see a start to differing religious practices, the lessons taught changing to accommodate for the new Societies created.

It has for Years been stated that the Bible as we know it was a story stolen by the British from Africa, and used as a way to control the slaves. Although theoretically, I cannot attest to the usage of the stories and written documentation as a tool of control, I can, however, tell you unequivocally that the story of our ancestors does document that the Bible is a copy and translated inaccurately. The telling of the physical makeup of the People of Egypt distorted for Political and Religious reasons. In fact, the first Madonna and Child were created in Africa, and in its original state depicts a black Madonna and Child. Along with other detailed artifacts, and beautifully sculptured works of Art, there are letters stored at the Vatican City attesting to the authenticity of claims regarding the Artifact's taken out of Africa. This is not fable or fiction made up to disparage or cast dispersion, but to impart truth. Our belief system as it pertains to Religion is solely our individual responsibility.

With the knowledge of your past firmly embedded, you will never be misled. The more you read the more you can definitively place your Historical significance your History isn't lost, just buried in books.

Learning institutions, High School and in some cases, College only give you the basic tools, they the institutions, follow a system a pattern of approving only those text that has been written to give an illusion of truth, just the basic information. Text books that state and outright truth is oftentimes buried in Libraries and not required reading. Archaeological findings coupled with maps and yes even the Bible taken together highlights and defines the earliest tools, Scientist, Farmer's builder's etc. in essence the earliest documented humans.

As long as the majority of the Population is comfortable with half truths, Society will continue its exclusionary practices.

Tools of Trade for the Olduwan.

"The Olduvai Gorge site in Tanzania is the oldest archaeological site in the world. Discovered by Dr. Mary D. Leakey and her husband, Louis Leakey, it contains the remains of large hominids (human-like creatures) almost two million years old, which they labeled as Zinjanthropus boisei. But even more important than the remains themselves was a large amount of animal bones and crude stone tools found with them, evidence that these were intelligent beings. The existence of these stone tools prompted archaeologists to label them the Oldwan Industry". "Upper Egyptian Neolithic and Predynastic Religion and Rulers". By: Caroline Seawright.

Whether the Olduwan Industry practiced Religion, has yet to be determined, what is know from the various tools and animal bones found within close proximity, is that they were a hunter gatherer Society.

A Necessary Discussion.

The Olduwan are the first document Society discovered, through archaeological digs. Archaeologist through various finds determines how a society lived, worked, traveled, what they ate, how they cared for their Children and yes; their religious and spiritual practices.

This form of predating is not new, nor is it a fad, every Society benefits from learning through Archaeology. It is the Logical tool used to define ancestry. It helps to establish also the basis of religion and it start its genesis. It is defining through Science and age dating, Human evolution, to include how and when Religion first came into existence.

To examine religion, we must venture back into the past, all the way back through time to Egyptology, Greek Mythology, and Hindu Religious beliefs to present Day Christianity. Obviously, we are still a young(Earth as we know it). There may come a time still that we find valid evidence to show that Religion predates the first evidence of a Civilized Religion as it applies to Greek Mythology, however, until such time we will examine what is known.

We normally tend to skip Egypt when we discuss Religion, due to its practice more in keeping with what Europeans describe as Rituals, and what is considered, Dark Majik (Magic). However, it is the earliest form of Religion ever practiced based on Rituals, Burials, and spirituality or what neo-modern Society has labeled voodoo practices. When we think of rituals there is a negative connotation when speaking about Egypt and Religion, it is important to note, however, that all Religion practices or rituals came out of Egypt. We must also keep in mind that Ancient Egypt did not have a formal Language or languages as we know it Today. Descriptive words to identify feelings, and giving labels to things evolved over thousands of Years. So yes in that respect Egypt used symbols to communicate.

Ancient Egyptian Scientist: The Creation of Writing Implements

Modern Day Counseling incorporates a belief in Journaling (to write) or to document.

Journalism borrows from the ancient art of Hieroglyfs or hieroglyphs that documents birth, death, anger, and injustice. those who could paint, or draw did, those who could write did so on cave walls.

As Egypt grew and science progressed the search for a new way of documenting became necessary. The discovery of writing implements in the form of the reeds that grew along the water proved to be a good source for making ancient paper (papyrus). The rosetta stone.

Examining Religion: Fact or Fiction Continued

The Bible is a guide to living in what was then a growing, modern Society. Developing guidelines became necessary as the population grew and as such laws had to be enacted, and rules of behavior defined as per the ancient Law's. Karma the word borrows from the ancient belief in Buddhism, all religion has a basis in Egyptology.

What the Bible Say's About Karma:
" Whatever you wish upon your Brethren so shall you receive tenfold's". The meaning is very clear, but for those who do not understand the meaning, defined it just basically means, anything you do to someone else that is illegal, mean, or vindictive, you will receive a sentence that matches equally your actions or a greater punishment.

The Establishment of Gaols (jails)
Retribution took on the form of banishment, "to put asunder" often times criminals were made to wander the desert it was the quickest and least expensive way to rid society of those considered undesirables, troublemakers, and or thieves, without spending much money to feed them. Jails were only reserved for the Wealthy in Society or the titled.

