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Eyes of Forgotten Innocence: Haiku

Updated on June 13, 2010

The Original Page


I memorized the simple Haiku, "For a companion on my walking trip ...perhaps a little butterfly" --Shiki. Too bad it has too many syllables. 5 7 5, right?

Any way, I wrote this one and felt the picture went well with it. I'm pretty sure it went well with the rest of my book too.


Look deep in the eyes

The perfect reflecting pools

See the real self

Remember! The poems from Eyes of Forgotten Innocence are intended to raise awareness of the dangers to our kids on-line and to raise money for important organizations such as and

I am not affiliated with any organization. I simply support them because they help keep our children safe.

Since I'm being told that this Hub is too short to contain the links above for people to visit the child protection organizations I have listed, I am entering more text here to see if I can get the shortness notice removed and keep the VERY IMPORTANT links which you see above.

Sometimes automated systems can really put a crimp in the creative process, but I'm happy that Hub Pages is so balanced on the subject and they actually have someone review the Hubs which are in question. Quality shouldn't depend on quantity.

Take care, all! And I mean that.


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    • Danielle Woerner profile image

      Danielle Woerner 6 years ago from Global via internet

      Lovely! I've been chipping away at a planned chapbook of haiku for a few years. I'll enjoy reading more of yours, and it's in a good cause.

      The translated haiku never seem to have the right number of syllables in English. One of my all-time favorites is (I think) by Basho:

      "The thief left it behind:

      The moon at the window."

      Thanks for the follow, BTW. :)

    • profile image

      JBunce 7 years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota

      I've read a lot of haiku (it's the only form of poetry I ever occasionally write myself) and I thought this captured the spirit of the Japanese masters very well. Good work.