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Fernandos Torment

Updated on February 23, 2015

Fernando Ricksen,Motor Neurone Disease
Heartless killer,not out to please.
Takes a man in his prime,seems so wrong,end of the line.
I saw him talk on a TV show,his tears ran dry,
Heartbreak on show.made me cry.
Speech affected,motor skills too
Whole life affected,real life has flew.
His kids,his wife miss the man that was
No longer the same,I will help the cause.
Donate some money,do a charity thing
Maybe one day a cure,all infected can sing.
Until that day,scientists work through the night
Using their skills,taking up the fight.
Trying to solve an impossible riddle
Getting so far,just past the middle.
Getting so far,hitting a dead end
Driving them crazy,broken DNA ,try to mend.
Like so many diseases,almost impossible to cure
Scientists will crack it,of this I'm sure.
Could be a long wait,might be here sooner
We hope for the latter,we hope it's sooner.
Until that day,I will keep raising some cash
It might help research,this disease we can smash.


Recently Rangers held a testimonial game in honour of Fernando Ricksen. It was to raise money for him and his family,he has a young child.The Rangers supporters turned out in their thousands to raise much needed cash for his child's future.Tragically ,Fernando won't be there to see his child grow,but credit to hi he's trying to ensure his wife and son have a viable and secure financial future. There are no words that you could say to help him in this time of upheaval.

His Tv appearance.

Fernando Ricksen recently appeared on Norwegian television.he openly told the world he was suffering from Motor Neurone Disease.It has to be one of the most upsetting videos ive ever seen.The tears began filling my eyes ,as I watched him struggle to tell off his condition on TV.He fought back the tears very bravely.i couldn't have anymore respect for the guy if I tried.He's a true hero in the face of adversity.

Imagine the future.

I cannot imagine the torment Fernando Ricksen goes through each day,knowing he has to contemplate a future without his family.It doesn't bare thinking about,the thought of being without my kids totally horrifies me.My problems are miniscule next to this guys problems.Yet,he bravely carries on each day as his condition worsens.He is truly unrelenting in spreading the message about this cruel and terrible robs you of every sense nature granted you at birth.Imagine not being able to communicate,the frustration alone would be unbearable.


the condition has had a larger press inclusion than normal.this may be due to the gentleman who recently lost his (right to die) court case.His wife and family fought tirelessly to get justice for him,to be able to end his life with some semblance of dignity.Unfortunately they lost their case.Not long after the court case the man did die.Just didn't get to pass on the way he wished to do.This raises all sorts of questions.

No cure.

like so many conditions and diseases,this disease has no cure.The medication given once diagnosed would have minimal effect against the condition. I think Doctors prescribe tablets as a means of giving some support to the person who is may ease the pain for a moment,it may help them forget momentarily.One thing that is truly undeniable,there is no bright light at the end of the tunnel for sufferers of the disease.

Yes or no.

When the publicity reared its head about the (right to die) case,I must admit I was not convinced it was the best way forward for sufferers of the disease,wanting to pursue another means of ending their lives.Im still not convinced either way. People worry,and rightly so,that the system if ever approved would be open to abuse.Campaigners fear innocent lives would be taken in the pretence of an agreement.What is the solution?. Unless the decision to end a persons life is controlled with the harshest and strictest regulations, I do not foresee it ever being implemented.I don't see such an important decision being decided on a whim.There needs to be consultations at the highest levels of our society.Doctors,Politicians and experts need to have equal input,experts in the field need their say in the adjudication and finality of the law that may be or might not be installed.

In the distant future.

What does the future hold in relation to such important public situations. No one really knows.Will there ever be a time when such decisions won't raise an eye in the future,will they become as common place as other operations available on the NHS.Will it get to a stage when you sign a simple form,then your taken in to a small room,a nurse or Doctor comes in and administers the fatal dose of drugs,then your no longer there. It's a scary thought,only time will tell if it becomes a reality.


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    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 

      4 years ago from Northeast United States

      Interesting poem! :). I like the topic too :). Thank you for sharing :). Voted up.


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