In Mideval times gaols or jails were construction under the homes of the Wealthy or in sanitariums (Mental Health Facilities). Dungeons as they were termed, were used to house anyone committing a crime or seen as mentally unstable.

"If thy right hand offends thee chop it off" does not literally mean to chop off a hand, but means anything or anyone that offends whether it's through criminal act or vindictive behavior we should remove ourselves from the offending person or the thing that offends.

There is a saying in Jamaica with regards to retribution as indicated in the Bible "An eye for an eye the whole world goes blind" Author unknown.

What is the Origin and true Meaning of the Ankh

We see in almost every religious book a representation of the cross. With the advent of Christianity we see a replication of the Ankh without the head, the lesson then became that the Caucasian Christ is the Father the sun, and Holy ghost, however, the original Egyptian Ankh, was not in the shape of a "+" or sword as most of us who grew up in the Church are taught. The top of the Ankh was circular, which basically represented the cycle of life. Water, plant's Air, Living things (Animals, Human beings) are included its symbolism, All things work in harmony with Earth. Throughout Egyptian History, various God's and Goddesses wore the Ankh. The symbolism is a simple one, it really documented the lineage of the Nobility and their off springs, their Children.

In Ancient Egypt Women were, respected and considered the head of the Family the bloodlines were traced through her, she gave Life, which in Ancient times was considered miraculous. With the birth of each Child of Royal Lineage, a symbol of the Ankh was given. The Woman was the nurturer, and the hunter, and gatherer she provided the Family with food, water, she planted and tended the crops, while her mate/Husband, the protector normally tended to the safety and welfare of the home, and Children.

We have been led to believe that the sword is a true representation of God and Religion. Anthropologically it is a lie, Language as we know it Today did not exist, the simple diagrams and meaning translated to infinity, copied and diminished the truth as it existed.

Early Symbols Adapted by Christianity I do not own nor lay claim to this video.

What is Religion?

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Egyptology: The God's and Goddesses of Egypt

Paganism the Religion and Misconceptions.

Prior to Christianity, the word Paganism was never used to identified spiritual practices. The term sprung out of Europe and was used to describe any religious practice other than Christianity. It was an attempt by Priests to gain control of and to keep the wealth within the Church and the Monarchy.

The practice of paganism we are taught is the worship of Satan, rituals that cause harm, or borders on witchcraft. To understand the early form of Religion, we must identify and remember that Religion, like People, evolved, as we became a more civilized Society, our practices changed. We cannot disavow Egypt when we speak of Religion. Every Religion has its belief's in good and Evil and they all bore fruit, because of Egypt.

Where Religion Began

It is documented Fact that Religion started in Egypt, at it's beginning, Polytheism: The belief and worshiping of many God's and Goddesses.

Egypt boasted the highest amount of God's and Goddesses. Numbering over 2,000. Each controlled a section of Egypt some higher in status than others. The Egyptian believed that all things were a blessing and would worship according to the blessings provided. The Air, water, plant's and Animals were all to be revered and appreciated. The God's or Goddesses who presided over all things sometimes had dual roles.

God's were easily identifiable by the headgear they wore, and their rank or status in Society could be determined by the color. The more colorful the head gear the more status a God/Goddess held. Each Egyptian Colony had at its helm these God's, and Goddesses; at the head of it, all ruled the Pharaoh. ( This is the beginning of Religion. The basic theory behind God of Christianity).

Monotheism: Worshiping one God.

Around 1300 B/C (Before Christ) Religion, as it relates to Egypt, took a different turn it's transformation from a Society of Many Gods to One God. Which probably had more to do with Greed and control than in a belief regarding a creator. With so many Gods to worship, the Priests had more power and control over the People than the God's and Goddesses at times. The new Pharos or king, of Egypt, ordered the worship of the Sun God, Tutankhaten.
Stripping all Priest of their power. Politically a strategic move to amass Wealth and control, without dividing profits it also allowed for the control of more Land along the Nile river and bordering areas.

"A very early form of Monotheism developed in ancient Egypt. There were usually two capitals of the country; one administrative and one religious. Every home had a shrine. The temples were a main center in the cities and villages. Some priests were of such high rank that their power sometimes surpassed that of the king himself......And then there were the mummies and tombs - an obsession with the Egyptian Afterlife" - See more at…

The fact is Religious beliefs of one god came not because of enlightenment, or for any real secular reason, but for the oldest reason possible. greed! Pharos not wanting to share the wealth with the Church and other Gods deemed himself the only living God stripping the Church and all other rulers of their Title.

Who Were Early Egyptians?

The original Egyptians was comprised of Black People Alkebulan loosely translated means Land of the Blacks, the name given to Egypt and it's territory by the Arabians when they first invaded Egypt during 2500 BC. These territories included the areas along the Nile river, Nubia and the Northwest tip of Egypt Cushite territory. Each of these territories were controlled by lesser God's or Pharos. Each supplied the main City of Egypt with food, cloth, water, as well as other supplies necessary for the survival and maintenance of the Kingdom.

In 1500 B.C Egypt was wildly untapped but was losing revenue, it's outlying territory Nubia was seeing progress as the main city of Egypt was losing revenue.

