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Excerpt #1 "From Fiefdom 17"... The Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel Currently Being Written By Verily Prime....

Updated on March 3, 2017

Excerpt From Fiefdom 17… The Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel Currently Being Written By Verily Prime…

Chapter 1:

It is Dusk and the beginning of curfew for all of Fiefdom’s 17 denizens… and among all of Fiefdom’s 17 sheer, natural beauty is the Hamlet of Liamigua… with its waterfalls, nestled among the almost smooth, oval shape volcanic rocks and surrounded by lush vegetation, which completes the Eden visual picture-book. In between one of the waterfalls, and approximately ten feet above the Goshen River, which receives the waterfalls’ deluge… there is an assortment of sweet lime/mango/tangerine smelling flowers lining the Goshen River banks… we see a hover-craft… hovering in whisper mode under the waters... the hover-craft is approximately five feet long and two feet wide... shape like a surf-board… and the color of metallic, blackish blue… glistening like the sunrise morning dew… with a yellowish, glow-stick, pronounced caption/emblem of the Dragon Lords emblazoned around the edges of the craft.

But of all Liamigua’s, Edenic, beauty paled to that of Beljazza Luna who has a tanned butterscotch complexion… with an accompanying coke-bottle, meandering curves for a figure… 130 pounds… femininely muscular and barely shy of six feet and who is the pilot of the hover-craft. Beljazza is on top of the hover-craft, kneeling down and facing the rock formation from whence comes the deluge, only that she is not praying… but facing the smooth leaking rocks of the waterfalls… as their luke-warm waters cascade off her jet black pony-tailed hair and body and off the hover-craft. Beljazza is also attired in an off-white tank-top… tucked neatly into black-colored velcro-like slacks, which also is tucked into her Patton-like leather gravity boots - but what stands out about Beljazza is her tank-top that is clinging to her torso like pepperoni pizza-grease clinging to a brown paper bag.

On the left side of Beljazza’s slacks is a gun holster, which is currently empty… on both sides of the hover-craft, there are guns and viciously sharpened swords tucked and neatly fitted into crevices of the hover-craft. At the moment and Unbeknownst to Beljazza, as she cools down and relaxes under the soothing, cascading waters… she has an admirer, a voyeur, or a spy looking at her... When Beljazza six sense eventually kicks in and sounds her internal, defensive alarms, she reaches into one of the hover-craft’s crevices and gentle eases out the Glock-like weapon and fires in rapid succession in the direction of her right flank… utilizing her peripheral vision without once then looking directly in that direction among the many trees, resulting in the tracer-like rounds tearing through the thick, lush forest.

In the direction of Beljazza’s admirer and where she fired her bullets… there are muffled sounds, like neighing… but these sounds are not from a horse… for the neighing or whatever it is was way too loud and more ominously pronounced because, it is indeed, from a Dragon that is ferrying Beljazza’s voyeur, admirer, or spy. Among the forest trees… there seemed to be bulbous eyes ablaze... mirroring the crimson lighted ambiance created by Beljazza’s fired tracer rounds... coal colored puffs of smoke that emanated from the Dragon nostrils, which then speedily took off… with the wake of its wings causing the seasoned massive trees to bend and violently sway, as if in a tornado… and if only for a scintilla of a moment, we also see a tall hooded figure mounted on the fleeing Dragon… with said figure fleetingly looking back through pinkish eyes and through the brush in Beljazza’s direction before her bullets could find their targets and before she could determine who was her Dragon's rider.

Beljazza is visually scanning the forest area where the Dragon/Rider was… pondering… and when she is satisfied that no one was present… Beljazza replaces the weapon she had just fired into one of the empty crevices of her hover-craft… The surf-board-like hovercraft comes to life when Beljazza runs her damp right palm over its consoles, which she then maneuvers to completely flips upside down and with Beljazza, in turn. riding/gliding upside down, yet not falling off... as the hover-craft takes off over the winding Goshen River below… its speed steadily building, causing the waterfalls, assorted flowers/roses, and verdant forest – all that are Liamigua’s surrounding, beatific attributes to quickly disappear…


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