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Excerpts From Books I'll Never Write

Updated on August 12, 2017
A visual representation of The Darkness And The Light.
A visual representation of The Darkness And The Light.

The Darkness And The Light

‘Even when there’s no one by your side, I’ll be there.’ The darkness whispered to the young girl, almost cradling her in it’s wispy tendrils. 'But I want to see the light!’ She exclaimed, reduced to tears. 'If the light truly cared, it would be here, cradling you, not I.’ The girl was silent after this, her tears flowing no more, for she realized that the darkness was right.

The excerpt below was based on this painting.
The excerpt below was based on this painting.

The Woman In The White Dress

As the woman in the white dress took her morning stroll through the garden, a gentle breeze pushed against her. It was almost like it was trying to warn her of something, like her trip, this time, would not go as planned. She, however, pushed back. Not allowing it to dictate her life choices. ‘You’re making a mistake.’ The gentle breeze finally whispered in her ear, a chill ravaging it’s way up her spine. ‘That’s your opinion.’ She hastily replied, dead set on her destination.

A broken mirror.
A broken mirror.

Parallel Universe

‘Sometimes, life on the other side isn’t what you think it is.’ Grace thought to herself, completely submerged in a liquid she couldn’t see, yet still somehow able to breathe. All she could think was, ‘Why the mirror?’ She could still see where the glass had first shattered, causing her to become trapped on her way to the parallel dimension. She knew she shouldn’t of tampered with the dark magic, yet she did.

A spirit boy and human girl.
A spirit boy and human girl.

The Meaning Of Life

‘What is the meaning of life?’ Her exuberant voice questioned, her hair sprawled out as she lay in the grass next to him. He was silent, his hollow, ghostly eyes staring out into the depths of the lake. 'I’m not sure anymore. I don’t think you should ask me…’ He trailed off, his hand passing through hers as he laid it down. He didn’t have his life anymore, but somehow, when he was with her, it felt like he did.

The Shrine of Chronos.
The Shrine of Chronos.

Shrine Of Chronos

Every night for the past year, the young girl had knelt down at the Chronos statue and prayed. 'O God, why did I do this? Why did I do that?' She'd say, troubled by her actions without cause. At first, he did not hear them, but the repetitions seemed to grow louder and louder each time. Finally, he could not ignore them. One night, when she had come to pray with her usual prayer, his spirit came out of the shrine. 'Girl, why do you come to pray every night?' He questioned, towering over her small figure. 'Because I do everything wrong.' She trembled. Chronos frown quickly turned into a grin before he bellowed with laughter. 'Nobody can do anything right, not even I! You need not worry, for you are doing just fine.' The girl nodded, pushing herself off of the ground and scurrying off back into the village. That was the last night he heard her prayers because the nights that followed he only heard her thanks.

Jeremiah's wings.
Jeremiah's wings.

An Angel's Wings

It wasn't long before Jeremiah's bullies had him cornered on the roof of the school building, shoving and kicking him. They left marks of hate on his already hated skin, cursing him purely because they felt he deserved it, despite him having not done anything to warrant such abuse. Finally, after god knows how long, they stopped and backed off, taunting him with hurtful words, scarring words. Something in him was different, something moved inside of him. 'I don't need to take this from you anymore!' He screeched, taking steps back towards the edge of the roof. 'Oh, yeah? And who's going to come and save you?' Jeremiah stomped his foot to the ground standing right at the edge of the building. 'I'm... I'm going to save myself.' Before the bullies could come and grab him to prevent him from falling, Jeremiah turned around and let himself fall. The bullies scrambled to the edge, but were taken aback by what they saw. Jeremiah was flailing in the air and screaming, driven by some power emanating from within. Blood splattered from his back is it begin to tear, stained objects protruding from him. Before he could hit the ground, they fully emerged, stained gold wings, that of an angels. They prevented him from falling, and carried him to safety on the ground below. The bullies were horrified because they hadn't seen his body hit the ground. In fact, it disappeared halfway through the fall.They weren't sure what had happened, but they knew that the feeling of dread they felt wasn't for nothing.


The Slave And The Slaver

‘Dispel the sins with your whips!’ The slaver shrieked, using his torturing hands to inflict scars. ‘I’ll dispel your hate with my words!’ The slave shouted back, diligently taking the punishment he didn’t deserve. The punishment that nobody ever deserves.

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© 2017 Cleo Burch


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