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Extended Warranties Honored Here.

Updated on December 11, 2009


Extended Warranties Honored Here.


He had sought

eternal life,

on the theory that
the brain could be

coaxed into service

for many centuries
with the help of the

highly intricate

innovative technologies
that he had developed.

He successfully mated

his cerebellum to

a life support system
that would stimulate

the healing, and pleasure

centers of his mind
firing off extended

electrical synapses

that would eliminate


organ breakdown

and diseases
thereby granting him

unlimited time.

He built quite a

comfortable, mansion

sized space cruiser,
stocked with many

renewable resources,
and then downloaded

his brain into the crafts
vast network of controls.

He set his metabolism,

consciousness and
physical requirements

on standby and was

launched into space

by his handpicked

team of scientists
with the intent to

reach the end of

all universes.



Twelve centuries

later he awoke

in the presence of God,
where the heavens

cease to be dark,

and the true glory begins.

God smiled sadly at him,

as he patted him on the back,
and then instantly removed

the cablesthat were

hooked into his skull.

Then with one gentle touch,
on his wrinkled forehead

raised in awe,
God made him

forever young and

granted him eternal life......




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