The Cushites also seeing a loss as it pertained to Farming and Agriculture their contribution to the Kingdom of Egypt. were forced out of need to hunt in outlying areas outside of the Egyptian territory. This is where we start to see a mixing of the races of Early Humans of Asiatic and Black cultures and the establishment of a new territory out of necessity resulted in the creation of Kingdom of Axia or as it is now known Ethopia.

Arabia, seeing also seeing a decline in revenue immigration into Egypt. Arabia first invaded and started co-mingling with early Egyptians during 3000 B/C. The mixing of the cultures created not only a new race of People but also a vying for authority, and as is Human nature a need to control and occupy new Territory. This is also where we start to see Egypt's religious practice's change to a one God philosophy.

Cleopatra VII, The Last Pharaoh of Egypt

Since at Least, the Day's of Ancient Egypt Women have held their place as Goddesses. there were a recorded number of them that ruled over their dominion, Bastet, Hathor, Isis, Nekhbet, Sekhet, and the list goes on and on, Most of us are Familiar with the three most talked about, Nefertiti, Isis, but none as fearless or as powerful as Cleopatra.

"Nefertiti, also called Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti, flourished 14th-century bc., Queen of Egypt, and wife of King Amenhotep IV; reigned c. 1353–36 bc., who played a prominent role in the cult of the sun god known as the Aton. "Nefertiti", (4-9-2014), Joyce Tyldesley.

Isis- "Oh mighty Isis", If you were born at some point in the Sixties you probably remember growing up and watching Isis on Television, she was a most bodacious, and fearless fighter. Now Isis is considered the Patron Saint of Women. It is said that Isis used her wiles to trick the Sun God into revealing his true name, by doing so he released all his powers to her.

As formal Education developed, we became a society of Idiot's. "Keep it simple stupid", Isis sought to dispell the notion of supernatural being, a very intelligent Young Woman Isis, uncloaked the Sun God revealed himself to be just what he was not a mythical being but a Man.

Like any other megalomaniac who wanted to maintain power over its citizenry. God's of Egypt wore beautiful disguises/headdress that hid their Earthly Identity. So too did King Amenhotep, Isis through the use of Feminine wiles enticed the Sun God to remove his disguise, no witchcraft, just pure and simple deceit.

Megalomaniac- Someone having delusions of grandeur and an obsession with power.

The Goddess known as Cleopatra.

At the age of 17 Cleopatra, a Goddess I totally look up to. Married her nine-Year-old Brother who had challenged his current King for authority over Greece. After the Marriage, realizing that Cleopatra had more dominion over his People than he did, the Young God/King had her locked away in Isolation. If not for Caesar, and his journey from Rome to Greece she would I imagine have died in exile. Upon meeting the Goddess Cleopatra, Caesar fell in love and it was with his help: it is speculated that The King disappeared and Cleopatra's reign as Goddess and Queen officially began. She continued her reign until she was forced to by Law, to take a King. History repeats itself. She Married her Twelve Year Old Brother and again by fate or deed he also was never to be heard from again.

Cleopatra, it is said spoke Nine different Languages, her intelligence added to her appeal with the opposite sex. In an act that can only be described as a Brilliant move. She aligned herself with Caesar, the then Emperor of Rome and Together that Union resulted in a Son, Caesarion.

At some point, Cleopatra fell in love with Mark Anthony, and of that union a Twin Girl and Boy were born, Alexander Helios, Cleopatra Selene, and a third and Last Born to the Goddess Philadelphius. All Historical accounts as much as could be found suggests that Cleopatra loved her Children.

"Power corrupts, but absolute Power corrupts absolutely"

Three of the Children were killed at the hands of the Power hungry. Caesarion, the Heir to Greece and future God was strangled to death by Octavius the Emperor of Augustus.

Her Son Alexander met a similar fate, as did Philadelphius. The only survivor was Cleopatra Selene.

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Greek Mythology

Who IS Zeus And What Part Did He Play In Early Accepted Religion?

Zeus, the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea, he was the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and of the Pantheon of gods who resided there. "Zeus." Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online.

Zeus or God is the first glimpse we have into a History that defines Religion, He is said to be the true creator of the Earth. The Father of the World. "Unlike many Greek divinities, the origins of Zeus' name are undisputed. "Zeus" is connected with an ancient Indo-European deity Dyaus, which roughly translates as 'sky', 'day' (as opposed to night) and 'clear'. All of these point to his role as a god of the heavens, the sky, and thunder".

Zeus overthrew his Father to become ruler. Much like a Monarchy/Government Mt. Olympus was subject to a set of rules, Laws, and guidelines which the ruling Party enforced. Zeus disagreed with his Fathers antiquated views, being Younger he sought to rule differently than his Father. Isn't that the way most Government and Monarchy is set up?

Every Generation since Mythological Greece has aspired to create, a set of Religious ethos, guideline's or Principles that the rulers want subjects to follow. As Greek Mythology faded into the background to be replaced by a Younger generation the Stories and meaning become more detailed in its requests, and ultimately confusing.

