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Exists Me, Exists He

Updated on August 29, 2013
Zeus & Europa
Zeus & Europa

If I am to be labeled weak for missing the touch

of your long silver-tipped fingers,

of your lips that sang to mine a slow ballad we both danced

so many times before, disheveling our thoughts,

finding us cloaked in confused reverie,

both shocked of who we really are, unmasked, naked, together...

then label me weak.

If I am to be labeled sad for admitting that your taste

remains in my mouth after all this time,

a pungent and sweet truth so pure, it frightened your soul

and scared you away for a while,

where in your own mind, you labeled us anathemas,

punishable by laws we were taught to fear...

then label me sad.

If I am to be labeled pathetic for still desiring you

as the man you are, for being blind to the obvious mess

and still holding onto our secret,

for admitting that just the thought of your greenish eyes

looking down on me submerges me within myself,

drowning, asphyxiated in my own liquid...

then label me pathetic.

If I am to be labeled stupid for being loyal to you

with all your excuses, forgiving you, trusting you, loving you,

completely and unselfishly,

finding true happiness within my heart every time I see

your face smiling at me, staring at me,

and finding a peace I have never known when you hold me,

then label me stupid.

If I am to be labeled a dreamer for believing

that our names were mentioned somewhere in time,

whispered among omnipotent deities in a world where fantasy meets reality,

where stars aligned and moons revolved

in order for us to meet one day and begin this story,

where our bodies smiled and our souls collided recklessly...

then label me a dreamer.

And if I am to be labeled all these things,

then I am a weak, sad, pathetic, stupid dreamer;

one who loves without hesitation,

who gives without receiving,

who judges no one for I am not God,

who is unafraid of feeling and desiring,

who believes in magic and the wonders

we have yet to see,

that in this reality we have created,

exists me, exists he.


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  • Rosana Modugno profile imageAUTHOR

    Rosana Modugno 

    6 years ago from 10th Kingdom

    Thank you for your words as well and glad you enjoyed it. Nobody that knows me ever gives me roses, since it's not on my fave list of flowers. I prefer his sage, has deeper meaning, cleansing out my space and spirit from within. :)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi Rosana M:

    Whoo what a relationship, what meaningful words you throw

    Existing and unjudged

    We the readers hold these truths to be real, existing and loved.

    You have sculptured a duo in plain sight

    May the sun warm your worthy soul.

    Loved existing here, while reading this

    Earthy drama. Hope he gava you Rosas at some time.

  • Rosana Modugno profile imageAUTHOR

    Rosana Modugno 

    6 years ago from 10th Kingdom

    Thank you. :)

  • cleaner3 profile image


    6 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

    great poetry... i like thisssss..

  • Rosana Modugno profile imageAUTHOR

    Rosana Modugno 

    6 years ago from 10th Kingdom

    Thank you, Carol. :)

  • carol7777 profile image

    carol stanley 

    6 years ago from Arizona

    Lovely words and so well written. Voting UP.


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