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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Twenty-Two)

Updated on March 29, 2016

Festival of Lights

The day had finally came. William made a few phone calls and was able to get them transportation back into the village just in time for the Festival. Cameron and Rilynn were right on time as well as Kinessa’s grandfather and all of them were on high alert. William kept Kinessa close. “Do you think he is actually going to show up here amongst all these people?” Kinessa asked.

“If I was him and wanted to become as powerful as all get out. Yea, yea I’d show up here. Kinessa every person here has powers, all the council members are here and they are also well aware of your presence and your father’s intentions.” William meant for that to sound more like a pep talk but it came out more like a battle cry. “I’m sorry, just know that everyone here is on your side and we are here to protect you.” William kissed her gently and smiled. “How much longer before all this gets started? I feel like a sitting duck.” Kinessa was feeling extremely anxious. About that time her grandfather showed. “Kinessa come with me, there is somebody that would like to meet you. William you may tag along as well.”

Cameron and Rilynn joined in they felt they were stronger in numbers. They stepped inside a small store front where Cameron recognized the old woman from his mother’s home. “Hello Cameron and Rilynn it’s nice to see you again. You must be Kinessa and William. Hello children please come sit with me. I see you have each found your soul mates. I’m so happy for you. However I have seen the future and it breaks my heart to say this but death will come to one of you tonight; a sacrifice will be made to save another. Kinessa looked at William and she just knew it would be him. “This can’t be right. It’s not right.” Kinessa full of confusion got up and stormed out with William hot on her trial. “Kinessa stop please. She didn’t say who was going to die. She just stated that someone was going to. It could be your father. I know the man is a complete dick but he is still your father. Can you honestly say it wouldn’t bother you if he dies?” Kinessa thought to herself for a moment. “Yes it would bother me, but for only one reason.” William waited. “What reason is that?”

“He’s the only one that can tell me where my mother is. Other than that I hope the bastard fries.” Kinessa turned to walk away when she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. It moved fast just like William. He too was aware of the movement and caught the scent of a familiar being. “Father” William grabbed Kinessa and pushed her against a wall and placed himself between her and the oncoming threat that even he was not prepared to face.

“William, what are you doing son? I am not here to fight you. I am here to help you.” From behind him stepped his mother. “Mom?” She smiled

“William, your father speaks the truth. We are here to help.” His mother held her hand out to him but something was off about all of this. His parents were forbidden to be together by orders of the council and his mother would never take the risk of putting her family in danger no matter what. “Nice try Allen Suntree. My mother wouldn’t risk such a thing as to coming out in public with my father. She loved the man but not enough to get us killed.” His mother fell to her knees and from behind there he was using his mother and father like a set of puppets putting on a show. “I would like my daughter now please young William. In exchange I will let your mother live. His father was fighting back his own beast. “William, I can’t control it much longer get Kinessa to safety.” His father was a hard man but when he gave an order you did it. William took hold of Kinessa and made a run for it. They ended up back in the store where the rest of them were. “Allen is here. Cameron, he has mom. He said either we give him Kinessa or he will make my father kill our mother.” Cameron was beyond pissed off and his powers were seeping out. “Aria, can you put a strong enough protection spell up to keep Allen Suntree out?” She smiled. “Sweetheart I could keep the devil himself out if I needed to.” Cameron and William nodded at each other. “Rilynn stay with Kinessa.” Not one spared a breath and the fight was on. “We are not just going to sit here and watch you two get slaughtered. We are going and that is final.” Rilynn spoke her peace and then Kinessa jumped in. “Besides all he wants is me. I can distract him and you can save your mom and dad. I can do this. Trust me.” She smiled at him. Before they could agree on anything Kinessa was out the door and she slammed it shut and sealed it shut so they could get out. William screamed and begged for to open the door but she just smiled and walked out to the middle of the courtyard where her father stood waiting.

“Aw my dear Kinessa. I knew you wouldn’t allow your friends to sacrifice themselves to my powers. Now come along dear we have a long journey ahead of us.” Kinessa stood her ground. “Let them go.”

“Why do you care if they live or die? They broke the laws anyway by being together. It’s forbidden.” Her father loved the sound of his own voice.

“Forbidden? Just like you and my mother? I met her you know? Where are you hiding her?” Kinessa could feel her strength growing she wasn’t sure how but it was.

“Your mother was a weakling. All she ever talked about was how great it was going to be having you and being a mother. She couldn’t imagine the power you alone would provide us. She refused to use you and went to the council and her fool of a father to ask for protection for herself and you in exchange for me. The day you were born I waited for all the excitement to be over and I placed your mother in a dungeon for all eternity and you would be my way to world power on your eighteenth birthday. However it didn’t go according to plan. I had to send you back to Ireland before your magic would take hold.” He acted like he held absolutely no love for her.

“Did you ever once look at me and say “This is my child I can’t hurt her much less kill her.” Did you ever love me at all?” Kinessa held back the tears. She was not about to give the benefit of enjoying her pain.