It is my belief, that as we grow, as a Society and become more civilized, there needed to be a set or rules or guidelines that reflected that change. The question, of where we originated, plays an important role in Religion. We strive for understanding, for our need to belong. We adapted to our environment, and what was seen as normal over 300,00,000 Years ago no longer works for us. We were evolved, created, or born with the ability to know right from wrong as it governs the Society we find ourselves Living in. Growth and progress dictated that we change our rules to enforce modern Laws. The Bible is a collection of those Laws as passed down through Generations. They have been regurgitated, since the Ancient times of Egyptology; and the telling losing some significance. With the creation of each Religion, some similarities remained while others got lost in translation.

The First Introduction Into Heaven and Hell

After poisoning his Father with a mixture of Herbs in his drink, Zeus got his first introduction to his Five siblings, who had been swallowed up at birth. He then overthrew his Father and gave dominion to his five siblings. Zeus maintained the heavens, he had a combined Power of all his siblings, it was only natural that he ruled above.

Siblings Of Zeus

Hades- depicted as the God of the Underworld or Hell, His weapon similar to the Goddess of War was a gold Helmet, adorned with war and destruction. Which made him invisible.

Poseidon- his weapon of choice a three-pronged pitchfork, which caused the Earth to tremble and crack. Earthquake.

Hestia- The Peace Loving Goddess, bore no weapons of war and preferred Peace over a battle.

Demeter- The Goddess Demeter shielded herself behind an Armor, sheaves of Barley and flowers adorned it.

Hera- Hera, the Greek goddess called the Queen of Heaven. Sister and wife of Zeus.

Who were the Dravidians, what is their Role In Religion?

The Dravidians were said to have been the first set of Nomads, traveling first from Africa to India then on to Asia. Currently, in the United States, specifically San Antonio, Texas. There are studies being conducted and documented, which points to the Dravidians being here, living, in harmony with Native American Indians, Prior to Christopher Columbus, and the Europeans.

Which came First:

According to research, the Dravidians first made their way to Asia, their Religious practices are strongly infused into the Asian Culture. Again documented findings have been surfacing pointing to the Dravidians and their Afro- Asiatic features. The first known sculpture of Buddha depicts a Man of African and Asian Heritage.

Theologian's, argue that the Dravidians first began in India, giving rise to Hinduism, ( Which came first the chicken or the egg?). It is possible that both Cultures were initiated at the same time or in close proximity time-wise. Even in the Holy Bible, it states God created the Heavens and Earth and scattered People to the four corners. Corners should not be taken literally to mean that the Earth was flat, but more accurately, translated to mean East, West, North and South. (Quadrants). It is simply one of those questions that may never be answered. As we see the progression of the Dravidians through Africa, India, and Asia, so too do we see the Religious beliefs change.

The Dravidians were said to be a Peaceful sect. This was determined by the fact that there were no early forms of Weaponry found in or around their home site, during any archeological digs. based on the fact that they held certain Animals as being sacred, I speculate, that they may very well have been our first glimpse into vegetarianisms.

Religious Beliefs:

The Dravidians believed in Reincarnation, and Polytheism, and held a strong belief in Humanitarianism.

Reincarnation: Simply defined is the religious or philosophical belief that the soul or spirit, after death, begins a new life in a new body. Not necessarily a human form.

Polytheism: As stated previously is a belief in many God's.

Humanitarianism: A belief in loving and caring for all other human beings, and living creatures.


According to Subhamoy Das, the Author of "Hinduism For Beginners". "Hinduism is the world's oldest extant religion, with a billion followers, which makes it the world's third largest religion. Hinduism is a conglomeration of religious, philosophical, and cultural ideas and practices that originated in India, characterized by the belief in reincarnation, one absolute being of multiple manifestations, the law of cause and effect, following the path of righteousness, and the desire for liberation from the cycle of births and deaths".

But where did Hinduism originate from? ?gain going back to the African sub-Continent it is known fact that Hinduism, originated from Africa. A carryover from Egyptology, the first known practice of Hinduism began between 1400 to 400 BC(before Christ). Hinduism, gave birth to the following Religions: Judaism, Jewish Religion, and Islam.

The Hindu Religion, during its early conception, worshiped three primary God's.

Brahma: The main God, the absolute truth to enlightenment.

Vishnu: Champion of good causes, he rules over Heaven and Earth.

Shiva: Now Shiv is an interesting God, he plays multiple roles, he is the creator and destroyer of all things. He gives Life but can also take life.

It is a misconception that the Hindu Religion worships the cow, surely there is a reverence as it concerns the cow, however, there is a difference between reverence and worship. The Cow is seen as relevant to the sustenance of Life and economy. Hindu's rely on the milk for food and, the cow dung because of its high concentration of Carbon monoxide was, and still is in some rural areas used for fuel and as a fertilizing agent. The urine of the cow is also used as a disinfectant/ cleaning agent. Simply put the Cow is valued for its usefulness.

Buddhism the non Religious, Religious Lifestyle

Buddhism The Biggest Myth: Buddhist's do not worship Buddha. Buddha simply defined means Teacher or the Enlightened one.

