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Updated on July 6, 2011

life's decisions

Some us sometimes choose which direction to go

Others are put in drive and expected to drive

Without knowledge of where we are going

What we are to do

Sometimes we take the state routes to view the sites

Understand where we are by the surroundings

Other times we are hurried to get where we are going

Never knowing what to expect by varying factors

Head spinning thinking we are right

Questioning what to do to make transition better

Feeling alone and overwhelmed by the speed of things

No where to turn off and no site of one

Losing site of what is and what should be

Fuel running low, not sure what to do

Do you stop on the side hoping for help?

Do you continue the same route?

Praying to make it to a safe place

Uncertainty lies within you

As you remember a statement of certainty

Rely on your faith and all will get you though.


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