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Exillerence ( a poem of inspiration)

Updated on May 25, 2016
Nighttime prize...
Nighttime prize...

Exillerence...the certain brilliance...that on the natural canvas so well spread,

Across an ocean, its azure waters, far-flung, beneath lighter blue, in skies.

Extraordinary...golden valleys displayed, beside a lavender mountain's bed,

Nocturnal beauty enhanced, by a yellow moon-lit firmament, nighttime prize.

azure waters beneath lighter blue...the sky...
azure waters beneath lighter blue...the sky...

Exalting...the resplendent wealth of all the environ...nourishing to the soul,

True the hands of our god, of this world they do extoll.

Exciting and so uplifting of the spirit, as each sunup and setting, to unfold,

All masterpieces revealed...a worldly conveyance, the demure and so bold.

Each morning sunup... evening sundown...
Each morning sunup... evening sundown...

Exemplifying...that of a magnanimous presentation, bright, so vibrant,

A generosity of the finest gems of life, in its very creation, its content.

Exponential, in its wondrous makeup, the exacting...precise statement,

Preserved in the memories, the eager minds, all eyes, it to compliment.

all rights reserved and under copyright 2016

A beautiful compliment...
A beautiful compliment...


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