"People who genuinely love you, love you for who you are not who they hope you will be". They stand by you when no one else will, they see the good in you despite the flaws. Christianity the basic principle teaches love and humanity. It is a spiritual belief in forgiveness, in other words, a belief in Humanity. It does recognize that People hold different beliefs and are respectful of those beliefs. Buddhism because it is not a religion but the act of serving humanity, can be used in conjunction with Religion.

Aum, Aum, Aum, Ohm, Ohm, Ohm or Om, Om, Om!

Whatever way you see fit to spell it. Most People identify Buddhism, with chanting, and being in a meditative state. We have this image of someone sitting on mounds of pillows in a relaxed state, wearing a Toga. Hmm, a toga? Could this have been a carry over from Ancient Egypt to Greece, to Rome, to current Day Catholicism? Regardless, I digress the truth is achieving a meditative state can be done anywhere.

The Awakened or Enlightened one how he came to be.

It was the sixth Century Before Christ.
The awakened one sat under a Lotus blossom,
so the telling goes, He was old and frail,
and had much to impart....
He had found himself at the end of that Life awaiting another
his secret, to unfold.

The question was asked
Are you a God or the divine being?
Are you a Man?
To which the Buddha answered

The what are you? Again the question asked of the Buddha.
To which a reply. "I am awake".
Prince Siddhartha, a ruler of his kingdom.
Pondered the event.
He wanted to be a ruler with love and Humanity. (J. Austin)

Buddha: Meaning awakened one.

It is said that Siddhartha because of his wealth and Privilege left the Palace and his Title as King, to mingle with his People, he gave up all worldly possessions and for six Years traveled in search of enlightenment. He built his temple in the spot he had first encountered the old Man. This, however, is just one documentation of how it all started. There are several versions to the introduction of Buddha.

Nobel Truth #1- Life is all about suffering, we are born, we live we die and after Death, we are reincarnated.

Nobel Truth 2- We suffer as humans due to our desires and our WANTS(Greed).

Nobel Truth #3- In order to overcome our desires, avarice, hatred and suffering, we must enter into a meditative state of cleansing, achieving Nirvana.

Nobel Truth 4# The path to happiness and awakening we must understand the World as it really is.

a. Wisdom-Turn our thoughts to purity and practice of unselfish acts and compassion.

b. Mental Discipline-With effort we can prevent evil and impure thoughts, and achieve control over our Body, speech, and mind, through meditation.

C. Ethical conduct-basically sums up the previously mentioned. It calls for refraining from lies, creating discontent due to speech, and verbal abuse. Buddhism is a simple belief that requires few truths in order for one to become awakened/ Enlightened.

To be Buddhist in a Christian Society means one needs to be able to stand up for right over the wrongs of the majority. When you can do this, despite rejection; then you are truly worthy to be called Human, and have reached the state of Nirvana.

“A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle”. – Buddha

There are several Branches of the Buddhist spiritual faith, as with most, they borrow from other religious views. Buddhism is closely intertwined with Hinduism. As mentioned in previously stated Paragraph. Hinduism and Buddhism can be traced back and to the point where both involve the Dravidian's.

Forms of Buddhism Practiced Worldwide.

Mahayana- Practiced mainly in Tibet northern Asia (China and Japan). recognizes there are different paths to achieving Nirvana. The Bodhisattava the one seeking enlightenment will follow the path of six perfections in order to achieve the status of Buddha/Enlightened: Generosity, Virtue, patience, energy, meditation, and finally wisdom.

Theravada- Doctrine of the Elders, is practiced mainly in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Its focus is more in keeping with compassion and being in service to others. There is no ownership of worldly possession, they rely on Lay People for offerings of food and clothes. There are ten Precepts or guidelines to refrain from in order to exist spiritually. In exchange for the hopes of being reincarnated as a Monk or a Nun, there is no expectation of ever reaching Nirvana.

refrain from harming any living thing, refrain from stealing, refrain from inappropriate sexual relations, refrain from wrong speech, intoxicating drug or drink, eating after midday meal, refrain from dancing, music, singing, and unseemly show, from garlands, perfumes, and personal adornments, from using comfortable chair or bed, and from accepting gold or silver.

Zen- Simply defined means Meditation; This is the most popular form of Buddhism practiced in the United States. Relies on realizing one's true self through meditation, it strives for Satori, (insight into reality). Zen borrows from Mahayana Buddhism. It's founder Bodhidharma, It is said, meditated for nine Years in an attempt to find enlightenment. Zen, intimates that sensitivity allows for distractions from Worldly events. The practice of Zen includes tranquil activities, writing poetry, painting, drawing, arranging flowers, etc., any activity that allows the mind to empty of worldly speculations and allows for deep concentration.

What is This Illusive Nirvana?

Since becoming a Buddhist I strive to accomplish what seems to be the impossible.

Nirvana is the final stage of awakening, it is the freedom that comes from identifying that the World with all its problems will and can change, at least in your own corner of the World. It is the knowledge one gets from helping another Human being, a stray Animal, or simply enjoying nature, and doing no harm to Human or environment. It is not a global Nirvana, it really is different for everyone, however unexplainable it may be. When you achieve that state you will know.

