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Eyes of Death - A Poem

Updated on May 21, 2017
Clouds at twilight
Clouds at twilight | Source

A Sad Reality

At one time, I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to watch a close friend self destruct. Sadly, this person had given up on life and no longer cared. It is never easy to endure this sort of thing, especially when you feel totally helpless.

Eyes of Death

My dear friend forgive me

As I look away once more.

All so many years now

I have watched the light within

Grow dim.

That warm smile has now grown

Faded and cold.

Like the sweet dreams of youth,

Now memories from the distant past.

As I look into the dark, empty spaces

Of those eyes of death.

Now it is with sadness in my heart

That I must walk away.

The empty vacuum within your gaze,

Like a vampire, consumes my soul.

I struggle to reason why you choose

Darkness and pain over life.

In birth you were given wings to soar,

Yet in life your dreams were grounded.

And we are left to stare

Into those empty eyes of death.

Moving Forward Can Be Difficult

As hard as it might be to watch someone you care about throw their life away, moving on can be just as difficult. You will feel guilty that maybe you didn't do enough, that perhaps you are their last chance in life. I am not able to tell others how they should handle a situation such as this, but I can say I understand.

© 2014 Christopher J Wood


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    • CJWood71 profile image

      Christopher J Wood 3 years ago from Florida, USA

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my poem. I am pleased that you liked it.

    • Amy Naylor profile image

      Amy Naylor 3 years ago from England

      Oh wow this is very moving. You've done an excellent job on this, thanks for sharing, voted aaaalll the way up.

    • CJWood71 profile image

      Christopher J Wood 3 years ago from Florida, USA

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it.

    • mdscoggins profile image

      Michelle Scoggins 3 years ago from Fresno, CA

      Hi CJWood71, I usually pass up poetry on HP but I must say that your piece was very moving. Addiction is a disease that strikes everyone connected and most everyone can say they have either lived through it or knows someone with an addiction. Thanks. Voted up.