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Updated on March 15, 2011



Re-materialize a moment
captured in liquid mediums,
from blood, brain,
pulled from pigment to form,
A sliver of time immortal.

Reproduce the
fall of a leaf,
or the fall of Rome.

Magnify the bliss
of biological instinct,
becoming passion in
the eyes of the beholders.

It can be simple to do,
just open your mind,
and let only the most
powerful synapses spill out.

Then watch as
each instant freezes
on the cold pressed pulp,
of trees that once occupied
a lovely place on the earth.

Gather your
finished expoundings
like old friends,
and celebrate them in a
ring binding ceromomy.

Wed yourself to your work.
and live magnanimously in love
with your somewhat
immaculate conceptions.


There is so much that we can do

with simple pens, pencils, paints

and the pigments of our imaginations.

We just need to start somewhere

and build some beauty that others can enjoy.

The world is far too often ugly

to not take a small space of it

and make it lovely for all~~~MFB III



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