Buddhist belief in reincarnation is Philosophic in nature, it's implication is that not even Death is final, but just a part of the process of leaving our Physical bodies. A person who is close to dying after a long bout with illness often verbalizes their readiness. Nirvana is the final stage it is that phase of acceptance. Often times described as "making Peace or being at peace" with the end results. Patients in this case I believe have reached that state.

In the Bible, reincarnation is also discussed. " And on the third Day, he rose from the dead". It is said that after Jesus was crucified, as foretold the large stone that blocked the entrance of his tomb, was rolled away, and his resting place was empty, it is said that this miracle was witnessed by three Women, who stood guard at the entrance of his tomb.

According to the King James Bible, 1st Corinthians 15 vs 12-16 the question of reincarnation was addressed. "Now if Christ is preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up if so be that the dead rise not. For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised'.

The Rise of the Roman Catholic Empire

Finally the Romans. Who can forget Charlton Heston's role in Caesar? Certainly not me, that chariot scene had us talking for weeks!

We will skip a lot of paganist's beliefs and rituals and jump right into Nero. Who he was and the part he played in Religion as well as the turning point from pagan ritual to confirmed Christianity. Out of this Chaos, the Roman Catholic Church grew in strength.

During the 1st Century AD (After Christ) The reigning Emperor of Rome, Nero who was said to be the most antagonistic Ruler Rome had ever seen, he was a Power hungry, maniacal ruler, who stopped at nothing t ensure his reign. When opposed by his Mother he had her killed in order to maintain his improper behavior. Christianity at the time was a new Religion. Christianity was formed out of the need to defrock the current Religious sects, who were sheltered and protected by Nero.

The Persecution by Nero of the Christians is Heralded throughout History. There were mass murders, some by beheading, and some thrown into the lion's den to be savagely ripped apart. Nero spared no one, not even babies were exempt from his cruelty.

According to Miriamilani, The Roman Catholic Church, "During the Middle Ages the Papacy controlled Rome and fended for itself. Its ability to do so was largely thanks to Charlemagne to handed various territories over. The justification for this material wealth was partly gained from a supposed will left by Emperor Constantine who had in truth left a number of possessions to the church, such as the Lateran in Rome but not quite as extensive as some documents seemed to suggest. Those documents have since been proved ancient fakes. Nonetheless, the Papacy controlled vast areas of territory and used its religious position in a clever balance of political power across European states. The ability to do this was largely thanks to Pope Leo who on Christmas day of the year 800 was smart enough to crown Charlemagne Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and in so doing established a precedent for everyone to see who had the right and power to crown earthly kings".

The Greek sometime around 42 AD(After Christ) changed the Ankh as depicted by the Early Egyptians.

The Fall of The Roman Catholic Monopoly

How far the mighty hath fallen. Once the Roman Catholic hold over the Romans began to dwindle, Christianity gained favoritism and strength. Other Religious movements began a Segue into the development of the Protestant Religion.

All Religion since the start of Catholicism has borrowed from Egyptology, and Greek Mythology. Other Religious offshoots: Baptist, Adventist, Jehovah's Witness Islam, Native American Spiritual Practice, Rastafarianism etc.

The New Testament as it is translated in the Bible speaks of the total destruction of the World as we know it. Prior to Christianity or more specifically Catholicism. The End of the World was never mentioned. Nowhere in Early Religion was reference made to such catastrophic end. If Egyptology is the start of Religion and is to be believed as significant find in Historical significance. Then surely it implies that something this major occurring would have been relayed.

Historical Fact's Regarding the Man Called Jesus.

"The images and idols displayed in the churches are not of Christ. Michelangelo first painted the most common religious image used in deceiving the world today. It is a picture of a blue-eyed, European with blond hair, who they maliciously claim to be Jesus Christ. This false image was modeled after Caesar Borgia, who was the second son of Pope Alexander VI, of Rome. (The real Jesus, according to all scientific and historical facts, is an Afro-Asiatic man)". Note the description. Afro-Asiatic (Man).

a. Afro- Meaning of African Descent

b. Asiatic- Meaning reaching across demographics of Asia.

The documented Journey from Africa to Asia to India by the Dravidians should give insight into the continuation of Religion from Egypt to the far corners of the World and a look at how Religion spread and it's belief system changed. Keep in mind that the telling of the Religious principles will have changed, as writing tools had not been developed and stories were told verbally.

"Herodotus, an ancient historian, described exactly what the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews looked like, which he witnessed with his own eyes. Herodotus, who visited Egypt about 457 BC, says in Book II: [The Nubians, the Egyptians, and the Ethiopians have broad noses, thick lips, wooly hair, and they are burnt of skin.]"

C. Nubia- Is a region located along the Nile River.

d. Nubian- refers to dark skinned People of African heritage, who can trace their ancestry to Nubia northern part of Sudan, and Egypt.

Michelangelo the Man, the Artist

"Michelangelo was probably anti-feminist; certainly he was sexist, and he believed wholeheartedly in male superiority. In one sonnet he declares that the highest form of love cannot be a woman because a woman is not worthy of a wise and virile heart..., Michelangelo had a reputation for homosexuality among his contemporaries. In a letter to Niccolo Quaratesi he humorously recalls how a father described his son to him in the hopes of the boy becoming the artist's apprentice: "Once you saw him, you'd chase him into bed the minute you got home!" The fact that Michelangelo had a sexual Relationship with all his Male subjects, almost seemed to be a requirement. So it is not at all farfetched that he had an affair with Caesar Borgia.

