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Explore, Build or Dig Deep (Minecraft poem)

Updated on May 6, 2017

Minecraft is a game most people like. This is due to the game’s vast choices of stuffs to do. You can explore the Minecraft world alone or build your own house at the design you want. Others take years in building the places they dreamed of. They use their creativity to change the Minecraft world into something they want to see. Others play Minecraft with their friends and try to survive. They explore the world of Minecraft with each other to make the game more enjoyable.

There are great things that Minecraft players have achieved. Many of them created a house, a town and some even replicated some countries. You can search the web to see the maps who are created by other players and explore it on your own. You also have the choice to generate a random world and start building it to the way you wanted it to be. In this game, the limit is your imagination. So enter its realm and see what you are capable of doing. Happy gaming!

This poem I created is for Minecraft players and others who will try Minecraft as well. I hope you will relate into this and also try to use your wits to build amazing stuffs inside the world of Minecraft.


Do you want to unleash your creativity?

In designing infrastructures do you have the ability?

Try this game where your imagination is the limit

Explore the game that will test your wit

You can choose between game modes

To create stuffs freely or battle monsters and foes

Have many items at the very beginning

Or start from scratch, and craft your thing

A pro or a beginner, you can create great stuff

In surviving its realm, you can prove you’re tough

Create your own place

Be patient because it might take a lot of days

Explore the world of Minecraft and see its land’s extent

Build, explore, and dig until you feel the contentment

See the creatures that dwell within its realm

Be sure to have a protection and wear your helm

In building your own house don’t make haste

Take time in creating for it not to go to waste

You can continue your work anytime

A creation that took some time will be so fine

You can also play with your friends

Make a friendship that never ends

Explore and play in multiplayer

Have time bonding with each other

If sun goes down and night arrives

Find a safe place to save your lives

But you can also fight the creatures at night

Just bring a torch to have a better sight

Now that you know more about Minecraft

Head over the realm play with someone and laugh

Playing this game will boost your creativity

This can also build friendships greatly

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