“Um did I ever love you? Not really. You were truly a pain in my ass. I mean come on when your mom came in and told me she was knocked up I was completely pissed off. I had the world by the balls and you totally threw a curve ball in that.” Now doesn’t that just piss you off?

That was it he wanted to make her mad. He wanted to see what her powers had become. She looked back at William and smiled and with a flick of her wrist the door opened. William was the first to barrel out and to her side where Allen was waiting. Kinessa knew war was about to break out but she also remembered she didn’t have to do this alone.

“Does it piss me off that you never loved me? No. Does it piss me off that you locked my mother away and I missed out on the most precious things of my life? Yes. Does it piss me off that you sent me here? No. Does it piss me off that you tried to have me killed? Yes and No. I’m sure I can go on and on about what does and doesn’t piss me off. But the one thing that truly pisses me off is that you’re not really my father.”

Everybody froze. Allen Suntree’s face lost all humor. “I am your father.”

Kinessa fired back. “No you’re not. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why my mother would honestly be with you. I mean come on she had to know you would do this to her. That’s when it hit me. No real father would hurt their child. You are not my father. So tell me, exactly who my father is?” Kinessa waited for an answer she would never get.

Kinessa stepped forward towards William’s mother the whole time watching his father battle his urge that was being forced upon him. “Kinessa what are you doing? If Jameson is ordered he will kill you.” She winked at her. Kinessa had a plan. She was betting on him to lose control and attack. Just like William, his father knew right from wrong. Or at least she hoped he did. She helped their mother to her feet and started walking back. That’s when it happened. The whole world seemed to have stood still at that very moment. All she felt was a gust of air pass by her and before she could even register what had happened it was already done. William’s father had attacked and the end result was William protecting her and his mother.

There was no movement. Kinessa was paralyzed at the sight. “William?” She whispered. Cameron sent his mother to the safety of the store while he and Rilynn helped Kinessa. She had already had moved Jameson’s body over. William was covered in blood; not totally sure if it was his or his father’s. “William? William can you hear me?” Kinessa heard laughter from behind her. “Aw you know I always heard that some wildlife eat their young. I guess they were right.”

Kinessa finally lost it and with every part of her being she made the ground shake. Allen Continued to laugh. “Is that all you got little girl?”

Kinessa smiled back. “No. she focused all her energy on him and all her heart on William. I want you to feel his pain, his fears. I want to take everything from you and strip it down to its bareness.” Kinessa imagined him burning. Sweat began to pour down his cheeks and smoke rose from his clothing.

“Kinessa! Kinessa stop this right now.” She was ready to finish him off when she heard a voice come from behind her. “Kinessa.” It was her mother’s voice. “Allow the Elders to do what they need to.” As she looked around there they all stood waiting for her signal. She stepped back as they began to cast a spell stripping Allen of all his powers. While all this was well and good and a bit anti-climactic for Kinessa; she knew now she would never find her mother. She returned to William’s side hoping throughout all the dramatics Cameron had been able to revive him. However the love of her life continued to lay lifeless.

“Go away please.” She told Cameron and Rilynn. They didn’t argue and they went back to the store where their mother sat waiting for a miracle. Kinessa lied down on the ground next to William and just held on. She remembered what he had said that if he lost her then he may as well be dead too. Tears began to pour from her eyes. This wasn’t supposed to happen only one was supposed to die not two. She sat up and placed her hands on his chest and thought about her happiest moments and what gave her inner peace. It was William. She began to glow as bright as the sun.

“I give my light, my heart, my key.

For you are my Soul Mate in this life and eternity.

Through the darkness I shall guide you from above.

Come back to me for I am love.”

Kinessa had no idea what had just happened but whatever it was worked. William’s chest began to rise and fall. William’s eyes fluttered open and without any hesitation came flying up and locking his arms around Kinessa. “I could hear you but I couldn’t find you. I was scared that I lost you. Are you ok? What happened?” She laughed hysterically at William and his thousand questions. “You didn’t miss anything. But I need to say something now before something else happens. I love you. I don’t want anyone else in my life. I just want to run away together and grow old. Have a family and a drama and possibly and magic free life. Would that be something that you would be interested in?” William kissed her gently on the lips and smiled.

“Sounds like a hell of a plan to me. I’m all in baby.”

Kinessa knew her journey was far from over but for now she wanted a life with William. Along the way she would search for clues as to where her mother was. Turns out that through DNA testing Allen Suntree really was Kinessa’s father. William’s father never recovered from his wounds and he was laid to rest in the family’s cemetery. Rilynn and Cameron continued their search for Rilynn’s parents. So far they have found nothing. It was rumored that both Kinessa’s mother and Rilynn’s parents were being held prisoners in the same place. Kinessa’s grandfather searches as well. Using locator spells trying to catch a glimpse of his daughter. Now that Allen’s powers have been stripped away it is only a matter of time before all his spells weaken and open up doors for them. Here’s to hoping and wishing it all works out. All any of them can do is wait for a sign. Would it come before it’s too late? No one really knows.

The end


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