A look at Christianity and the Driving Force Behind It.

According to the Bible, the old testament, there are several Chapters and verses that specifically point to the Genetic make up of Jesus and one or more of his disciples. In Solomon, and Revelations.

a. Solomon-1:5, speaks of the color of the Bride and Daughter of Jerusalem, of them being enslaved - "I am black but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. 6 Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother's children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards, but mine own vineyard have I not kept".

b. Revelations- 9:15, also addresses the color and makeup of Jesus. "His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace".

c. Job-30, I am a brother to dragons and a companion to owls. [9] 30 My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat. 31 My harp also is turned to mourning, and my organ into the voice of them that weep. "The Holy Bible", King James Version.

Christianity a Look at its Similarities between Other Religion

Earth's Inception

God created the Heavens and the Earth. Much like Zeus, in fact, the similarities to Greek Mythology, Christianity, and other Religion Is quite astonishing, and not believable to the Christian World. However keep in mind that Christianity is an offshoot of many different Religion, and was started during the latter part of the Roman Era.

It's pretty much safe to assume we have all heard the story of Jesus's birth. How the Virgin Mary came to be seduced by God and bore him a Son. How she Married Joseph, bore him more Children.

The Fault within its Telling Questions that Cannot be answered Difinitively.

I am focusing on Buddhism and Christianity, simply because there isn't enough time to discuss all religion and their similarities. My knowledge of both spirituality, and way of Life is coming from Personal perspective.

So being of Jewish Faith, Jesus at a young age started to question, the Teachings of his own spiritual Leaders. Like any other Human, he found parts of the Religion, not to his liking. He would argue fervently, basically for Human rights, and the unjust criminal system that existed, He did not believe that a Man born into poverty should be treated unjustly. Or that superiority because of Birth and Wealth should influence the Judicial system.

During his Teenage Years, Jesus broke away from his Jewish Faith and we start to see Him come to life under the guidance of John The Baptist. Whom had similar beliefs. However, they often disagreed on what would be Years later still be a debate that even now exists in our Society. That being, how one enters the Kingdom of Heaven.

John The Baptist argued that the only way for true salvation was to repent and declare God as the one true God, prior to the End of the World. Of course, this is all speculation, based on documentation that if one is a Scholar of Religion and Spirituality, can only draw inferences based on the Bible, and other written about Historical facts, as handed down verbally throughout the Years.

Jesus it is said did NOT, and I emphasize the word not..., believe that the World would end, but that the God existed in the here and now. That People should live righteously, in the here and now. In any event, there was a differing of opinions, between John the Baptist and Jesus and each went their separate way.

As it is stated in the King James Version of the Bible, the new Testament, Jesus the Son of God was tempted by Satan in the wilderness, holds similarity to what Siddhartha experienced during his temptation with Mara, (the evil one).

Similarly as does the Buddhist Religion. Speculations regarding Jesus's view of Mankind indicates that Jesus may have been influenced to a certain degree by Eastern philosophy, Buddhism. In the Bible, Jesus makes reference to the "Way". Which is also one of the Principles of Buddhism.

"The Way"

Christianity- Open the door to the way, that is in you so that you may be a guide to those who wish to follow..., and ready to follow the way to receive it's, (I'm assuming it refers to God), a blessing.

Buddhism- Those are fortunate who have eyes to see the great way. They know that there is no other path to spiritual, or intellectual awakening, except through the way.

Christianity- The kingdom of God is within and all around you. (Luke 17:21)

Buddhism- The Way is not in the sky, the way is in your heart.

Buddhism- Siddhartha the awakened one or Teacher message was delivered verbally, none of his original Teachings were preserved we rely on the translation of the original documents his beliefs were written on.

Christianity- Jesus it is believed spoke Aramaic, none of his original lessons were found to document his existence. Like Buddhism, the original teachings were not available and all that remained were written in Greek. It is also important to note that none of the Original Authors Mathew, Mark, Luke, or John...were present nor did they live during the time of Christ, they were not eye witnesses. The Gospels as we see in The Bible were written before Jesus and his "disciples" were said to have lived.

There are many such similarities, which can be found in the Bible. However, they cannot all be addressed. Do keep in mind that Christianity is one of the Youngest forms of Religion, so it's not unfair to say that it borrows from other Religious principles.

At some point, we each have to define what religion means to us individually. In all fairness Christianity was not the start of Religious war's however because of it's strict and inflexible beliefs, it has done more harm to humanity than other previous religious beliefs. It has sought to unite People under a one belief system. Emblematic of Hitler's regime, those who follow a different Religious expression, are ostracized, as, with Hitler's tyranny, Christianity wields a powerful influence.

