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Extremely Disrupted Profile.

Updated on November 16, 2009

Extremely Disrupted Profile.



I saw him only once 
but his face it haunts me still,
I realized as I stood there 
that my gaze was overkill.
I was a bit embarrassed 
to be staring, and not show 
the horrors that I felt inside 
of which he'd never know.
My mix of pity and my dread 
at him, this mangled man,
who stood licking his ice cream cone, 
on top of Hoover dam.
At first I noted something wrong 
but it took me a while,
to figure out that he'd been cursed 
 a disrupted profile.
exactly where his nose should be
 there were just gaping holes,
which made it easier to lick 
his ice cream I suppose?
But the flatness of his features 
from the side was most unreal,
and I thought of all the many things 
that he would never feel.
like a Kleenex wipe, or sunglasses 
just resting on his face,
and the scents of spring, and apple pie 
erased by empty space. 
I saw how women turned their heads, 
avoiding getting near him,
some walked sideways, some inched along 
the narrow curb to clear him,
as if they'd cause to fear him.
Perhaps it was his cigarettes 
that made some tumours form,
inside his nasal cavities, 
then left him far from norm
A frying pan was what his face 
resembled from the side, 
I wondered what he blew on, 
when his holes ran, as he cried??
he stood there, though so casually, 
as he finished up his cone,
then he left his image in my head, 
even when I got back home.
I don't know what his story is,
or even how it ended 
the shock, and awe 
kept me from being 
someone he befriended.
He wasn't that old of a man 
maybe he just got tired,
perhaps he's in a coffin now 
where noses aren't required.
how long can one, who's shunned 
go on rejected by mankind,
perhaps the cancer finally won,
then he ran out of time,
But he lives on inside my head, 
he's partly why I quit,
filling my flesh with poisons from, 
each fresh lit cigarette
My nose is not the greatest 
but it helps define my face,
I would not hasten it to go, 
and leave an empty place,
by sucking on tobacco smoke,
that's proven to deface.
I will not run my race through life, 
and then lose by a nose,
I'd rather choose as best I can,
the way I'll be disposed,
and keep the parts I came with 
when they lower me below.


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