How Catholicism has helped to Influenced War

As quoted from Laurence Maitland, during our discussion as it pertains to Religion, as taken with permission from his Facebook page, "Reading about the killings in Nigeria, it makes me think; we use religion as crutch between good and bad...when good is happening we associate it with GOD. When bad, we say it's the DEVIL, that made us do it. We take no responsibilities for our flaws, I don't need religion to exist. My belief in GOD, is to fear and respect him as a child should..., we exist just to be selfish, how can you claim through religion, that you love and in the same breathe you are so willing to kill because I don't agree with your belief? I have a long time given up on religion in the sense most deal with it..., I focus on loving MY GOD, MY FATHER, MY CREATOR, MY EVERYTHING! I don't need a ceremony to give him thanks, I don't need a Sunday dress up to praise him. We need to realize every action we make affects each of us in this universe. Until we are humble enough to realize that a simple thing as me running late, affects someone who was waiting for the shared ride, and that, affects others..., the cycle goes on exponentially. We need to be humble, and reevaluate; are we part of the cause, how do we move forward to fix it"?

How Do We Move Forward to Fix it?

That really is the culminating Question, how do we fix the World that does not respect, nor believe that each of us has a right to our individual belief's as it pertains to Religion or Spirituality? To understand that what feels right or works to make us better Human beings is not something to fear or change, but to embrace and be in accord with.

I taught my Children about Religion, but in the raising of them, I learned about spirituality. Each different, with different beliefs, life experiences, and strengths. We, our differences cannot be contained to a One World order.

Farmers care for crops and Animals, Activists care about human rights, peace, and the welfare of the Earth. Scientist questions and find new inventions, medicine to heal, the mind, and body, the list is endless.

Like my Children, the makeup of Society differs. Our differences should not be a discriminating factor but should be applauded, and accepted as long as it does no harm.

All Religion, starting with Egyptology, has formed the basis for all other Religion. Our differences and similarities cannot be ignored. With the exception of Agnostics who really have no Religious or spiritual beliefs, I am not implying that Agnostics don't follow Agape Love, they do, their principle belief is mainly that of Evolution Theory, Creationism etc. However difficult it is to accept, we all have the same basic Principle under which we live. With (freedom) comes the responsibility of free choice. It is often quoted, that God gave us the ability of free choice/free will, what right does Man; generally speaking, a mere mortal have to define what religious belief supersedes or places dominion over another? No Religion is better than or will lead you to the Way, It's the behavior of each and every one of us that guarantees our awakening whether it is Spiritual or Religious in nature.

I wish for a Nation of People who neither see, color, Religious ethos, nor sexuality as a barrier to Love, With this Freedom, comes the right to Practice our Religious Faith. We no longer live in a Society, whereby secular teachings need to be written and told to Children around the fire pit. They have already been established. Be they Gods will or the Will of mere Mortals encouraged by lawlessness to enforce humanitarian good will. At the core of most decent Human beings is the wish for a peaceful existence, which will never come, for as long as our Religious views separate us there can never be peace. It lies in each of us this need to push our point's of view none is willing to concede that each of us has the ability to think, to rationalize, to determine our own existentialism.

We are all Humans. all having faults, all with one goal; survival. We are all in servitude to each other, that's what makes life beautiful, our diversity. If we all looked the same, acted the same, thought the same we would not have access to the things we enjoy Today. It is not our job to change anyone, it is our job to change ourselves, to be better than we were a Day, a Week, a Month, or even a Year ago etc.

The summation defines what most People are given to understanding about Religion, those who read and question, and who possess enlightened spirits. Who know that Without Spirituality, Religion is useless. The mere act of identifying a Creator, and giving praise, is not enough, we must stop placing blame on a nonexistent being, Satan/ the Devil, and realize that good and evil resides in us, that every action or Nonaction creates the chaos we experience Daily. In so far as there are written words touting the existence of (God's) Pharos, no evidence has yet been brought to light regarding Satan. What History tells us, is that God's were rulers and leaders. Similar to a Monarchy, or the Presidency, (the latter not far fetched if we follow the advancement Human have made). They also, the rulers of Ancient history, could be defrocked or dethroned. Nowhere is there evidence of Satan or Lucifer except as it is related in the Bible?

So I end this by heralding a favorite song of mine. "Every Man has an equal right to Live and be free, no matter what color, class or race he may be" I would like to think if it had fit in lyrically, Sexuality or Religion would have been added also.

(As taken from a song, I make no claims to being the Author of nor do I have Legal rights as it pertains to copyright Laws).


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Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property Laws.


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    • Juliet Stewart profile image

      Juliet Stewart-Austin 3 years ago from San Antonio, TX.

      Thank you Dressage Husband for taking the time to read and comment. That is also a pet peeve, of mine. Individual differences should be a learning tool, to acceptance and love.

    • Dressage Husband profile image

      Stephen J Parkin 3 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

      It is interesting but true that the problems of today's world are the doing of men seeking power and the great religions have had their fair share of abuse by men along the way. In actual fact the commonality of commandments similar to the 10 commandments should bear more credence so that wars, avarice adultery and greed would be no more!

      It is undoubtedly a fact that we could not exist without a creator or creative force and that they (he/she or it) would have a set of rules to follow. Strangely all religions are in close agreement on such rules. It is just a shame that we do not in practice follow them!